An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


  • BarefootGoddess

    I must have some damn dominate genes then. Only ONE of my three kids got thier fathers brown eyes. The other two have my blue.
    Leta is truely beautiful.

  • LT

    Fujiko… you can know if you are a Bb if you look at grandparents. 🙂

  • Cora’s mommy

    My baby squawks too! She is just a week younger than Leta.

  • Sue From Ohio

    Heather-Anne said a FLying Leta was spotted over Ohio…must explain the play-doh poop I found on my windshield this morning….

    She’s ADORABLE!

    And for the record, my husband has hazel eyes, I have blue and out of our 3 kids the oldest girl and youngest girl have blue eyes and the middle boy has chocolate brown….

  • Allison

    She is FANTASTIC! So precious!

  • Joe

    That’s an awesome photo. I find kids hard to photograph, but you seem to do better.

    As for the subtitles on the TV thing… You don’t have to be that old, you just have to have lived a wild and crazy life! I’m only 42, and I find a lot of DVDs that have distracting background noises actors with poor diction. I can hear the words, but I can’t understand what they said. Too much time in the workshop, cutting the grass, listening to loud music, flying airplanes, and otherwise being around loud noises has destroyed my ability to separate competing sounds effectively.

    Be nice to your dad, Heather, he’s the only one you’ve got! Besides, you’re following in his hearing footsteps. Just substitute “listening to Leta screaming” for, well, all of my loud noises list above.

  • I myself am like my father in my looks. I have his body structure, his teeth, his eye brows, but I seem to have gotten what I didn’t want from both of my parents.. my mom gave me straight hair and it’s brown.. (instead of the curly red of my siblings) and I also got hazel eyes, but the brown and green in my eyes fight back and forth a lot. Leta is too cute. She looks like a baby bird there. FEED ME! hehe

  • Thank goodness there are other genetics educated out there to explain all of this, saved me some typing! 😛 My grandfather had brown eyes and my grandmother green.. my mom (an only child) has blue eyes, ahhh recessive genes. The one thing I find interesting is that although my siblings and I all have “blue eyes”, mine are more of a greenish-grey, my brothers are light blue and my sister’s are a medium blue. So you just never know.

  • GMM

    SHE IS SO CUTE. What a “captured moment!”

  • A happy Leta pic 🙂 the best kind!

  • Hmmm, she really has morphed from Frog Baby to Bird Baby.
    I agree w/ Karen and Stella: What is she going to be for Halloween?

  • GMM

    And does Heather realize that there are hundreds of people who are in LOVE with her baby?!

  • Leta’s gorgeous and you gotta exercise those arms good ‘cos you need them nice and strong so you can stuff the universe into your mouth!

  • Nikki

    oh my god. my daughter had that BINGO plastic dog pusher thing when she was that age. she loved it!! beautiful baby you have,…

  • Kimberley H.

    Oh my goodness, look at what I started. lol.

    Did you guys know Dooce has been nominated for a BOB, Best Of Blogs?

    see for further information.

    Good Luck, Dooce!

  • Just to interject: blue eyes (and green) ARE recessive. However, it is possible to have blue eyes from two brown-eyed parents or one blue and one brown. The way genes work is that they can be hetero- or homo-geneous in terms of their expression. So, if BB = Brown (homo, dominant) and Bb = Brown (hetero, dominant) and bb = blue (homo, recessive), then you can see how and when you’d have blue eyes.

    Two blue-eyed parents will usually make blue or green eyes, but sometimes hazel. 1/4 will have blue (Statistically, not definitely) if both parents have brown. 1/2 will have blue if you have one blue eyed and one brown eyed parent. You see how this works?

    Mendel worked this (imperfect) formula out using pea plants.

  • Cool, who knew so many nerds read Dooce? 🙂

    What I want to know is how my husband’s Irish genes managed to kick the crap out of my Mexican genes. I thought Mexican genes trumped everything (didn’t Mendel have a problem with Mexican pea plants taking over the whole garden?)

    My kid has reddish-blonde hair and hazel eyes. People look at me like I stole someone else’s baby.

  • beachgal

    Tiffany that is too funny….there’s some weird red hair gene in our family and wouldn’t you know, I WANT a redhead, but I think I’m gonna have a blond. But then again, I was blond as a baby, and now I’ve got icky bland brown. Maybe he’ll turn out reddish.

  • Bobbe

    Ok dudes, you can’t tell if you’re a Bb just by looking at grandparents.

    My baby’s father had deep brown eyes, HIS mother had brown eyes, HIS father had brown eyes.

    My parents have blue eyes, I have blue eyes (of course).

    I was honestly a bit annoyed at the prospect of my baby getting brown eyes, considering we’ve only heard from him two-three times since I got pregnant and have had 0 support from him.

    However my little cutie got my blue eyes exactly, somehow.


  • The Former Congressman looks like he’s either the center of a white tulip or he’s part of a Tiramisu with lady fingers all around him. I don’t know whether to get a vase or a plate.

  • Mari

    OMG, Chuck! Can’t wait to see his Halloween costume.

  • Oh how I love that fireplace!

  • Is that…a DRESS on Leta? Maybe even the first posted picture of Leta wearing a dress? Chuck, of course, has a well documented fondness for the girlywear.

  • Brooke

    Chuck can FLY.

  • Amanda B.

    Yay Biology!!

    I can’t wait to see the look of “oh my good sweet jesus why is she doing this to me” on Chuck’s face. Our pup Annabelle gets the same look when we make her do tricks for company. The fact that she hasn’t gone for our throats is only proof of her saint-like patience and restraint. Of which we have none, by the way. 🙂

  • I’m expecting a note directly from Gregor Mendel any minute now.

  • LT–

    Actually, even if both grandparents from one side had brown eyes, you still can’t tell if you’re Bb or BB. If my great grandmother had blue eyes and my great grandfather had brown eyes, and their daughter had brown eyes, she’d be Bb. If she married a brown-eyed man and their kid (my parent)had brown eyes, she could still be Bb. If she married my brown-eyed father, I could still be Bb. Recessive genes can hang around for a long time–just because they’re not expressed doesn’t mean they aren’t present.

  • stella

    “Flight attendants prepare for takeoff”.

  • Put the staple gun down and step away from the dog.

    This is your last warning.

  • Susan

    you have the same rug as my parents.
    or similar, anyway.

    and i’m sure we have those exact same toys in a box somewhere

  • You are right, she looks like she is about to take flight. What a happy child. 🙂

  • The important thing is, genetically speaking, that the odds are Leta’s siblings, if she has any, will likely have blue eyes. Again, this is just odds, but with one blue-eyed and one brown-eyed parent, 1 out 4 will be brown-eyed and the rest blue-eyed. Hazel counts as brown, I believe.

    So Leta’s the ONE! But we knew that.

    What a cutie. Are those “angel kisses” on her forehead?

  • Carla Beth

    Okay fine. Cute kid. But checkout the stone work around the fireplace! Cool beans!

  • I’m a recessive nightmare. Nobody in my family has grey eyes. Both my parents have hazel eyes. I have a blue eyed paternal grandfather, and a blue eyed half-sister on my moms side, so both of my parents are carrying some recessive blue genes…

    but how does that turn into grey? Hmm.

    Oh, I guess this explains it. Eye color isn’t quite as “Set in stone” as our grade 10 biology class would have us think…

    “This model explains the inheritance of blue, brown and green eyes but cannot account for gray, hazel or multiple shades of brown, blue, green and gray eyes. It cannot explain how two blue-eyed parents can produce a brown-eyed child or how eye color can change over time. This suggests that there are other genes, yet to be discovered, that determine eye color or that modify the expression of the known eye color genes.”


  • Just Adorable!
    My son is 8 months old and sqawks but also does a caveman like grunting thing.
    My hubbie has brown hair and blue eyes and I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. The poor kid has reddish blond hair and hazel eyes that turn different colors depending on his mood.

  • See that “Exer-Saucer” directly behind Leta in the picture? My four-year-old son — run, jump and hit a baseball 400 feet — still likes to play in his. Prepare yourself, Heather, for the day when Leta needs to be removed from that thing with the “Jaws of Life” and a gallon of Crisco. It’s coming.

  • I had to respond to your sneak peek entry.

    Are our dogs twins?!

  • This picture It looks like she’s “working” the camera. Doesn’t it?

    “Here’s my serious look. Now my happy look. Ooh, my sexy look and SURPRISE!”

  • Just one other comment on the genetics, though everyone has done a nice job of explaining how dominant vs. recessive inheritance works. Two brown-eyed Bb parents could have one, two, three, or a dozen blue eyed babies. Although the odds of having a blue eyed (bb) baby is 1/4 for this couple, each child is an independent genetic event. So families with an unexpected excess of blue eyed babies don’t have a super-dominant blue eyed allele, they were just lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you feel about blue eyes!). There’s no guarantee of getting 3 brown eyed babies for every 1 blue eyed baby, though on average, that will the the observed ratio.

  • Yay! Genetics is so much nicer than politics!

    Leta is adorable. Pure and simple.

    And I’m on tenterhooks waiting to see the Full Chuck!

  • beachgal

    I’m still totally swooning over the thumbnail of this pic. Your munchkin is just soooo precious. My little one would love to flirt with her, I bet. I don’t think we’ve been invaded by AS much plastic, does that make me a bad mom?

  • Danika

    Aww she is so adorable!!

    I would think she is the cutest ever… but my nieces have stolen my heart and (could be just biased) but I think they are the cutest. Leta comes very close though!

  • Dez

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Leta looks like she’s been doped with whatever they put the Fisher Price babies on in the commercial that uses “Walking on Sunshine.” Those are some happy-ass babies. The Hubby swears they’re on baby crack. I was uh, hello. Fisher. Price. Dude. The babies love the Fisher Price.

    You’re toying with my emotions with the teaser of The Former Senator’s costume. You know that Super-Mutt is my boy. I love me some Chuckles. Even when he’s not representing or keeping it real 😉

  • Eyes: My husband has 1 green and 1 1/2blue, half green eye.
    I have green eyes. My son has light, light blue eyes, just like grandpa’s – proving the grandparent theory.
    captions: We use captions whenever the TV is on….that is the 2nd time someone has made me feel old this week! (See for the other)I’ll just creak my way outta here! HAPPY HALLOWEEN DOOCE!

  • I swear the three of you must have unknowingly won The Most Beautiful Family in America award. And I just can’t even get over how much Leta looks like John; does it freak him out?

    I have the perfect costume for John and Leta.. He could be Dr. Evil and she could be Mini-Me…

  • beachgal

    BTW, my guess on Chuck’s costume is a Turkey. I’m probably way off base, but that’s what it looks like to me. I can’t wait to see full pictures. And Leta Halloween pics, too.

  • I betting Chuck is a giant set of those things you stick between your toes when you paint them.

  • Amber

    Right back atchya Leta.

    (Chuck is a flying pumpkin?)

  • The flying pumpkin would be my second guess.

  • beachgal

    Yeah, i thought about flying pumpkin, but then realized, pumpkins aren’t supposed to fly, why make a costume of such…who knows..i haven’t had nicotine in two days, i’m all fuzzy anyway.

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