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It’s the 1960’s all over again

  • Kristin

    I reside in Austin, Texas which happens to be the state capital and located in Travis County. I’m proud to say that Travis County choose to elect Kerry over Bush.

  • PKD

    One can only hope that the children of red America will have an epiphany, and become another generation of hippie liberals. Let’s bring the sixties revolution back, we’re probably going to have another generation of draft dodgers.

  • Ben Franklin may be a dickhead, but GWB is a penis wrinkle.

  • Fuck. Canada is looking better and better. America is OBVIOUSLY ASLEEP.

  • I AM a citizen… OF FRANCE. While I was going to move my fantastic French husband back to the greatness that is the US, I may rethink & wait ’till 2008!

    As for this quote; “Voting for ‘anybody but Bush’ just isn’t a way to vote…” Okay- what if your child was being beaten by the babysitter and someone else offered to come in & NOT beat your child… that’s not better? You’d rather KEEP the abusive babysitter simply beacuse you don’t KNOW if the other one is better or not? (I didn’t vote that way- I DO think Kerry would be better- by far. IMHO)

    Trust me, [politically unaware] GUN weilding Americans are not welcome in FRANCE. Strict gun laws here- Just one of the many perks about being here. This country is SO focused on serving it’s people, not it’s people focused on serving it’s government.

    For those who feel awful today- I’m right there with you. I’m hoping for a miracle, but even my hair seemes depressed today.

    (I think we can safely ignore Kano’s comments- he’s obviously not burdened with class or decorum so he eliminates his own comments by how crass they are.)

  • There’s still some room in Canada… You’d be welcome.

  • Group hug needed I think!

    As a outsider I just want to say that what I am seeing is a country that has an OPINION (one way or anither) and is interested in politics – just look at those lines of people wanting to vote! This has to be a good thing!

    This election has made people sit up and take notice of the decisions all poiticians make on our behalf.

    I truly believe that if people can stay this focussed on what’s going on in America and around the world that in 4 years time it wont be a close call; that the democrats will ‘walk it’, in the name of common sense!

  • So the majority of people in this country voted for George Bush. More people voted for him than any other candidate ever.

    What do we take from this? To ensure reelection, GO TO WAR. There will never be a 1-term president again, as long as they’re savvy enough to maintain a war through their second election.

    I just don’t relate to the majority of people in this country. Moral values was the most important issue to people voting for Bush. ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME? MORAL VALUES? If that’s what is most important, what will the republican party do next to play to it’s base. Hmmm. Shall we ban homosexuality?

    Bush is pretty far right- I think most people agree with that. However, his political machine was wise enough to stay moderate just enough to snag independant voters, and perhaps a few dems. Now that there’s no need to worry about reelection (and Dick Cheney isn’t looking for office), how far will he go? And there’s not gonna be any opposition in congress either- there will be an unprecedented number of supreme court nominations over the next few years, and I shudder to think what agenda they will push (overturn roe v. wade?). If you thought the last four years were scary, the next four will be much, much worse.

  • Marie

    What president were these people watching?

  • MominNYC

    I cannot believe how sad I am this morning. I knew that we were toast when the exit polls showed the majority voting on “moral issues.” I am still shocked that people are so afraid of gay-cooties that they would vote this idiot back into office.

  • Nina

    so much for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Good luck to you in the U.S. – us Canadians are depressed right along with you.

  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if half of the US moved to Canada and other countries…

  • I pray for our sons, the young boys in our country, especially those who will be of military fighting age in the next 4 years…

  • Stephanie

    I have to say. This is only my 2nd time voting. This time I looked at all the issues decided that Kerry was the man. I am not extremely political and pretty much just keep to myself about it but I have to say that I hoped like hell to wake up to a new President this morning. It is not looking good and I am really sad about it and I didn’t think I would be. IT SUCKS ASS!

  • It is a sad, sad day in the United States. I am seriously thinking of moving to Canada. At least my family and I will be out of Bush’s grasp. Keeping my fingers crossed for luck in Ohio.

  • atomic

    The Fly-Over is getting mighty big. Oh how I wish I could drink to forget today but alas I’m 6 months pregnant. THIS BABY BETTER BE A DEMOCRAT.

  • What bothers me most about the amendment passing is the complete disconnect. People are actually blind to the fact that they have just set the precedent for their own discrimination. Kiss your civil liberties goodbye people, the rollbacks are in full swing.

    A little reading material for all the women who didn’t vote.

  • zebob

    From the Bay State (now apparently dubbed the Gay State by many outside its borders), all I can say is we’ve done our part. Move here and get married. It’s cool with us.
    Now I have to console my 5-year-old daughter who wanted John Kerry to win.-z

  • Cristina

    Awash in a sea of red.
    WTF happened?
    I know I live in the liberal bubble of NYC but is the American public blind, deaf, and dumb?

  • Diz

    Question for the US citizens. Where do you see your country after another four years of Bush? What do you think will have happened to the economy, with the ‘war on terror’ and social issues by the next presidential election?

    And how do you think the many people who voted against Bush will react to his (probable) re-election? Do you think there’s a chance that they will become more politically vocal?

  • Cheryl

    I am beyond disgusted.

  • kim

    i think this just shows *AGAIN* that the voting system is pure bull**it. i mean, once more there will be a president in charge who obviously wasn’t elected by the majority of the people. i don’t get it. the gouvernment over there manages to do pretty much anything they want (including unnecessary war) but they don’t manage to change to a voting-system where you just count the votes and the one with the most wins?? i don’t get it.. but then again – i’m german..

  • DoulaBrooke

    I had to tell my 5 year old daughter that Kerry will possibly lose this election, and she cried in my arms. I am not happy today.

  • Kellie

    Well, I am pleased with the results, although I might be the only one here that is. (Besides Kano, and I’m not positive I want to claim him. : ) Although I don’t like being thought of and referred to as a “self-centered, ignorant, and prejudiced conservative Christian redneck”, I can handle it. People who judge others that way and claim to be open-minded and available to other ideas usually only mean it when it suits their agenda.
    I voted NO on Amendment 1, and I do not support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Just my $.02.

  • Colleen

    Kano, my man…. if Kerry were the one on top, I think your comments would be filled with allusions of bodily functions…. Why are you surprised at what you’re reading? I thought you could figure that one out. You are not a good representation as a Bush supporter with your low-brow sarcasm. I would respect you more if you gave a good argument instead of throwing mud.

    I feel pretty bummed myself, but I can still eat!!

  • really, there are no words, I am disgusted with this country. why don’t they worry about people like J.LO and brittany spears “ruining” the sanctity of marriage.

    PS Whose business is it anyway?

  • I heard a guy on NPR say, “I don’t like Bush. I don’t like his politics, his beliefs, his decisions… but I’ll vote for him because I’m rich & he’ll keep me that way.” UGH.

    The view from here, Cristina #69 is that yes… 1/2 of America IS blind, deaf & dumb. Anybody got any ideas how to work hard NOW to change that fact??

    First of all, people should read more newspapers instead of sucking their news off the TV. Far more balanced. Also- Americans need to learn way more about international politics & news… it DOES matter. I was one of those who didn’t pay enough attention years ago, I thank God I do now!

    And, I was raised Baptist. But I don’t think for a minute Bush truly has a clue who God is. Actions speak WAY louder than words.

    I’ve read abortion rates have gone UP the past four years? So- Bush is pro-life? Really?? It takes more than anti-abortion laws to lower abortion rates. A safer environment. Better education. Better SEX education (not just abstinence!), more jobs, less discrimination… these things too help lower abortion rates. It’s a GLOBAL picture I voted for, not for one item or the other.

    What a guy does overall creates success or failure, and I believe Kerry’s policies, while liberal, would create a better environment- which in turn would lower abortion rates, etc.

  • Jake

    A few comments for DJ Blurb, et al

    –“Kathleen, we did not elect Bush 4 years ago. The Supreme Court stopped the recount and handed him the presidency.”

    I know it is upsetting, but please stop saying things like this. Or, “Bush stole the election.” Etc. Recount after recount after the fact showed Bush won Florida, even if it was by only 500 votes.

    –“Al Gore won the popular vote.”

    Yes, barely. He is not the first loser to do so, but one of a few. This is how the electoral college works. Yeah, it’s dumb, but that’s the way it is.

    –“That is why so many on the left are so bitter and so upset.”


  • Laurie

    The map that is “‘awash” in red, is pretty much exactly the same as it is every election. The bread basket tends to vote republican.
    The christian uber-conservative right has been growing in the US since the early 80’s.

    My boyfriend (who is republican who decided not to vote for a president this year) described it as being one half of the nation is getting more and more conservative and is desperately trying to hold on to “traditional” values while the other half is moving toward more “progressive” values. Both sides freak each other out, neither one understands the others view point, and is causing a true divide within the nation. It’s just sad really.

  • HRT

    I offer my condolences. Even if I don’t think that the result of the election was all that bad. But then again I’m one of those holy-rolling-bible-thumping-right-wing-nut-jobs. Or at least that’s what CNN tells me I am.

  • *Wakes up, looks at the newspaper* Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

  • Hey Dooce… where’s a picture of Leta or Chuck? We could ALL use some cheering up about now 🙂

  • Dee

    I still do not understand what moral values have to do with politics in this country … in other countries people would be joinging together and doing something about these issues; here one figure can decide for all of us what is morally right or wrong bases on their moral values… makes no sense to me.

    The Presidential candidates differ only in their moral values, what they think best for them translates into what they think best for their country. We are forgetting to think that our values are no more real than the values of others …. the right to gay marriage is obviouly important for gay people, what right does a non-gay population have to ban it? That is the same thing as me having the right to ban all alcohol or all smoking; because i don’t do it and don’t believe in it I don’t have to right to screw the rest of the country.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I am not bringing anyone down … I just can’t understand why these topics are political. What difference does it make if man wants to be with man or woman with woman, are they afraid it may be a step closer to a man or woman wanting to marry a different species?

    Really, I live with a very conservative man who believes this decision is right, and for the life of me I can’t make him see the big picture … makes sense why it is so difficult to get allow same sex marriages when there are people as stubborn in the world as my DH …. but should America’s moral values be left to the disgretion of a few people who are just extremely close minded?

    A person is a person and as long as he/she is marrying another person who gives a flying fuck?

  • If people were truly concerned about the sanctity of marriage, they’d make adultry a felony and outlaw divorce.

    Sanctity of marriage, my ass!

    I weep for our future.

  • Em

    IT’S FUCKED UP (the country that is). Let’s all move – TO FRANCE!

  • Ari

    It is obvious that two things occurred last night looking at the map. We are now more polarized then at anytime since the Civil War. And the imperialists have won. If I was not an American I would not like us either. We were in France, IN FRANCE, this summer and most americans really do not understand what the rest of the world is like. They have never been more then 100 miles from their farm our local subway station. It is a country full of insular self-centered people who only think me me me, on both a global and local level.

    We are the richest country on earth with the highest infant mortality rate in the developed world and more then 40 million people with no health care… can this be….because those red states represent people who don’t care about anything except their own fear.

    Fear of the “other”, fear of a world that they are not really a part of. We have separated ourselves from the rest of the world and sit here in our own little un-reality….that is how we can vote for an administration like this one.

    It is sad. I am sad and I am really seriously thinking of leaving a place that has given me so much. But not yet, maybe somehow people will wake up. What I am afraid of is what needs to happen before that can occur.

    We still have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, maybe that can save us in the end

  • Ellewiz

    I don’t know how anyone with a child could vote for Bush. Do these parents not care that their kids will be paying huge taxes to make up this deficit? Do they not care about crappy underfunded public schools, where kids are taught nothing more than to take a multiple-choice test?

  • Jessica

    I’m a resident of the US; married to an American, and watching the elections last night made me positively ill. What are people THINKING??? It boggles the mind, it does.

    My EU passport is looking very tempting right now…..of France!

  • Catherine

    Well, even if states will not recognize same-sex marriages some corporations are starting to. Enterprise Rent-a-Car is now providing health coverages for people in same sex unions. Perhaps the next four years will be enough to get this apathetic younger generation mobile. Only 17% of 18-24 year olds voted. After they are drafted – you too ladies- maybe they will start to excercise their rights.

  • Karin

    I dont get it I really dont.
    A friend of mine helped set up polling in columbus ohio on monday and then went out canvasing the area for polls out of the hundreds of new registered voters and undecided voters they polled they prefered kerry 12 to 1 ! 12 to 1 people and yet bush is still ahead in that state? Also you should read what happened to a voter in nyc it was just ONE example of polling incompetence.
    I am so utterly disgusted at this country right now I really want to vomit.

  • Lawrene in Ohio

    Why can all of Europe see what we have such a hard time seeing — that the election was rigged in 2000 and again this time? Because none of us wants to say out loud that the great USA is now no more democratic than any despot-ridden third-world country. It is heartbreaking, but only for a moment, until we get up off our complacent duffs and take our country back!

  • Cristina

    One thing I don’t understand about this link of banning same-sex marriage and the Republican Party. Kerry did not want to give same sex couples the right to marry either. He wanted to give them more rights that other couples have but not the right to marry. So it’s both parties who said no to this idea. Please stop blaming the republicans for everything.

  • Drew

    The thing about the push for gay marriage that I don’t get at all is this: instead of clammoring for the allowance of gay marriage, why not take it one step at a time and strive for a legal union which will provide legal rights to the couple? Once you have established those rights (the most important, in my opinion), then work on the next step of establishing the union as a marriage. I just don’t understand why people get caught up in a term and not focus on what is more important, which are the rights that union provides.

    I am very pleased president Bush is re-elected. I am sorry you democrats seem to see everything as gloom and doom, but hopefully we can all go forward and try and mend our wounds now.

  • Banning same sex marriage is simply the exact same as telling two people of any religion, race or creed that they cannot start a business with each other. That’s all a marriage is, in the eyes of the law- paperwork to prove who had what in case of a divorce. EVERYONE should have equal rights- and FYI I’m a Baptist minister’s kid, and my whole family feels this way.

    Em #85- by the way- the French people are so rediculously kind & tolerant- you’d be more than welcome!

  • I am a dual UK/US citizen (born in Arkansas) who is seriously considering renouncing my American citizenship.

    I have far more freedom and a greater sense of well-being in England. My healthcare is excellent and free at point of use, and there is a social conscience here.

    Plus you can go on vacation–IN FRANCE!

    I would advise anyone who finds Bush intolerable to look into emigrating. If everyone who has heard “love it or leave it” actually did, the sad, sick group of individuals who would be left over would drive the country into the ground in short order.

  • Shout out to JK Canadian. Edmonton here too.

    Note to gay people moving to Canada- wouldn’t recommend Alberta. Everyone would choke on their Alberta beef (ha!) if Alberta suggested legalizing gay marriage.

    Thankfully Canada does have other (more tolerant) provinces.

  • Benoit

    Watching this from Canada… Hard to believe this is happening. I hope those who got Bush re-elected (looks like it so far) realize that in a way, they will be responsible for whatever he is going to do.
    By the way, you’re welcome to move over here, although I must warn you that most people in Montreal also speak that language… OF FRANCE! 😉

  • wow


    There’s nothing unfortunate about that at all! I’m with you all the way & a fellow Washingtonian.

    I hope Dino takes it all the way, too!

  • As Jon Stewart said last night, “It reminds me of a dream I had……… where I wake up CRYING.”
    So backwards. Let’s preserve an institution that even the homos can’t get right because, by god, those people ain’t like us and therefore, no rights for them. The Statue of Liberty weeps, once again.

  • My province (Nova Scotia) has legalized gay marriage, for anyone looking at real estate listings…
    Seriously, though. As you’ve already seen by reading the comments from Canadians here, most of our country is shaking its head and wondering how this happened. I offer my condolences.

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