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How to Annoy Me

Do something that annoys me, and then say, “I’ve been waiting to see that face all week long.” I’ll give you this face EVERY DAY, MOTHERFUCKER, as long as you continue to make noise when the baby is asleep.

November 5, 2004

A Day in the Life of BYU College Student George Boone

(Editor’s notes will be seen in italics) Is it weird then when I came home from college for my Brother’s reception that there is more food at my apartment in Provo then there is here? I mean there is a surplus of wedding cake, but…

How to Charm Me

Send me an email that contains the line, “We could easily do this when we build out the downstairs chillimax zone,” and includes links to several hardware and software packages that ONLY GEEKS LIKE US could appreciate. I love living with my best friend.


Did the people behind the whole TV thing just sort of give up when they came up with a prime time drama called “Medical Investigation”? That’s the BEST they could come up with? That’s just one step away from “Gynecological Examination” or “Colonoscopy.” Next week…

Pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, and extra sauce

When Jon and I lived in Los Angeles we used to walk down to Damiano’s Pizza on Fairfax every Friday night. It was just a couple blocks from our apartment, and we always packed a flask of bourbon to see us on our journey. We’d…