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Lil’ Peanut

  • di

    woohoo! I’m 50th! 😉

    she’s such a cutie!

  • di

    heh. ok. was 51st. dammit! 🙂

  • Catherine

    I used to work at a grocery store and I would find random baby shoes and socks on the floor all the time.

  • That’s not a sink, that’s a pot, on a stove. Leta’s gettin’ cooked.

  • kp


  • I’m ready to babysit. Call me.

  • Nobody

    Cute kid.

  • Jaime

    She’s got your eyebrows

  • Jaime

    Lovely eyebrows I might add

  • She’s adorable.

  • Way too cute! Thanks for the smile 🙂

  • woooo hoooo! 61!

    i so rock.

  • dammit. i can’t even count right. i so don’t rock.

  • Larry

    She is so cute! May I ask what her foot length is in inches? We’ve gotta figure something out to keep those toes covered.

  • Oh yeah! No. 65!!!

    Nice shiny sink, but is it a little shivery for that baby’s bottom?

  • in the continuing saga of ‘who comments first,’ i think leta’s pictures says it all: SHE’S first, innit.

  • Bob SF

    I’m wondering how people know what number commenter they are like Jimbo who knew he was #61. I’m mostly pointing this out in case it’s a code thing.

    Also, as I enjoy reading your site so much I wonder if you could have a chronological archives of each category? If I miss a day or two I have to go to each category (Daily, Nubbin, How to…) in order to catch up. All right, I admit it…I’m an addict. Can we just move on! 🙂

    BTW, with the beard coming back and Jon’s lovely last post you must’ve just melted with love.

  • Leta is the most adorable baby ever, I swear. And you take the rockingest pictures ever. I’d love to know exactly what you do that makes them so excellent.

  • Bob

    Nice sink…

  • Frank

    Maybe you need to sew a string of yarn from one sock to the other and run them down the pants legs… like moms have been doing with mittens in coats for years.

  • How cute!

  • Courtney

    There are these shoes called Robeez that will prevent you from losing socks. They are made of soft leather and kids can’t pull the shoes off. Trust me my 14 month old son has tried. Check out . They have store locator section on their website. Plus the shoes are really cute.

  • My favorite of all baby shots of my son are those of when he was little and bathing. I of course am going to use them to embarass him in his youth….

  • Very sweet. I want one. The stainless steel sink, not the baby… Ok, I want both.

  • Liz

    Awww! I just love these daily photos! Keep snapping those great pix! She is so cute!!!

  • ella’s ma

    HOW in the hell do you keep your sink so damned shiny? 🙂

  • I’m clearly not ready for the responsibilities of motherhood until I can keep my kitchen sink that clean. Wow.

  • Jen

    On not showering for 5 days – don’t forget that a little talcum powder in your hair successfully binds the grease and almost, aaallllmost can pass for clean hair. Per my grandmother from her Depression-era files.

  • You know, Jen, I’ve heard that trick too. I tried it once, in a moment of greasy desperation (no hot water; I’m a wuss). It just made my hair gray! I made a note of the old-lady-halloween-costume potential, and then had to brave a cold shower. Have you tried it? Did it work for you? Now I’m just curious if I did it wrong.

  • Baby in the sink…priceless!

  • Helpful Hints

    Instead of talcum powder in your hair to de-greasify, try using plain oatmeal. Just dump a bunch on your head, scrunch away and there you go, you’re “clean”. It’s an old camping trick. Perhaps you could then fry up the oats for breakfast?!

  • Sandra Regina

    My former roomie Rita once lived in Spain when she was but a toddler. It was a social imperitive that children and infants be out for their daily walks fully clothed with socks and shoes. Rita hates shoes (and socks) with a passion. She used to take her shoes off, then her socks, and throw them into the street whenever her mom was distracted. Her mom was always chasing after lost and missing footwear, under the withering stares of Spanish matrons. Its a wonder she didn’t glue the stuff to Rita’s feet.

  • Have you considered renting those cheeks for kissing? You’d have a womping non-byu college fund in no time!

  • Amanda B.

    There was this baby in the grocery store last night, giggling like a maniac.I have no idea what she was laughing at, but she had everyone around her laughing too. It was wonderful.

  • Stephanie

    This has to be the cutest baby in the sink picture I have ever seen!
    I am so glad to hear that you have given up on the sock thing because seriously, if a kid can’t go sockless when they are a baby when in the world can they?

  • Mrs. fish once rubbed a Downy fabric softener sheet in her hair, because she heard that it was a good way to get rid of static. Of course, she didn’t realize that the powerful, undiluted odor would make both of us sick for the next 2 days.

  • Christi

    Bob SF,

    You don’t see the numbers before the comments if you use IE. If you switch to a browser like Firefox, they are magically there!

  • RazDreams

    no, but seriously…are you sure she’s *really* jon’s kid???

  • Dooce & other females:

    re: Jon’s Beard.

    What’s up with the “love it or hate it” thing with women and beards? My wife can’t stand it when I don’t shave every 3 minutes. Other women, however, can’t get enough of the beard action.

    Inquisitive fish wants to know.

  • S Lynn

    I’m afraid I’ll be a horribly unacceptable mom. Unbless hormones, evolution and instinct will make me start caring what others think or judging myself, trying to be perfect. Right now I have two nieces and I just don’t feel the need to make them look perfect when they’re in my care.

    In fact, we celebrate the moments when there’s only one sock on or something like that. Or a big booger. (Ok, when my 3 year old niece has allergies and her nose is red from being wiped, I just don’t want to force her to have the boogers wiped from her face every second.)

    I’ve taught them to say “You should give it a try!” When my friends make comments about an inside out shirt or something like that. I just hate to be part of the forces that make them follow the stupid rules.

    When they came over last week, one of my nieces put her dress on inside out so the other niece and I copied her. Then we had a one-sock dance marathon!

  • shelli

    it doesn’t get cuter than this!

  • I love them. But TobyJoe can’t get it to “fill in” so he grows big cops and some fuzz on the chin, but it never comes together. So I fear this is no way to have this work.

    But, yes, thumbs up for me. But I don’t know why.

  • P.S. My comment above was directed at fish.

  • tsodeinde

    Such a pretty smile. If I can only get my baby to smile at the camera!

  • Sheryl

    it’s a pheromones thing, definitely.

    I used to think back hair was REPULSIVE but my current boyfriend is furry in the best ways. Something about it goes beyond the cultural and intellectual preference for clean shaven.

    I think it’s the same kind of hard-wiring that makes mamas feel badly about wasting their milk. Maybe something in our collective memory knows the hairy man has a lot of testosterone and will live through the winter, gettin jiggy in the cave.

  • Sheryl: thanks for the image of furry-backed cavemen getting jiggy wid-it (nana na na nana na, as Will Smith would say) in their caves.

    I needed the laugh today.

  • Tracy

    Road crews use kitty litter to clean up oil spills on the highway… Anyone game for trying it and letting us know?

    I so envy people who can skip hair-washing for a day or two. After 24 hours, though, you could grease a cake pan by rubbing it on my scalp.

    Damned fine apple cheeks on that baby, by the way.

  • Amanda B.

    My friend Bill used to horrify his wife in public by refering to his sideburns as his, “thigh ticklers”.

    I think my husband is sexy with or without facial hair. I have to say though, when it’s at that “he’s just been too tired to shave for a couple of days” point- all scruffy and disheveled…I loooove that.

  • Thigh ticklers.

    Jesus, that’s funny.

  • I had a friend who used to be a lesbian (you know, the type who are guy for a while in college) and then she met a guy and started seeing him. She begged him to grow a beard. I had my theories as to why she enjoyed kissing him after that.

    Just sayin’

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