Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

I promise I’m smiling behind the camera, maybe

  • Erin

    Speaking of not-so-Dooce-related things…

    the Fishes had their baby!

  • jill

    you sure are purty

  • Yikes. The fur’s a-flyin’.

    Dooce – love the colour.

    Jenny – Screw em. Do you really want to work in that kind of culture anyway? My husband used to work for a very stuffy corporation and the caustic environment sucked the very marrow from his soul. If soul’s had marrow.

    Hopefully you’ll find a place that sees your site and says “this chick fuckin rocks”, as said husband did (‘cept they didn’t call him a chick). Good luck.

    I’m so happy nerd watches are cool. I get some interesting looks when there are corporate folks in the room. At least it matches the one full suit I own.

    Sherly – my real name is Jen(nifer) and the niffer is just one of thousands of nicknames my husband has for me. I thought niffer might be better than smoochie, squidgibow, or the ever popular pickle panties.

  • AHHH! Souls. Not soul’s.

    Someone put me out of my misery.

  • Carol

    Pickle Panties?? Explanation, please.

  • Girl.A

    But are you really smiling behind those panties?

  • cliclou

    great hair color.

    now, don’t do anything crazy.

  • Re: Pickle Panties. I have no idea. But you can ask him:

    If you find out, let me know.

    My panties are always smiling. Aren’t everyone’s?

  • Jennifer = Jen-niffer = niffer


  • MrsDoF

    The outlet covers were marketed after our oldest son put the housekey into an outlet and caused the Breaker to Trip for the entire apartment building we were living in at the time.
    The covers are a big pain in the derrierre for grown-ups, but babies are so dumb and smart at the same time–Constant Vigilance Required.

    You really leave the watch on all the time? Even reconvening the procedure?

  • sue

    Go, Leta! Mobile is good! For the record, I still have outlet covers on the outlets, and my son is 10. No, he’s not incredibly dense, I’m just incredibly lazy. Just wait till Leta decides to play in the toilet, and you have to get one of those weird baby-proof latches so she doesn’t open it up for a swim. Then there’s the latches that keep kitchen cabinets shut, the anchors to keep shelves stable when she tries to climb them, etc… Oh, the horror!

  • red


  • red

    are you right or left handed?

  • I’m not first, but nice picture 🙂

  • Smiling is overrated if you ask me! I never smile much but I’m perfectly happy.

  • beachgal

    Nice! I always hate pictures of me, but you seem to photograph so well. Even when you do it yourself. That’s awesome!

  • Your hair looks awesome

  • Heather, you have beautiful eyes.

  • Well I don’t see the classic lumping up of the cheeks, so I’m doubting the smile, maybe. . . .

  • ninotchka

    nice hair. the darker shade is quite striking.

  • Your hair looks great!
    Nice eyebrows, too!

  • I’m so glad you don’t have a dainty little unreadable watch.

    Pretty girl + giant dorky watch = super appealing.

  • Laura

    This is the best hair photo yet. It looks awesome!

  • You’re very striking, even when you’re behind your camera. Leta definitely has your commanding eyebrows. Commanding, damn it!

  • sab

    your hair looks awesome that colour. really makes your baby blues stand out.

  • Molly

    Your eyes are so beautiful!! My Husband has bright blue eyes like that.. Red is a nice color on you. 🙂

  • I really love your dark hair. It’s such a nice contrast with your eyes. Very “sitting-by-the-fire-in-a-snowstorm”, which probably comes in handy in Utah.

  • Great picture… whether you’re smiling or not 🙂

  • Smile or no smile, you look great in read.

  • It’s hard to smile when taking a picture of yourself. You get too self-conscious. Besides, when you don’t smile, you have that deep, mysterious supermodel look.

  • Liz

    OK now take one of Leta with the camera blocking the same portion of her face so that we can see if you look alike…

  • annelise

    you are sooo not smiling, but your hair rocks. it really looks great on you.

    it’s finally started to snow in here in central canada. maybe ol’ george w. will get hit by a big ass snowplow while he’s doing his little tour of his northern neighbours (yes, that’s canadian spelling folks!).

  • That color shirt looks great with your new hair color. It makes you look all warm and peachy.

  • Carol

    You are very beautiful. I love how your eye is sitting on top of the camera.

    Cheers. Thanks for your blog. And all your readers.

  • that entry about George and Leta playing is sweet.

    Your hair looks good on you 😀

  • Heidi

    Ooh, you look so mysterious and beautiful!

  • Em

    Your hair looks great. At first I thought your watch was a scrunchie and I was afraid.

  • Cheryl

    i’m smiling behind my computer too!

  • I would be smiling if I were looking at that beautiful husband and daughter of yours!

  • Love, love, LOVE the hair color. But I did also enjoy the fake ‘I am from LA’ bitch blonde… 😉

  • shy

    no wedding band. i gave up wearing mine daily when i had a baby. just got in the way. now, i’m lucky to remember it when i go out! worst was when i went to my sister-in-law’s wedding out of town w/out my wedding band or engagement ring.

    LOVE the hair. not just the colour but the style.

  • jes

    this is really annoying. everytime someone makes a comment about your hair or eyes or eyebrows, I find myself NEEDING to scroll up to take another look at the pic.

  • How I lust for a Nikon D70. I’m going to use Jon’s recent post in an effort to convince my boyfriend that we should purchase one. ‘Tis the season to be broke, anyway.

  • K. #33. I’ll take it. And those eyes are most definitely not smiling.

  • Cute photo! That D70 is looking good (I’m thinking that might be the perfect Holiday gift …. for myself!)

    Heather: I want to let you know that I got “Dooced”!! … well sort of. I interviewed at a company – they LOVED me. I walked them through my online portfolio in their offices – LOVED it! But my portfolio is hosted on my (design-oriented) website which they read on their own after I left and said that “They would have to pass”. While they “appreciated” that design was also my hobby and “enjoyed” my Photoshop Tutorials, my site was “a bit too informal and not quite corporate enough”. HUH?? Last time I checked, I wasn’t a corporation. Anyway, they went with this girl who had no website or portfolio at all – clearly the better candidate.

  • Dooce,
    now we know whom from Leta inhereted those cute long fingers. Beautiful, really!
    Keep smiling 😉

  • karen

    That’s the biggest nerd wristwatch I’ve ever seen. You rock

  • kim

    I think you’re sticking out your tongue at us all! I love your blog and your writing, you always make me laugh! Thanks!

  • Jenny (#34): I’m SO wanting to look at your website now, but the link isn’t working. Please post it again.

  • That is a serious dork-o-meter on your wrist, Heath. Makes me want to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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