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Leta’s first mashed potatoes experience

  • I think you’re lying. That bowl looks suspiciously like vanilla ice cream…

  • Mrs. Doocsinsen… :p
    You have a lovely daughter!

    Thomas has those chunky chunk thighs too….scrumptious! I’ll have to post pics on my site for you later when he wakes up!

    mmmmmmashed potatoes – the ultimate comfort food!

  • Caroline

    I’m still not getting the new logo. Help me out Internet People.

  • To to the tune of Beck’s Two Turn Tables:

    Got two socks on but my pants fell off….

    Where they at?

    Got two socks on but my pants fell off….

  • On a PC:

    If you’re using Safari on a mac (and if you’re not, you should be), clear cache is an option in the Safari menu.

  • Shannon



    Cute picture

  • Marie

    Okay, I’ll show my computer-tardness… (hell, I was a liberal-arts major)…how do I clear my browser’s cache? I’m such a non-computer geek that when I see “cache”, I think of the 1st/3rd person singular form of the French verb “cacher”–to hide. God, I’m a dork….

  • mmmmmmm mashed potatoes be goood mmmmmmmmm k

  • Heather: I *see* you trying to wriggle your way out of your left sock, Leta.

    Leta: Squawk! Mmmm…taters…good.

  • She’s SO adorable and it’s good to hear that she’s up walking. When does she get to try whatever is in that MASSIVE jar behind you?


  • Chris

    Heather, just so y’all know, as soon as she starts getting around, that trash can is going to have to go someplace else.

    I have the boy baby version, and he FINALLY started moving (his head got ultrasounded since the fontanel was still open). Will he go to mommy or daddy? No. Will he go to the lovely lovely toys we spread out? No. Will he scoot on his butt straight to the power strip, the laptop on the floor BEHIND THE COUCH!, or the kitchen trash can? You bethca.

  • Marie

    Well, I hit refresh, like I’ve been doing all morning, and now the new masthead is showing up. Thanks though!
    And Dooce, that is fucking hilarious!!!!

  • Sheryl

    MMMMM mashed potatoes. I should eat breakfast more often, everytime food is mentioned on this site I get hungry. Even with all the poop talk.

    Mama and Leta workin togetha. A mashed potato processin team.

    And what I admire is that your eyelashes are always wonderfully *petulant*. Goes great with the cheekbones and the doocitude. (Do you use an eyelash curler to get that effect? Ok, maybe that is a dumb question)

  • You mean she didn’t try to pour them on her head? BO-ring.

    PS, Heather, look into the pre-lit trees. We have one, and it’s lurvely. I can send you a photo of it, complete with platform for the TRAIN SET beneath! Ho ho ho!

  • I swear ten minutes ago there were ZERO comments on here! Amazing! And I couldn’t comment at that time!

    If I had a baby with thighs like that, she would never wear pants. Worship the thighs!

    I’m glad Leta has had her introduction to the greatest ever comfort food invented!

  • I don’t think they make pre-lit real trees, Ellewiz. 😉

    Marie, the link I posted above should help you out. Basically, you’re just clearing the temporary internet files, i.e. your browser’s memory.

    Hey, and I was an English major. Ain’t no shame in that game!

  • If you can get through a day keeping both socks on Leta, I’d count the day as a win 🙂

  • JPB

    Oh…is she constipated yet? My little one…who is 18 mo old…STIILL can’t eat mashed potatoes without getting constipated. If she does, just give her some of those nasty baby jar prunes. Works like a charm…

  • Mashed potatoes have to be one of the best food inventions EVER! My step-mom, however, thinks our family is strange because we want them for Thanksgiving dinner. She’s from Texas…is this a southern thing to not have them on Thanksgiving?

  • Love the masthead!

    p.s. I’m last last last last yay yay yay yay ayayaya. poo!

  • sab

    I love the lack of pants!

  • Caroline

    Karo, I already tried that, it didn’t work. I’m frustrated. Poo, gotta leave.

  • So will tomorrows picture be of the mashed pototoes in the hair and on the walls?

  • Ohhh I just want to gobble up her thighs! What a cutie!!!

  • “Damn woman, give me them taters!”

  • Melanie S

    I love the new look, Dooce!

    Congrats on keeping Leta’s socks on! It IS a most difficult task!

  • Carrs

    that’s not your kitchen

  • Stacy

    Heather 2- I’m not sure what’s her problem, I’ve lived in Dallas my whole life and always had them on Thanksgiving.

  • Marie

    ‘Tis true, Karo, ’tis true! I’m actually a liberal arts major who is gainfully-employed (sorta, I’m a teacher) in the field in which I majored….whooo hooo!

    Heather 2, I live in Texas, and we have mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. It’s mandatory; your step-mom is just weird! 🙂

  • cranberrigirl

    Yup, I was crying with you Heather. I was a freakin mess. The liver kid, the crying 8 year old. Sobbing. Then they did the “Letters” Could they not kick me when Im down?
    My face looked like a big red puffy pillow by 5 clock.
    Can’t wait till todays show. 🙂

  • Carrs, I love the quasi-accusatory tone of your post. You’re all, “A-ha!”

    I’m in Texas tooooo!

  • I bawled all the way through “Oprah” yesterday, too. Don’t ever TiVo Oprah and watch two episodes back-to-back. It leads to two-hour crying jags because the man gave up his liver, the baby lived, and the woman from Starbuck’s with the nine kids got a new house. It’s too much. Just too much.

  • It looks like the two of you are conducting some kind of scientific experiment.

  • Melanie S

    I don’t know if anyone else has said this, but, I feel as though I can’t “heart” George anymore knowing that he makes poop.

  • Leta looks good in pink.

    Good morning, Dooce Armstrong.

  • I am guessing this is from Thanksgiving, Carrs. The older-model highchair is a giveaway, too. :^)

    I think that maybe the reason Leta doesn’t want to put weight on her legs is because she knows the legion of adoring fans of her chub-a-licious legs have would be disappointed if she burned any of that off.

  • Katy

    Im with you on the Oprah-induced-crying-spells. I was a MESS yesterday. I kept hugging my 5 month old baby girl and telling her I dont know what I’d do if something happened to her. God bless that man who gave up his liver!! He is a real hero.

    Sadly, I didnt call anyone. I was afraid they would laugh at me! What’s Beth’s #?? lol

    Where’s FISH? I want some guppy stories! I’ll bet Fish would give up his liver for his son!

  • Hey Dooce, any idea why your new design doesn’t show up in Mozilla?

    My girlfriend and I were just discussing how Leta looks ALOT like Jon. Have a good day!

  • wait. wasn’t your watch on the other hand yesterday?

  • LeChico

    THERE’S THAT LACK OF SMILE AGAIN!!! you don’t smile at yourself, fair enough! BUT HOW CAN U NOT SMILE AT THAT ADORABLE DAUGHTER OF YOURS?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

  • Well I am hate popular things and never follow the crowd so is good thing am not creating a comment on a popular website just to attract attention to mine….SHIT!

  • S Lynn

    LeChico, I always smile at my kids constantly. Especially when I am feeding them and unaware someone is taking a picture. I never let them see me straight-faced. Ever.

  • She looks like she is going to tear up some mashed potatoes..YUM YUM. Too CUTE!

  • Dee

    I’m a new reader. Always enjoy the pics and captions. Leta is adorable!

  • Tracy

    Leta: “Where’s the gravy?”

  • Ed

    I’m just commenting hoping to get a few hits on my blog.

  • You’ve fallen into the abyss of the stay at home world. Kind of actually liking Oprah.

    I can’t believe I said it out loud.

  • Sheryl

    Tracy: *MMMMMMM Graaaaaaavy…*
    (Since when did I start sounding like Homer Simpson in my own head?)

    I am so hungry and you had to go and mention gravy.

  • James

    You looked positively pissed!

  • I love the look of determination on your face and the look of awe coming from Leta. Your hair looks great, as well.

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