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Lady in red

  • Leta is beautiful. She is looking more and more like her own little person every day. I love seeing her smiling face and big eyes, plus I love reading about all the trials of baby raising. I think I’ll put it off for a while longer. (oh, never worry about putting up too many Leta pictures, we all know she is the apple of your eye, even if she is prone to screaming.)

  • erin

    Ouch! My ovaries!

  • Now that is a cute little girl. I love little girls in red, so adorable.

  • Nice, Kano.

    Name-calling goes right along with the game. You still have never been first though, loser.

    Thank you, Fish. I was finding this hilarious, now it is just annoying.

  • Al

    Wow. My favorite Leta picture yet. Red should be her signature color.

  • I noticed you cropped the little horns sprouting out of her wee head.

  • MilwaukeeSmartyPants

    Yayyyy! Fish was first! And, yes, it does matter!

  • Dear God! The picture’s been up for 40 minutes and there are already over 50 comments. Doocemania is taking over the internet(s). Will Heather use her unprecedented power for good – or EVIL?

  • I just want to take a bite out of those cheecks!

  • re Katie: “Will Heather use her unprecedented power for good – or EVIL?”

    *fingers crossed*

    pleasesayevil pleasesayevil pleasesayevil pleasesayevil

  • twaci

    Is it just me or is she standing up on her two little feet, bearing all that darn weight she carries around?! You GO, Leta!

  • you know, that shirt is definetely a better choice than the one with the horses.. and she does get cuter every day. is she “standing” on the picture, putting weight on her feet? maybe not. she’s probably sitting on that cute chubby bottom of hers ;o)

  • Awwe, look at that beuuutiful girl! The red hair is just too much! I love it 🙂

  • What a cutie! She makes me smile every time I see her picture.

  • cheeks. lotsa cheeks.

  • Jennifer

    Yes, you are adorable.

  • She looks like you in this photo:

    — except that Leta’s actually smiling. 😉

  • Did anyone happen to read the ads on the Weblog Awards Site posted here yesterday? The contest is sponsored by PRO BUSH AND PRO GOP GEAR and the MICHAEL MOORE HATES AMERICA documentary. Some of the contributors include COMMONWEALTH CONSERVATIVE and CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION.

  • I think she’s grabbing for the camera as her new toy. She’s already done in your wallet and your keys… but the CAMERA???She’s sooo cute, you’ll probably cave 🙂

  • Caroline

    Oooh I can see it now. How cute in an ‘I’m-going-to-punch-you-now’ way!

  • On the equality blog, you know that in some cultures they tie a string around the man bits, while the woman is in labour. The woman holds the string.

  • Caroline

    And I hadn’t voted for Dooce yet, but now she totally has to win, since it’s sponsered by Bush Lovers and all. And not the good kind ;).


    Cutest little baby EVER – next to my own 2 babies and my 2 nephews, of course. You are one blessed mama, Heather! (and the great part is that YOU KNOW IT!)

    Kisses for Leta from me and my 2! xxx

  • beachgal

    dang, I can’t vote again until later today. Dooce has moved up a bit from yesterday! Keep at it, Dooceaholics.

  • Big eyes

  • adorable! am i first??

  • When will she be dancing with you, cheek to cheek?

  • Chris

    She’s so cute. That’s how she gets away with being such a handful!

  • hayley


  • Becca

    so cute!

  • Nicole

    The lady in red…

  • She is always posing or looking bright for you, how do you do it? My kids hate the camera.

  • Jillian

    Too cute. Is she standing or doing a butt slide?

  • Kano: re: “wise Fish”

    me likey.

    To follow my own advice concerning the rest of your comment: ____________.

    Kristine: I met Brett Favre once when I “worked” an autograph signing he did at the Packer hall of fame (it was my job to hand him new pens!). He shook my hand and said “how’s it goin.” My wife made me re-tell that story a hundred times while she had some dramy look in her eyes.

  • That would be: “dreamy,” lest my anonymous internet proofreader is reading.

  • LT

    87th! 😉

  • i’m moving to utah and opening a jimbo’s discount disk drives and image hosting right next door to your house. a 6 mega pixel camera and a good looking kid in your hands is a sure fire formula for my success.

  • She shoots, she scores!

  • Carol

    Mmmmm… Brett Faaahhhhrr-vvrraahhhhh.

  • Leta: “Mom, seriously now, gimme the camera or I’ll sock you in the nose.”

    I’m sitting here supressing the urge to squish my monitor — she’s THAT cute.

  • My wife’s favorite sound-byte on our computer:

    “What the hell’s Brett Favre doing here?

    I’m in town to play the Dolphins, ya’ dumbass.”

  • Red brings out the reddish tint to her hair.

  • How can she look so sweet and be such a screaming fit-thrower?! Sneaky, but gorgeous!

  • PLEASE don’t take this the wrong way, because I think that is an absolutely adorable picture of Leta. But something about the way her mouth is smiling looks like she is *just* about ready to poop. My two kids would get that same look when they were about to go. And that’s always something to be happy about, isn’t it?

  • Is dancing with me …

  • masokissed

    why don’t we ever see little Leta in pink?

  • Christine, that is a marvellous poop-prediction analysis. My son purses his lips into a tight little “o” expression while opening his eyes as WIDE as possible just before he lets it fly.

  • I. Want. To. Eat. Your. Baby.

    Plain and simple.

  • reenie

    She’s just too cute to be real.
    I sometimes do this “sucking” thing with my almost 11 mo old son. (He’s 30lbs, so he has quite the cheeks.) I’ll start about 3 inches from his face & start sucking…I lean in and his cheek gets sucked right into my mouth. My mouth makes a great vaccuum. If I ever meet you & Leta, please don’t be alarmed if I do this to her…kay?

  • Fish – that’s funny, so do I!

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