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  • Sheryl

    Yeah, we are going to rescue a Boston Terrier. But the only ones in MA right now EAT FELINES. I have an 18 year old feline who just may not be able to get away at this point. lol She has a lot of hair growing between her toes (persian) and she runs for a few seconds before she gets any traction. Funny to watch but could be fatal if we had a cat-eater.

    But we’re also looking at rescuing a dog in NH, NY, and Maine.

    I’m glad you mentioned that for others though. I should have. Rescued dogs can find a loving home and not have to be destroyed and you can get a loving dog that is already housebroken (in many cases). Since we can’t stay home with a puppy, we can’t afford doggie day care all day, and I REFUSE to lock a new baby puppy in a crate all day every day. The rescued doggies are perfect for us.

  • Sheryl

    Great-glad to hear you are thinking about rescue. I adopted Gracie- my deaf Dalmatian. She was rescued from a puppy mill in NC. Of the 18 dogs rescued, 16 had to be killed due to attitude problems and general health issues. Gracie had heartworms when I got her, she groweled at people and needed about 20 pounds of weight put on her. Now she is a Certified Therapy Dog-visiting nursing homes. Infact she has a therapy gig at Bucknell University tomorrow night.

    sorry about the length -this is very near and dear to my heart.


  • Darcie

    I’m reading “The Three-Martini Playdate,” and it’s laugh-out-loud funny. Reminds me of Dooce. Dooce should write her own guide to parenting.

  • that picture is amazingness.

  • Megan

    I also learned to walk hanging onto our dog, a large Golden Retriever/Black Lab mix. My brother and sister did as well. We’d fill our little fists with her fur and walk along side her. And as she was the world’s best dog, she put up with it with no complaints. In other words, Chuck, you are in for some painful months ahead.

  • Kourtney

    But the real question is this: did she get up onto the couch HERSELF? Has Leta discovered climbing????

  • Frances

    Re: Pet-Upholstery matching:
    I have a cat (named Chuck, believe it or not) and he matches MY couch.
    Doesn’t everyone match their new couch to their existing pet? C’mon, it just looks so good …

  • solution to matching pet hair to the upholstery—go leather baby!

    dag- she who owns very little black clothing

  • Yeah, you gotta try to match the couch or blankets to the pets! So all the hair they shed on your furniture won’t be quite as noticeble.

  • Splat you say? You are too hard on yourself.

  • Sarah

    You make my ovaries scream…

  • You guys are so lucky to have two such adorable creatures in your possession … er, companionship. Whatever. They’re in your home. You totally OWN them!

  • SteveoBrien

    112 Comments? Damn. Your dog isn’t that good looking.

  • Steveo-But the combination of dog + baby is… and you made it 113. and me… 114. And you… yes you who are reading this right now… you’ll make it…

  • Liz

    I am having flashbacks to my first dog… my parents had a picture of me hanging off the family dog, and I still look back at that photo and smile… hopefully Leta will be able to do the same thing! I love the photos of Chuck… but the ones of Chuck and Leta together are PRICELESS!!!

  • Chuck!!! You are such a nice dog I can tell because when babies tug and pull and grab it can be quite painful…And you’ve got those sharp teeth and all.

    What a dog!!!

  • That is the cutest baby + dog picture I have ever seen.

  • cute photo.
    totally unrelated URL:
    just new you would love to know about it. 🙂

  • i don’t know heather, i get the impression the former congressman there has a soft spot for urchins. at least as long as they drop lots of cheerios on the floor.

  • Thanks for the guilt laden laugh Dooce. The whole baby ceiling thing? I Did it once. My sister’s child. He is now 6 ft tall. He survived me. ;o)

  • jin

    AAAWWWWWWWW!!! that is too much cuteness!!!! 🙂

  • I heard myself saying to my crawling boy twin creatures once, with the true respect of my ever so sweet Golden Retriever puppy’s patience at the time.
    DON’T bite the dog!!
    Not the other way around.

    I’m in Chuck’s corner all the way.

  • TK

    Looking at that picture totally made my day!! Love it…

  • If I was the dog, I would SO eat that kid.

  • The one day I could have been first*L* I was up and gone before the post.. Chuck and Leta look great 🙂 It’s good he’s a patient pup!

  • Oh my God.
    Oh my God, I don’t understand.
    Cute picture, like many of your pictures previous. No gripes there.

    But how, oh how, can so many people spend so many words on a damned photo of a baby and a dog?

    Goodness gracious.

  • She’s got a mighty grip on that tail, doesn’t she?? lol.

  • Caroline

    Aww, poor splattered Leta.

  • How mush for zee leetle child? And zee dog?

    How mush? I pay you. Or we trade some-zing, yes?

  • I was once playing around with the nephew of one of my friends, and we were indoors. The boy constantly asks me to put him on my shoulders, so reluctantly after 5 or 6 turns already, I plopped him on my shoulders again. Only this time, I neglected to remember how tall he is and how low the ceilings are. All I heared was “Owwwww!”

    I know how you feel . . . well with the exception that he wasn’t a baby, nor was he my own baby. But if you’re going to damage “property,” it might as well be your own. The whole “You break. You buy” philosophy would become rather financially inconvenient if applied on a macroscopic level with children. Can you imagine if it said “Professional Baby-sitter” on your business card? They’d have to be one of two things: 1) extremely loaded or 2)extremely careful.

  • Cheryl

    Love the picture of Leta. She is the most beautiful baby– you are truly blessed! And of course Chuck– what is it about dogs that just makes them say ok pull at me and hit me and then I will just walk away. Love it!

  • Melanie S

    Leta baby and Chuck-a-saurus! They are both SO precious!


    heh. jk!

    my dog let my little sister do that, too… except my dog is a chihuahua and my sister was 8lbs at birth and my dog was 4lbs at her heaviest.

  • Love the thumbnail…I thought it would be Leta and Chuck holding, er, _paws_. But no, it’s Leta saying, “Can I pull this, Mom? Huh? Can I? Can I?”

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