An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Chucknuts roasting on an open fire

  • tangoali

    Time to put the hurt on DJN.

    Long live The Dooce!

  • Rey

    Heather, I like your website for the most part. But face it, you do some say some insulting shit at times. Furthermore, I think it’s pretty crappy the way you post people’s email addresses or websites URLs just so all of your devoted fans will swoop down on them like hawks and pick them apart. (They DO it and you know it.) I mean, really… you chose to have a public website, so you should expect criticism. Learn to ignore your critics, fight your own goddamn battles or grow a thicker skin, would you? The way you currently handle things make you look petty and juvenile.

    Also – and I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time – you have a lot of nerve asking for donations on your website. It’s obvious from your photos that you have enough money for the luxuries in life. You have a nice house, full of the latest conveniences. You have a nice vehicle. You take vacations. You can go shopping for whatever you like. You eat, drink and make merry. Your daughter is dressed like a little princess and seems to want for nothing. If you want to have a website then YOU should pay for it yourself. It’s the epitome of arrogance to ask for money in return for sharing your life with other people.

    Who do you think you are?

  • Paula

    Just use the “Im rubber you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!” tactic.

    Oh and DJ, your email is full of typos, if you’re going to insult people at least try to spell properly. Now we can make fun of you.

  • Katy

    Damn Rey! Why don’t you say how you really feel???

    Would it be really petty and juvenile for you to post Rey’s email address so we can all swoop down on them like hawks and pick them apart because you KNOW we do it??

  • can’t we all just get along

    Ok….I LOVE Dooce too and read everyday, but I don’t think it’s fair to go spreading that women’s info everywhere. Yes, she was mean, and I know her personal info is out there, but that’s not cool really to encourage everyone to send her *loads* of hate mail.

    And she is obviously foreign so making fun of her spelling etc is just petty.

    I am not sticking up for her, I just don’t think reacting poorly makes us any better.

  • Sarah

    woah dude, who are you to criticize? It’s not like anyone’s forced to donate or click on the links, and dooce doesn’t block you if you don’t donate.

    Also – and I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time *smirk*, anyone who sends hate email to dooce, especially after reading the site, should KNOW there’s a chance they’re gonna get bombed.

  • Dune Coon

    who invited the party pooper? aka “can’t we all just get along”

  • Sarah

    OH, and by the way, she’s Heather B. Armstrong and she can do what the fuck she wants cause it’s her site.

  • Chris

    GASP! She posted that woman’s email address?!

    It’s an on-line version of a cat fight in the works. Very entertaining. And we all get to watch.

    This is embarrassing.

  • George Lover

    “…she is obviously foreign…” what makes you say that? There is NOTHING that suggests that she’s foreign.

    People can read or not. People can donate to or not. The woman sent a hateful email to Heather, and it’s fair game to post it on the site. She sent it to the site for god’s sake. I would expect people to take the high road by either sending nothing to the woman who sent the email, or sending a tastefully worded email explaining why they think it’s out of line.

    Lastly, “petty and juvenile”? Everyone has an opinion I guess.

  • Rey

    Dear Dooce Fans,

    I hate you all! Americans suck and can go to hell! Chuck is ugly too. One day the Turks are gonna blow this country up and you all will be sorry that you ever made fun of me.

    consider yourselves warned,


  • Wynn

    Well, the good tidings of Christmas are officially over it seems…

    Rey, you made some interesting and possibly valid points UNTIL you got to the “Who Do You Think You Are” part- you know, like it was personal or something. Her reasons for advertising are in the archive- do some homework and then judge.

    Debbie? One email you could have gotten away with- but two and the second one being so nasty? Yeah, it might be juvenile, but you brought this on yourself…

  • This is getting way out of hand. I have a couple of things to say to Rey before I move on… 1. Heather says (RIGHT ON HER “contact me” PAGE) that she reserves every right to post complete e-mails and addresses, especially if they’re hateful. So I consider this person (and all others) warned. If she didn’t want it posted, she shouldn’t have sent it. Period. 2. Dooce has every right to ask for donations, and it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHAT KIND OF HOUSE SHE HAS. Why is her socioeconomic class relevant?!? If you don’t want to donate, then don’t. But you can’t bag on her for asking. Truth be told, every day she writes and posts things that we all enjoy. She does this for hobby, NOT for a living. If she did it for a living, would you criticize her for cashing her paycheck?

    Bottom line… if you don’t like what she writes and posts and if you think she’s arrogant, then don’t bother coming back.

    Onward and upward.

  • Rey


    p.s. call me if you guys wanna talk about politics.

  • I’m with the pp who said something along the lines of “if you don’t like the site, don’t hit the refresh button.”

    Although, you have to wonder if trolls like this flame because they want the publicity. Those of us who’d love dooce to throw us a public bone try to toe the line; the trolls go for the jugular to get quick blood and recognition.

    Dooce, you have an agent right? This is going to turn into a best selling memoir soon, right??? I’ve probably missed this conversation earlier, but it seems like an agent has to be around here somewhere.

  • Not Funny

    Rey, your comment about the “Turks are going to blow this country up” is just not funny. Not at all funny.

  • Dooce: Not your average terrorist threat.

  • Find her here
  • Rey just so happens to be They are the same person.

  • Rey just wishes her dog had antlers. I mean thats what this is really all about right?

  • George Lover

    I’m speechless. I guess it is time to ignore her/him/them.

  • Dooce, I know you’re ALL OVER following the childrearing advice of Rey/Debbie/whatever-the-fuck her name is. Really, people… I have advanced degrees in psychology and I think this person might be truly sick. I thought the earlier comment from “Rey” was a joke but now, it’s bothersome. I think we may have pushed her over the edge.

  • I wonder…

    We so totally had a computer problem yesterday so today I was going to come on and say Merry Christmas and wow!

    Rey/Debbie- I don’t think the parents in Miami will be too excited to hire you as the nanny to their sucky American kids when you are saying blowing the country up is something you look forward too. That’s just not good PR baby.

    You look like a prodigy of Brother Justin, what with the smile and all.

  • Rey

    all of you that have your urls listed when you comment, i’ll hunt you down individually. just back off.

  • How freaky is it that someone that hateful wants to be a nanny?! Scary.

  • Rey

    all the kids i nannied…..they’re dead!

  • Well, that is funny…

    Well,it is…. Brother…

  • Hunt us down AND DO WHAT??? Post comments on our sites? Now I’m getting really scared.

    (BTW don’t bother posting on mine because I check each and every one of them before they’re published : ).

  • it’s getting good now!

  • Please

    Can we all just ignore this person – she is now feeding off the attention.

  • Perhaps Dooce could be so kind as to post this kind reader’s URL so we can all just ban her (in advance) from posting anything on our sites.

  • Mary in Sacramento


    I wish I could PayPal you a quarter so you could buy a clue. Nobody’s going to hire you to be a nanny because you so plainly suck.

    Fuck off, and, have a Happy New Year, you cunt.

    Heather, you rock.
    Much love.

  • Rey

    julie…you no likey my post? so sorry to disappoint.

  • Sorry… I meant her IP address.

  • Rey

    why can’t you paypal me a quarter? i could use a quarter. college is expensive! expeshally when you have to retake classes over and over again. dude, just paypal me the damn quarter!!

  • Michelle in San Diego

    My youngest brother is autistic. In the off chance the crazy person hit a nerve, let me tell you, she’s really just crazy. Don’t worry any more about Leta and her “autistic” feet.
    We love you.

  • Throwdown!

    But seriously, regarding any autistic possibilities:

    1) Yeah, it does have soemthing to do with sensory issues. And you ARE doing something about it. Leta’s getting PT, and she’s not even one. Most kids aren’t treated at all until at least two or three.

    2) My son, who’s eight, has Asperger’s Syndrome, an autistic disorder. He’s great – it’s really not the worst fate in the world.

    3) You can’t “make her autistic.” That’s pretty much impossible – she will be, or she won’t be. But it won’t have anything to do with how Heather and Jon raise her. It’s suspected to be neurological, possibly genetic, and certainly not a result of bad parenting and/or lack of early intervention. Duh, Debbie / Rey.

    4) Heather, Jon : you rock. And you’re human. And it sounds, to me anyway, like you’re giving Leta exactly what she needs. Debbie/Rey sounds like a bitter little woman (and kind of masochistic, if she’s still reading all of these comments – WTF?)

    5) Debbie / Rey : hunt ME down, beeyatch! I live in the Bronx. You’d be eaten for breakfast here.

  • Kimberly

    Merry Christmas Heather, Jon, Leta and Chuck. You all rock and have brightened my life this year by being a cyberpart of it.

    Oh, and Heather, you look like a thinner Kate Winslet. And I mean that in a good way.

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