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Go, dog, GO!

  • Barb

    *Where is Chuck?..There he is!*

  • Yikes!…..Looks like someones relative over for Christmas dinner hopped on mommies computer the other day and was posting nastier messages than I ever have. Let that be a lesson to you parents….keep the kids off the computers and keep them from posting hate on the site……They were almost nearing criminal acts…I think they may have crossed the line actually. Too bad Rey ruined Debbies reputation now!

  • Oh. My. God.

    HOW cute!

  • That is the cutest photo of a child who is not mine that I have ever seen.

  • I saw those wobbling-head boombah things at Walmart, in full action with the noise-making, and is scared the living shit out of me. I felt like it was a scene from Exorcist.

    But then again, I’ve never seen their TV show, so it was really a bit of a shock.

  • Djnieme is a not a nice person. My son is autistic-y, and it angers me that Djnieme is implying it is possible that he could have been *made* to be that way.

  • Sheryl

    I think one of the strategies that first-born dogs have to stay part of the family “pack” is to be close to the kids, watch over them and put up with them. Dogs love their humans!

    And hear hear, Kano. I think it was seriously scary here (and some of it was truly unnecessary) yesterday. I went away. Hope it’s over.

  • wedge

    I love Chuck with a passion. More off-topic, I am so happy someone else voiced the truth about the uncircumcised penis-ness of the Boohbahs. I can’t believe the FCC lets them on the air without pixilating their necks.

  • Michelle in San Diego


    My grandma did the bonnet thing too. Now I never wear hats. They dressed me in so much pink as a baby to make sure it was clear I was a girl that I wouldn’t even consider anything pink for, like, 20 years.
    My mother still gets indignant when telling the stories of how people thought I was a boy. But my hair came in dark brown and straight so the towhead thing never happened to me.

    Of course when my super blonde brother was born, it was only a matter of time before I convinced him that my super brunette family had adopted him. Then I told him if he asked about it they’d send him back.
    I guess giving and getting complexes is a particular skill my family has. In fact, having just spent the holidays with them, I know that is all we seem excel at.
    Have a great day everyone.

  • Julie

    Dog and daughter, what a beautiful relationship.

    I love your site Dooce. You make every day a bit brighter for so many people 🙂

    Dooce for Prez……OF TURKEY!

  • Christi

    About yesterday…. funny that at least on Sept 7, 2004 that wacko loved dooce. Here’s her proboards site Check out the info center at the bottom where she says ” I love
    « Thread started on: Sep 7th, 2004, 10:37am »

    her personality, though heavily more crass[ed] than i could ever muster, is so refreshing and lovely. very embulient and funny… which is kind of rare these days…kind of like the sevenites ~ya know.
    and she’s blessed to be a mom AND awesome designer.

    very blessed in deed. kudos to Heather Armstrong and her web blog.”

    Then she complains that she only prints hate mail? Way to generate hits to your site….it’s all about the attention-eh?

  • tickled

    Uh, you DO know that it’s towhead, not toe-head, right?–as Michelle in San Diego pointed out later.

    When my youngest, also a white-blond, was in third grade, his (bald) male teacher called him that so often that the kid finally lost it. One day he got so fed up he called the teacher “NO Head”–to his face! Somehow they both survived the incident….

  • dänika

    Oh, how adorable. Pink again!

    I love Leta’s eyebrows.

  • Ha! I do know that it’s ‘tow’ – but that’s why my mom bawled: she heard “toe-head”! Oh moms…

  • Sue

    What a great dog! I had an Alaskan Malamute like that.

  • Gotta love the kids!

  • so, wait. Leta *says* “Go, dog, GO!” when she sees Chuck?

    She’s talking?!

    For real? Or am I just being too literal again?

  • the original kp

    i love her bed head!
    you make me want a baby even though i know it will be hard.

  • i’m not absolutely sure that she knows what she’s saying, but when she sees the book *Go, Dog, Go!* she repeats that over and over. and she only says that with that book.

    and then she sees Chuck and says it. we’ve got it on tape.

  • woo hoo! i was number 69!


  • H

    Woah, words??? Why no first-word story or other speech tales? I’d certainly like to hear.

  • Does sixty-nineing your own blog take some sort of strange contortionist ability?

  • Please take pictures like this of Leta and Chuck and times them by 1 million 🙂

  • closet metrosexual said at 10:25AM, 12.27.2004:
    Does sixty-nineing your own blog take some sort of strange contortionist ability?

    Whoa, I’m not sure on that, but I’ll bet sixty-nineing your own blog during business hours could get you fired…

  • There are some things only a mother can understand. I’d be willing to bet she IS saying “Go, dog, GO.” Maybe she’s trying to give him one last chance at escape… “Chuck, get the hell out of here QUICK before I start squeezing your long snout and pulling on your ears!”

  • Boobah’s are scary as hell. lol.

    and that picture is absolutely darling!

  • Em

    She says “go, dog, go” ???? She may not be crawling – but I’d say that’s very advanced for her age. My kids never talked that early. 🙂

    As always – she’s beautiful!

  • Wooo! That’s great!

    [sorry. forgot this was for a moment]

    Heh. That *totally* counts. Not only first word, but first imperative sentence. It’s always been clear that she’s a genius, now we have proof.

    Way to go, FrogBaby!

  • She is the most adorable little thing. But you already know that.
    Being that she came from a bearded Armstrong and a Model like mother, there is no other way but to be cute!

  • Moments later, Leta developed an Australian accent and filmed some of the upcoming ‘Chuck Hunter’ movie…

    L: “Here’s the dangerous spaghetti-nosed dog-senator. Let’s fuck with him a bit then, eh? Crikey!”

  • Hey, Heather, congrats on the BoB thingy.

  • Chris from Ohio! Your post made me laugh! Hee hee…

  • She may not grow up Mormon, but it looks like she’s got that Faith Healer touch down pat already.

  • Leta loves him!

    We have a lab who is in love with our 5 month old. She (the baby) is just starting to get that there is this thing that is soft and black and loves to lick her face so now she can grab at it and pull tufts of its fur out and that is great fun…for her anyways! I also loved how you called boohbah pimply penises because that is exactly what they look like. Ahoy!

    P.S. Happy holidays and I hate that you get shitty emails. It makes me sad.

  • the poo bah creature has infected our home as well. anyone over 8 is afraid of it.

  • Chris from Ohio – thanks for the coffee in the sinus cavities. Crikey!

  • Leta is adorable. Chuck is a saint – go give him a cookie for being so good with Leta – it really does forgive him all his other faults (if he has any).

  • Some day that dog is going to run away from all the shit that has been pulled on him. Sigh. What endurance.

  • my daughter also got zing zing zing bah for christmas. she loves it the way you love a thing that has filled your soul and swallowed you whole. the way i loved scott baio when i was 12.

    if you don’t know who scott baio is shut up.

    get over not wanting popular toy store toys in your house. they exist because kids actually don’t like the fancy ass easy breezy pleasy colored toys snooty granola crunchers insist are far better for them.

    ps, i am one of those granola crunchers, taken over by the wants and desires of my actual children.

  • Jackie

    Dooce, you are not alone. My 2 year old got a Boohbah for Christmas. He had been wanting one for so long that after the initial shock of actally having one, he ran away and hid with it so we couldn’t take it from him!!! He even says BOOOOOBAHHHH the same way they do! My hubby says they sending subliminal messages (joking of course).

    I can’t beleive Leta is already talking… my son said nothing until he was almost 2. Of course he was walking at 10 months. Different kids develope differently, no need to worry. Easier said than done, I know.

  • My mother gave my daughter the little yellow shitpile Boobah doll, too, and I put that little bastard into the oven and cooked it until it’s little yellow head popped off. You should have seen the looked on my daughter’s face when I was looking into the over and shouting, “Die, Motherfucker! Die!” So precious.

  • HAHAHAHAHA!!! Boohbah’s DO look like uncircumcised penises!!! *gasp* Not that I have first hand experience with one. but er…ahhh… well… ever watch the show and see them put their heads together and “spurt out” an idea?????

  • Mary In Sacramento

    sorry i made such a nasty comment yesterday. i was on the rag.

  • You know I have to really bite my e-tongue about this woman who thinks that autism is a contractable disease, and I’m trying really really hard.


    Chuck looks a lot like our Sophie does each time Dash decides to ‘find her eyes’. Of course, ‘find her eyes’ means RIP OUT HER EYELASHES. She just sort of lays there and pretends she’s asleep. Poor thing. 🙂

  • Cammie, you just scared me.
    : ) love to Senator Chuckles – my mom and dad had to give away their dog cause it would snap at me when I played with it.
    : (

  • ashik

    Chuck is clearly a saint… he’s made suffering an elegant art.

    What happened here yesterday?

  • Julie

    Ashik, go read the comments from yesterdays picture, near the bottom.

  • MrsDoF

    Goodness, I go out to catch some after Christmas sales and 95 comments happen! Leta is way cute to look at, but I am hoping that loving a Boohbah is the whim of a moment.
    For #45 Jenny– This I learned in a fiber arts class. Tow: an Old English term for short or broken fiber (as of Flax or hemp) which is used for spinning yarn.
    A Towhead is a person with hair the color of flax, which itself is very pale and straw-colored.
    My Grandma always called me a towhead. After I got older and my hair turned to a mousy brown color, Grandma said I should bleach my hair then I’d look better.

  • What a cute picture.

    What’s up with the nasty emails? And on Christmas? What a jerk.

    Anyway, have a spiffy day.

    Amber <><

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