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Happy New Year’s Eve from Baby Chuckles

  • How cute! Happy New Year. 🙂

  • Susan


    Instant good-mood!
    thank you dooce!

  • Lara

    Happy New Year to you all too from us in Austria !! Lara, Mike & Charly xxxooo

  • Even at that tender, young age, the former Congressman appears to have that “Did you say Pop-Tarts?” look.

  • Dooce,
    No worries – if I see your hubby in real life I will simply refer to him as The Wannabe Wearer of The Titanium Cod-Piece or the Do-er of Dooce.

  • Lewis

    Awww how cute, how about a pic of the little temple worker holding her?

  • I seriously just squealed with delight when I saw that picture. Happy New Year indeed!

  • i’ll have you know i was trying to have a bad day, and then that picture happened. damn you dooce and chuck, you foiled my plans.

  • Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone!

    Please forgive Tenacious D-esque comment last night…new prescription sleep aid you understand…

  • Taylor

    Oh my fucking God, I think I fell over dying THAT IS SO FUCKING CUTE I CAN HARDLY TAKE IT.

  • thode

    hey dooce – what made you decide on the name chuck? i love old man names for pets – my friend has a dog named bruce and a cat named fred. anyway, just curious (or maybe I missed a post and avid reader can fill me in).

  • I have never seen a cuter dog.

  • Taylor

    Oh shit. Someone said widdle.

  • Jen

    “Wait – you want to put spaghetti where?”

  • aww…he looks all downy and squeezable, not unlike Snuggles, the fabric softener bear.

    happy new year, everybody!

  • that is the best dog picture i’ve seen in a long time. yay chuck!
    happy new year to you all, dooce. 🙂

  • Cutest. Puppy. Ever.

    I do not want another baby because my youngest makes Leta look mild mannered (kid still has colic at 7 YEARS old, y’all), but a puppy? I think I maybe could handle another puppy. Sigh.

  • I want to go back in time and munch his furry snoot.

    (I’ve long been the person who posts pet pictures on the internet. Now I’m not only the person who looks at pet pictures on the internet, but also the person who comments on other people’s pet pictures on the internet.)

    (I’d ask, “What have I become?” but I think it’s all too clear.)

  • Miguel

    Heather, your pictures are really nice. I think it would be great if you could publish a little book with just pictures… I’m sure people would buy it! Take care of the little priness – she’s so adorable. happy new year’s eve.

  • dänika

    Oohhh. What a cutie! We missed out on the baby stage with my dogs; the first one was about three months old, and the second one we adopted from the humane society when she was 2.

  • dänika

    Oh, and happy new years, Temple Worker, Goddess, and Queen of Scree-hee-heeming. And GEORGE! and Chuck!

  • If I ran into Jon in the street, I think I’d call him “Mister” or “Sir.”

    Chuck looks so cute in this pic it makes me want another pup. Christmas Puppy 2002 is now 68 pounds.

  • Ashik

    There was actually that weekend when the BlurboDoocery was in SF (I lived there at the time) and I thought about how weird it would be if I actually saw you guys. It must be creepy to have people come up to you and say “hi, you don’t know me, but I am intimately familiar with your digestive system and Procedure Reconvening . . . you know, from the Internet.”
    Anyway, Dooce+family – have a wonderful, happy, healthy and fulfilling New Year and may all of your wishes come true!! You’re an amazing family and you deserve all the best.

  • They grow up so fast don’t they?

  • i want one!

  • He is the 4th most precious puppy in the world!

    I’m partial to our 3!

  • TCO: Total Cuteness Overload.

  • How did you survive with all that cuteness?

    Happy New Year!

  • HDC

    To quote someone else who once posted about Leta:

    “The cuteness – IT BUUURRRNS!”

  • Chuckles is the most unique, handsome dog I’ve ever come across. I mean my dog’s cute but Chuckles is CUUUUUTE.

  • zchamu


  • Oh man, I totally want a puppy now! What a little sweetie!

  • Rabooka

    I would have taken The Congressman home too if he looked at me with those sweet puppy eyes.

  • Another great blog that has gotten me through the last couple of years with a few good laughs is Freakgirl out of Jersey. Thanks to her, I’ve found your blog, dooce!

  • I tried linking her site, but couldn’t. If you’d like to check her out, go to:

  • Happy New Year everyone.

  • Danielle


    He so cute!

    I love puppy-chuck.

    This pic really makes my day.

    (okay, now I’ll go back and read all of the comments) 😉

  • that carnivorous domesticated canine is lovesome and adorable. (there, i didn’t say the dog is cute!)

  • lulu cornichon

    Thanks for the Femelist, Dooce. Some of my favorites are there. I have some to add too…

    Angela at Fluid Pudding:

    And Midwestgrrl:

    And Flea at One Good Thing:

    It *is* good to be alive. Thanks, y’all.

  • I want a puppy, I really do! My husband doesn’t though, seems to think they need lots of care and attention and ruin the furniture (or some such nonsense). I am going to print out lots of copies of this photo and leave them around the house. If they don’t pierce his cantakerous, hard-as-a-brazil-nut shell then nothing will!

  • Happy New Year. Chuck you are too damn cute!

  • Ladies of the Internet that I’ve relied heavily on in 2004 when my sanity needed checking:

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  • Sarah Bunting

    And that’s a mighty cute dog. :>

  • Awwww…Chuck was the cutest baby dog. And is the cutest grown-up dog now. Happy New Year, Heather, Jon, Leta, GEORGE!, and of course, Chuck. 🙂

  • Darcie

    Heather, your blog has made me laugh so many times when I really needed it. And thank you for being so honest about the difficult time you’ve had.

    BTW, I sent French Toast Girl’s Christmas cards this year, and I know for a fact they were the best ones anybody received! I love to read blogs by awesome, artsy moms like you and her.

  • Love the baby Chuckles. Happy New Year. Don’t drink too too much Tequila. Enjoy! And Leta should only get Vodka, but only the best.

  • “You must have been a beautiful baby…”
    Just last night, my friend and I were talking about how Chuck is perhaps the handsomest dog we’ve ever seen (a picture of).

    Blogs written by women that I enjoy:

    Happy New Year to you, your family, and all my fellow doocefans.

  • Amy Halliday

    I have to go detox from the huge cute overload..Oh god I could EAT HIM!

  • Look at that yummy puppy treat. Shouldn’t he have a little diaper on for Baby New Year?

  • So Cute!! I need a pet! Now!

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