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Hammer time!

  • beachgal

    Neat pic. I don’t know what else to say.

    Hope the Dooceland has a great New Year. Loved the pics from the weekend, and the newsletter.

    There, that’s something to say.

  • You do so look like you just dropped from the ceiling….

  • MMM. . . Beefcake watch. . .

  • At least you were having fun, and you smiled!

  • midwifegoddessannie: you’re right, Uncle Tom totally looks like Jon. They must be brothers.

  • Halarious…..

  • Great “Elaine” dance going on there

  • Laura

    Okay….dooce..whats up. On my computer it shows me Im first. You have a wicked system dont you…making people think they’re first. I think I’ll go cry now.

  • The question is…Does Uncle Tom have a cabin?

    Okay, I admit it…that was lame. Getting back to work now…

  • It’s the pleasure principle. Woah. Woooah.

  • Break it down, girl…

    Who the hell says “break it down”?

    Was this a New Years Eve thing?

  • RazDreams

    (somebody tell the poor girl that she was being teased, please.)

  • The first thing that came to me was “Funky Cole Medina”….nice moves, Dooce! 🙂

  • but Laura was first. way up there at the top. man. i got your back, girly.

  • amy

    Love, love, LOVE the new masthead! And this picture, priceless. Send this to the people who send you hate mail. Call it the f*ck you dance!

  • You’re wearing MC Hammer pants, aren’t you? ‘Fess up.

  • bp

    The biting of the lip… where i come from that’s called, “The Caucasian Overbite.” Yes. The Caucasian Overbite happens when a white person tries to get down… It helps, I think, to get your ass in a steady rhythm.

  • Bruno


  • kate

    awesome moves…

  • From memory:

    My music hits me, so hard. Makes me say, oh my Lord. Thank you, for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and two right feet.

    Next up, LL cool J.

  • Oh yeah, and as far as “Releasing the Inner Monologue,” goes, no sweat. You only have to be concerned when you release the inner dialogue.

  • Elegant Goose

    I checked the site about an hour and a half ago and was thinking “heh… I can at least make top twenty” but then there wasn’t even a new picture up yet. Now there are over fifty! Geez, do we all just sit around waiting for Dooce to wake up and post something? Like that woman in some commercial years ago waiting for a sale to start at a store, tapping the glass, saying “open, open, open.” (Does anyone else remember that or am I just pathetically brainwashed by commercials?)

    Anyways, Leta’s new pictures are so damn cute. I don’t know what day they were posted but geez, woman, you got a gorgeous daughter. You and Jon hit the genetic jackpot!

  • honestpaula

    If you were living in Texas, I’d think you were stomping on cockroaches.
    Blogaid is a great idea!

  • Carol

    fish – you makin’ fun of me?

  • LOL! You guys are cracking me up.
    Fish-I am going to have that MC Hammer lyric in my head for the next 4 hours!!

    Heather has that “Power to the People” arm thing going. If we didn’t know what she was doing and did some creative cropping she could either be beathing the hell out of someone, or leading a nation into war.

  • Ashley

    Laura- I see it now. Weird.

    Elegant Goose- I remember that commercial. It was for mervyns clothing stores.

  • Actually, I think those lamps are swinging quickly back and forth across the room. They are doing this as part of an elaborate booby trap system to protect the gold Mayan idol on the other side. The girl off camera has just been hit with poison darts and Dooce is doing her best Indiana Jones dive roll to make it out alive. She’s a female action achaeologist!

  • Alright!!!

    Dooce, love the new masthead… I was here last night commenting and I hit “refresh” everything went from burgundy to aqua ALL OF A SUDDEN! It was trippy.

    Bless you for your post about BlogAid. If I thought mine would make any money I’d be right on it. Guess I’ll have to help in other ways!

  • Can’t touch this… 🙂



    Who knows what kind of pressure has built up!

  • Carol

    Oh, cool new look. Nevermind, Fish.

  • No Carol, the other you.

  • You look like you’re having such fun, Dooce! You GO, girl!

  • Did you ever do the ‘Potato chip’?

    It was some sort of Rico Suave move where you kick your feet to the side while putting your thumbs through your belt loops. Or, maybe it was just called the Rico Suave.

    In any matter your Letter to Leta at 11 months has me in tears. I hate crying at work and the something in my eye routine is getting old.

    The letter was wonderful and sweet and My God woman thank goodness there are mothers and daughters out there like you and her because the world needs more love. And the world needs more “Go Dog Go”. Thank you for providing me and us with all that love and shmushiness.


  • TheLauraWhoWasn’tOMGfirst

    I think Heather should start banning IPs of people who have an anyeurism trying to claim first comment.

    Or maybe just ban mine for being an insolent killjoy.

    More pics of 80s dances plz k thx.

  • that is the coolest masthead evah.

  • if only those globe lights were disco balls…

  • Jesus says to calm your ass down.

  • Carol

    Fish – bleieve it or not, for me it IS an inner DIALOGUE. Especially since it’s been 3 days without a cigarette or any caffeine. I’m actually sweating right now.

    “Oh, just one. No. Please? NO!!”

  • tickled

    MASTHEAD? What masthead? You mean others have been seeing a masthead
    all the time I’ve been crying for one?

    Waaah! Wanna masthead! How do I go about getting one?

  • Carol:

    ‘sgood for what ails ya.

  • I don’t usually comment on the “I’m First!” commenters, but today’s just killed me. What got me was Laura’s “acceptance speech”:

    Laura said at 08:28AM, 01.04.2005:
    OMG I WAS FIRST. I DIDNT EVEN TRY TO BE FIRST. BUT I WAS FIRST. I can die a happy woman now. Oh yeah I have to say hi to my sister Ashley too. She and I read your site everyday and then coo at how cute Leta is. ASHLEY IM FIRST! WHOA!
    …and I’d like to thank all the fans, and of course the Mormon God, and my family…you’ve all been so supportive of my efforts to be first……

    Laura, no offense intended, dear. I just thought it was TOO funny.

  • tickled, hunny, just hit ‘refresh’

  • i’m going to have that song in my head for the entire day now…

    love the new masthead 🙂

  • red

    OMG, that is hilarious!! LOL! my friends and i like to break those old school dance moves out on occasion for some good laughs. 🙂

  • Heather 3000:”Shake it, shake it
    Sh-shake it (Oh oh!)
    Shake it like a polaroid picture”

  • tickled

    Just got a message that my “comment submission failed.”

    Could’ve fooled me! I’ve already seen it, as post #91.

    Am I hallucinatin’ or somethin’?

  • I think you’re learning how to log roll on white water.

  • tpaquin

    Looks like you could have been showing the room of New Years partiers how to do really loud arm pit farts.

    Art is in the eye of the beholder.
    Perhaps I should get glasses…
    Peace and happy new year

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