Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.
  • I bet you wouldn’t get such a great shot if you lived in Sandy.

    My son thinks the silhouette down at the bottom looks like the mom from the Incredibles. Dooce, you make a good (albeit twitchy) Elastic Girl.

  • sheyna

    though i don’t understand what the hell dooce’s explanation for the way the picture came out means, it’s still absolutely stunning.

  • Cheryl

    This picture reminds me of beautiful winter mornings when I lived out in the mountains.. I miss it!! Can I come and live with you for a while Heather?

  • Absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes this is my favorite time of day, before the rest of the world gets going.

  • kim


  • Michelle

    off topic, but kidnapping GEORGE! brought it to mind…anyone here have the link to GEORGE!’s very own blog? curious re: his readjustment to Texas…

  • Lisa G
  • Weather Photos are boring! I want More Black Beard the Ass pirate! he is dead sexy!

  • RH

    Beautiful. Keep on rockin, Dooce.

  • Love the tonal difference of the sky. The range of blues and whites are amazing. I would have sworn it was photoshoped, but after seeing your explanation I understand. Making brilliant mistakes is just rad.

  • Em

    Sweet baby Jesus, that’s lovely!

  • Michelle

    Thanks, Lisa G! cyberstalking continues unabated. Not really stalking, that would be getting in the car and driving four hours to check in, but even so…

  • Charlie

    That is really pretty. You should try and get some of your pics published. They are really good.

  • Always a stunner…. great post yesterday, I was in stiches picturing you all!! you always know how to bring a smile

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    I’m blue, da-boo-dee-da. Nice job, HRD (Her Royal Dooceness). And kudos to Leta the Cherubic – I’m a head-wedger from WAY back. Rock on, sister honey.

  • I had a free trial of photoshop and all I could do was add candles and huge rocks to pictures.

  • Blue skies smilin’ at me.
    Nothin’ but blue skies, do I see…

    Sigh. Now I’ve got Willie Nelson on my mind.

    Lovely photo, Dooce.

  • well, you answered my first question. that camera has a lot of features to play with … sounds like i’ll have much to learn. wish it would stop raining long enough to bring it out! rainy season = bad time to buy a new camera.

  • How’s the hangover, strizzay?

  • Wow, I try not to comment on here because you get so many… but this picture is stunning.

    If you read this, I’d love to have the full-size version for my desktop.

    Either way, nice shot.

  • I’m blue, dah-boo-dee, dah-boo-dah…

  • rb said at 07:17AM, 01.11.2005:
    its now 10.15 here in perth and the stars are still out and the sky is never that shade of blue! I wish we had yummy utah snow here!
    Its too hot.

    BITE YOUR TONGUE – its 20 degrees here and its going to go into single digits, and we have had WAY TOO MUCH snow here in Michigan!
    : ) love to all, kel

  • Beautiful!

  • TulsaOkie

    Awesome picture Dooce!

    And the family bed doesn’t work for every family.. Our doesn’t either!

  • Joe

    Regarding the preempting of shows at bad times…

    I still hate the local weather girl due to one incident several years ago when she preempted SNL to tell us about a thunderstorm.

    Like I couldn’t hear it.

    But what I really couldn’t hear were the Indigo Girls, who were the guest performers on SNL. I saw them walk on stage, and the weather chick timed her report so I got to watch the IGs take their final bow.

    Chirpy little shit, I hope she gets rained on.

  • I actually cried about Brad & Jen. I thought they were THE Hollywood couple.

  • Amy

    re: comment 66, by Mrs.Strizzay!

    But ya know, I’m willing to bet money that if anyone could make a picture look SHIT HOT with candles and huge rocks, it’s be Dooce! Who wouldn’t want her on their team?

    *sigh* And I’m still laughing about that woman molesting the air with her hands…

  • Makes me want to be a Smurf… You know, almost.

  • Christie

    What an amazing photo!

  • If I have to sell a kidney I will. I want that D70!

  • either it’s just beautiful there or you are an amazing photographer

  • U.B.

    Beeyooteefull picture.

    Does anyone care why Brad and Jen split? I mean, *really* care?

    I used to like the Indigo Girls until I had an office next to a co-worker who played ONLY the Indigo Girls all day every day. Now they just make me think of a cranky, little woman turning up the volume.

  • Beautiful photo! I half expected to see Jesus up there on one of those clouds 🙂

  • melly~

    How sad is it I find out the daily news on DOOCE? Brad and Jen broke UP?!
    No surprise here – another great photo!

  • Liz


  • GMM

    Melly- how could you have missed that Brad and Jen broke up!? It has been in the news for days!

  • Lenae

    Stunning photo!

  • LOVELY picture, Dooce! LOVELY!

    Great entry about your sleep habits… I’m a twitcher, too. The worst, though is having a conversation with your Hubby, only to wake up and realize you have both been talking in your sleep!

  • giggles

    I love your site and today’s picture is just so awesome. My day is so much brighter when I check the site for updates and can laugh or cry with your latest sharing – whether in print or via your pictures. Thank you.

    In a side note: with everyone who sees your photos wanting a D70 I guess there won’t be too many gently used D70 cameras in the market anytime soon, eh? My boyfriend hears me talk about your camera daily, and wanted to buy one for my Christmas gift – but we just couldn’t afford it yet. But, I keep telling him – it’s the photo taker, not always the camera, that is the very best. I absolutely love everything about your site!


  • You managed to find a hill to live on in SLC. Very impressive! The rest of the city is so F-L-A-T. Not bad. Not bad at all.

  • Michael

    One: I, too, learned that B&J broke up via the post. How horrible! They were Hollywood royalty. (And yes, I am just that shallow.)

    I wonder if people who don’t study film or cameras and such see blue light and orange light like film does. I keep trying to convince my brother that twilight light is BLUE but he just doesn’t see it. It makes me wonder if it’s something in MY head (but I don’t believe it because I think I always saw it, even before I studied film).

  • Kirsten

    Huh, some people are obviously very different from me. I like this website *because* of the “mental issues and frank discussion of … perma-constipation.”

  • Wow!

  • What? Brad & Jen split up? It’s official?

    V, pretty picture btw. And I dug the sleep story.

  • Mari

    SLC is flat? What about the foothills and the eastside? 13th and 17th South? Even my high school was perched on a giant faultline. I live in Chicago, which is definitely flat. I laugh when people in the midwest talk about the skiing here.


  • RPK

    Moved to the east coast 4 years ago use to live on 12th south and 9th east SLC.I sure miss those beautiful views but not the mormon views.

  • Holy shit that photo is hot!

  • JP

    Neat picture…

    and I agree…NOTHING is more monumentous than Brad and Jen…not even homeland security.

  • whoa. photoshopped?

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