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Full speed

  • Let me guess: You rattled the anti-depressants again?

  • jennifer

    maybe a dingo ate yo baby…

    – elaine

  • Fabalus!

  • Serephin

    Ain’t no party like a Chuck dog party ’cause a Chuck dog party don’t stop!

    Oh, and my dogs wanted me to tell the former Senator Chucklesworth “woof!”

  • Is it me, or is Chuck flipping us off. LOOK AT THAT ONE TOE!

    Go Chuck, GO!

  • It captures all the essence of what is ‘dog’.

  • Is that Chuck? Because it looks like he’s got a ridge. *Fuck* how I want a Ridgeback.

  • Mari

    Loved your latest entry. I’m thinking the “baby Einstein” is, in fact, Leta. With a high-pitched shriek she gets what she wants and she doesn’t have to waste any energy moving around to do it!

  • Ms. Belle

    Walking is for suckers…

  • Lisa

    Leta moves alright: she moves around in her crib mysteriously at night, and she moves mountains with that scream. Go, Leta, Go! Go, dog, go!

    I love them both!

  • My son didn’t talk until he was almost 2. He pointed and grunted and he always got what he wanted, so why bother!

  • Charles

    sorry this has nothing to do with anything but i thought you should see how messed up some people are

  • This photo looks like a scan from a newspaper article. Neat effect.

    If I let my dog run off the leash with that kind of abandon, something would scare him and he’d flip out and run into the street or try to climb a tree or something. AHHH! A leaf! Oh no, a terrifying crack in the sidewalk!! Holy shit, my shadow is trying to eat meeee!

    It must be so awesome having a normal dog.

  • Wow Charles, holy shit. I only looked for a minute and I’m absolutely horrified. Where is this taking place??? More importantly, where do these people live so that I can go skin them alive and set them on fire?? Wow.

  • Charles: That link made me nauseous. Seriously.

    tiffany: You may not have a “normal” dog, but Mouse is very, um…special. And talented! And almost literate! (He’s also very cute.)

  • are all four of his paws off the ground at the same time? fast-leopard chuck.

  • I love chuck

  • jess

    Ehh….I prefer pictures of Leta. Chuck’s a dog, and though puppies are cute, he still looks the same as any yellow lab I’ve seen. You kind of have to meet a dog like Chuck in person to really fall in love. I prefer golden retrievers. But Heather, by God I love your baby and husband, and you’re writing is genius!

  • girl in sf

    chuck brings me out of lurk mode.

    i woke up in a good mood today, which is rare for a workday. i thought, surely it can’t just be ’cause it’s friday. but now i know. it’s not just friday, it’s Chuck Friday!! RUFF!

  • Ruff!!!!

    Thanks God It’s Chuck Friday!!!!!

  • U.B.

    Tiffany — normal dogs are for wimps (and, if you read past posts, Chuck is *not* a normal dog).

    Dare to be dorky!

  • Oh Chuck! If only you could be mine….!

  • Okay, not to harp on the kitten thing but that can’t possibly be real, can it? It looks like it might be a joke, but damn. I want to know for sure.

  • he looks like a wild man

  • what a great picture!
    I love your site!

  • Mary in Sacramento

    Chuck Friday!! Ruff, mofos!

    That’s an Atomic Dog if I ever saw one.

    I, too wonder how Heather takes motion pictures so well. I think that it has to do with her Nikon D70 taking a picture every time you press the button, rather than having a delay like most digital cameras.
    I’m trying to figure the same thing out myself with my “camera that does not cost $1200 so therefore I cannot take Dooceworthy photos” christmas present.

    Someday. Someday.

  • *Chuck runs from the Silent Scream of Death, the scream so high and silent in pitch that only souls in Hell and dogs can hear its demon din*

    Tiffany, don’t let Mouse see this picture!!!!

  • this is such a feel-good photo. so glad i came across your site. it’s so entertaining & a work of art…

  • I am going shopping with my goddaughter this weekend. Like you care. Anyway, my point is: we are going shopping for clothes for her birthday. She is 14 and perfect.
    She was born, and in her baby-hood it was discovered that she was unable to crawl. She was also unable to move from lying down to sitting. She had no therapy. One day she walked.
    And we are going shopping tomorrow.
    You are doing all the right things. I am trying hard not to be a stranger who give stupid advice or makes dumb comments. I am trying to be a stranger who encourages and applauds you.

  • Nothing says “Happy Friday” like a picture of Chuck!

    Heather, I recently took the D70 plunge (and couldn’t be happier), but ever since iPhoto has run NOTICEIBLY slower on my PowerBook. I know I’m importing way more pictures, and some in RAW format, but did you notice a big difference or have to purchase more memory for your iBook?

    After typing all that out, I realize now I probably should have just emailed you. Oh well. Damage is done. CLICK.

  • C’mon Chuck, c’mon! Good boy! Here’s your poptart.

  • Speaking of altering the space time continuum it looks like that dog just tore through it.

  • Okay, I feel a little stupid for falling for that bonsai kittie thing, but at least I wasn’t alone.

    Stupid joke sites! Die!

  • i bet i could beat chuck in a foot race.

  • could not.

  • giggles

    Andrea: You weren’t alone in thinking that the bonsai kitten site was real. I read it in horror – and did wonder why there weren’t any ‘finish product’ photos but thought maybe they coudldn’t post them for some reason. Thank god it’s not real. I really like Chuck – but I really like cats. But shh…don’t tell Chuck. He runs so fast he could run here and get me for saying that! 🙂

  • More Leta Pictures!!!!! Or…Chuck AND LETA 🙂

  • chuck=friday.
    Yay. something good today.

  • great b&w! =) looks like hes coming right at you!

  • Bonsai kitten is not real and the paw that looks like it has a toe giving us all the bird is actually the crack in the sidewalk lining up perfectly with Chuck’s perfect little dog paw…

    a paw that smells like fritos (if he’s anything like my dog)

  • or not…just went back to photo, chuck IS flipping us all the bird. 😉

  • GO DOG GO!

  • El Greco

    Where is God today? I wonder who will be the smote-ee…

    God are you out there?

  • Cheese Buns

    I get soo annoyed by the freaking losers who want to be the first to post….GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  • Fish Buns

    I’m first, doncha know. The line starts here.

  • Karen

    Does George have his own site yet?

  • I crack up every time someone mentions frito feet, because I really thought we were the only ones who sniffed their dogs paws and drew that conclusion!

  • B&W pics are most excellent. Looks like a happy pup.

  • SEE?!!! Shannon C agrees w/ me!

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