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Is this thing on?

  • This (and all of the wedding shots) was taken with the Nikon 990. We got married before the D70. I was a nervous wreck. Yes, I was getting married. But taking the photos was almost as stressful.

  • Dazed & Confused

    I agree, Karen Rani. They are sofa king adorable.

  • liz

    i guess i’m the only one that thinks one of the flowers in the thumbnail picture (in the upper right corner) looks like a scalloped carrot slice, huh?

    yeah, i’m not surprised.

    by the way- best. wedding. photo. ever.

  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    Never married.
    No prospects.
    Green with envy.

  • trucmuche

    Yes Jon, that’s what I thought – not that you were nervous {what for anyway? You were marrying the doOchess!}, but that the picture was taken with the coolpix (4:3 ratio), which looks stretched on this page because it is made to fit the aspect ratio of the D70 (3:2).

    Ok, enough geekery 😛

  • tickled

    Hey, SEK (#82): August 27 of ’02 was a Tuesday, right? You were married on a Tuesday? Well, so was I. And the first thing my father (who’d flown clear across the country to attend) said was, “Let me ask you one thing: WHAT KIND OF GEEK GETS MARRIED ON A TUESDAY?!”

    Anyway, congrats to you and dooce on your kiddies’ birthdate.
    2/3/4 is awesome!

  • One of my favorite pictures so far! perfect timing

  • mashed peas

    I got married on a Tuesday too, Tickled. Now that I think of it, I think my first wedding was on a weekday too. (The dumbass I married insisted on the 4th of July)

    No pictures, no flowers, paid witnesses. Call me romantic.

  • Dress story please. 😉

  • 2/3/4 is cool… and pretty soon(ish) we’ll get to have 3/4/5

    but I kinda think a 2/2/4 birthday is cool, because
    A) it is reminiscent of 2+2=4
    B) You get to celebrate on Groundhog’s Day. And who doesn’t love small furry creatures?

  • my son is 2-1-01

  • To me, a Tuesday wedding is like taking a dump in the sink. Normal people just don’t do that.

  • You and the poo Dr

  • A Tuesday wedding pretty much guarantees you can get married in effin peace.

  • Umm Heather, I don’t even HAVE CABLE. It doesn’t make me sad. There is no Barney, no Boobahs or whatever the hell they are other than sex), no Wiggles, no none of that. And the GGlobes suck! I am watching them right now…it seems so amatuerish….is it just me?? But I *DO* like Moet.

  • MrsDoF

    Great wedding picture. Brave photographer. Lovely flowers.
    Mine were Silk, and I kept them, in their little basket on the end table, until the third time we moved.
    I’m with Mrs. Strizzay. No cable, but the antenna gets 3 good channels and 2 fuzzy ones. Rarely need to videotape.
    The GG were turned off by the son so he could listen to a Chuck Mangione CD he bought at the thrift store. That horn is wonderful!!

  • It looks blindingly bright out. I love days like that.

  • TiVo rocks. On toast.

  • GSV Micturition to Windward said at 05:16PM, 01.16.2005:
    Never married.
    No prospects.
    Green with envy.

    Add that I’m all of the above AND 40, and the statistical averages pretty much make me suicidal. All of you women out there w/husbands, don’t let the small shit get to you – I would be grateful for it!

  • tickled

    Oh come on, Fever! We’re normal–well, relatively anyway.

    It’s just that it was Quarter Break at the U., see, and we only had a few days before classes started up again. If we married on Tuesday we could get the hell up to Vancouver for a two-day skiing honeymoon and be back in time for the groom’s Saturday night gig, then rest up on Sunday–THAT’s why.

    And no, Girl.A, no effin’ peace either. Well-attended ceremony followed by Big Party at folks’ house, Tuesday notwithstanding.

  • Way to be a non-conformist, getting married on a Tuesday. I think I’ll get married on MONDAY just to piss people off. How is this Monday looking for you, mom?

  • me

    Me and hubby eloped too. The ONLY way to go for a stress free wedding day.

  • Peter Hentges said at 08:00PM, 01.16.2005:
    TiVo rocks. On toast.
    *In France!!*

  • mrs.strizzay i don’t have cable either 🙁 how do i get by day to day… 🙁

  • very mary

    Yikes. You look about 45 and really ticked off. I am guessing that is not the one on the mantle.

  • Harry

    Girl.A…, thats the way to use profanities!!!

  • Cable is over rated. Although the shows are pretty great the only one I really miss is The Daily Show.

  • Must MUST have cable.
    Family guy, Sopranos, & Ali G.

    Check it! Respek!

  • The groom is also the photographer?


  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    When someone I know first found out I was born on 1 June, she just had to tell me that her birthday was only a few days later: 6 June.

    To be even more specific, at 01:06 on 6/6/66. Looking at it another way: she was born 66 minutes into 6/6/66.

    She gets a huge kick out of using all the sixes in her birthdate/time to creep out all the idiots who believe in crap like numerology, astrology, “the number or the beast”, yadda yadda yadda. Get a few drinks into her and sit her down beside one of those idiots and the way she torments him will be a barrel of laughs.

  • That’s awesome. I’m glad you are going back and sharing this stuff with us.

  • mg2, monday is no good.

  • mom? is that you?

    …OH, g boo! Well if monday’s not good for you then how about sunday, because we can get a discount at ihop for the reception if we get married on sunday. plus, god would be really effing pissed.

  • Kahli

    Hi, it is 5:30pm in Manly and I am trying to figure out what time it is at home before I call and check on le kitty. 11:30 MST according to…

    Yay for!

    Lovely picture of one of the lovelier couples to saunter about lovely-ly.

    Best to everyone!

  • mg2

    it’s 1:04 CST here, kahli. and boy, do i wish i were in “Manly”

  • allison

    i’m only 19 but that picture makes me want to get married reallllllllll bad

  • Kahli

    Dude, Manly is amazing and now it is midnight and I CAN’T SLEEP….

    It is warm and sunny and mg2, I wish you were here as well… I would have someone to chat with. My husband is too tired to talk to me, I can really talk a lot if pressed, or bored on a clock that is sitting next to my bed in SLC…

    Okay, time to try to sleep. Goodnight all. Goodnight moooon.

  • beth

    Oh-The Nikon 990, no wonder you are looking at the camera that way! I used to have one of those with this weird third-party battery pack and you I just never knew if it was going to work.

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