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Scrumptious Bearded Armstrong as reflected in the switchplate of our bedroom in LA one week before we left for Utah

  • It would be great to see a picture of the entire bedroom, the red wall just screams “boudoir” – said with the most exaggerated French accent.

  • Very cool pic. And I’ve enjoyed the reminiscing. Thanks for sharing, Dooce.

    And on the topic of grandparents’ names…a woman at our church did not want to be called “Grandma,” so she decided to pick her own, very _unique_ name…*Precious*.
    Yes. That’s right. The woman insisted her grandkids call her PRECIOUS. Ack!

    The funniest part is…the grandkids couldn’t pronounce Precious, so they call her Pe-pe. HA!

  • “220, 221, whatever it takes…”

  • That is wicked cool!!!

  • Pre-work posting!!

    I like the comment about men having an on/off switch!!

  • Annalise

    Only in L.A does one ‘reflect’ on his time there in a kitsch/flashy switchplate…ahhh *sigh*

  • Heather, over here, it’s Jon… I don’t think we can move to Utah. The apartment has consumed me.

  • Turned on AND screwed. Or is that off?

  • kim

    that’s a nice picture for

  • Oh. Mah. Gawd.
    She TOTALLY deserved Pe-pe. I mean, Precious?! Is she freaking crazy?!

  • jennifer

    oh, no no, you have to post at least one more reminiscent photo of that bedroom in all its red glory. please! i’ve got to see those walls in their entirety. pretty please? i ain’t to proud to beg, ya know.

  • Why do you promise that? I like these photos, although I do kinda miss Leta.
    That thumbnail totally looked like a fish eye.
    Ok, can we talk about poop now?

  • me too, diggin’ the reminicing photos. and are those walls TEXTURED?

  • “I swear I hear voices coming from behind this switch. Heather come here. Do you hear anything? Maybe if I look sternly at the switch it will stop. Shame on you, switch. Shame on you!”

  • Hey Metro, aren’t *all* men wired for a three way? And apparently a good about of women too.

  • Said it before, I’ll say it again: he’s one of the few men that can really wear a beard with pride.

  • What a nice looking man you got there. I agree on the beard. Most men look like ass with a beard. He looks nice with one!

  • definitely cool.

  • Circus Kelly just gave me the biggest 80s flashback.

    This photo reminds me of frantically painting over dark blue and pretty red with Blah Apartment Off-White so we could get our deposit back.

  • andy

    Now. . . let’s see. She told me about this. . . this way is OFF? . . . No. . . wait. . . .

    Just kidding. I’m just jealous because I can’t grow a beard to save my life.

  • OMG LadyBug, you totally made my day with that story. Although it’s probably not accurate, I have this mental picture of a soft, powdered, rouged and perfumed little old lady frightening the poor little children by crying, “call me Precious! It’s Prec-ious!”

  • Strizzay – most men are wired for a three way. Me, I’m not even wired with a switch, just a little pull chain hanging from the ceiling.

  • Is that what you say…”Wanna turn me on baby? Pull my chain”?

  • shy

    i love the colour of your walls!

  • Shout-Out: No, not crazy. Just…different.

    christine: She’s not a typical “little old lady” at all (which is probably one reason she refused to be called “grandma”). She’s desperately trying to hold on to her youth, has long, dark brown hair and wears hats. Lots of hats. And an occasional bow in the hair. Personally, I think once you reach a certain age…oh, say *SIX*, you’re just too freakin’ old to wear bows in your hair!

  • Kewl picture. I love bearded men!! They rock!

    I hear you on the grandma thing. My mom is “grannie” and his mom is “grammie” but whatever. I’ll just be referred to as “The over-protective one” or some other nonsense.

    Haven’t “seen” George in a while.. Hope he is well.

  • mobprincess

    Today I am no longer a lurker.

    Heather, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    Mmmm… Scrumptious Beards…

  • FABulous. i love it. thanks for sharing the reminiscences! 🙂

  • the other Paula

    Hey, I wear bows in my hair! (Just kidding of course).

    John looks so stern, I feel for Leta’s future suiters, I really do.

  • Caroline

    I want to hear the rest of the drunken adventure.

  • He ages well thus far! Be happy.

    And he does look really stern when he wants to.

  • cat

    LadyBug, you must stop! Bows? HATS?! I can’t take it. My heart…

    Um, as for beards: they are fun/sexy to look at, but MURDER on sensitive, delicate skin, in uh, places…

  • Angie

    Pretty switchplate. Nasty looking light switch. Hottie Jon.

    Is it time for a new Leta picture yet?

  • He looks exactly like Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek: Next Generation when I close my left eye and cover my right one with my hand.

    Jon-Jonathan….maybe there’s a connection. ya think?

  • He looks like he is concentrating very hard.

  • he’s wearing man jammies, isn’t he?

  • dänika

    the beard. is amazing. I used to despise facial hair, but I have seen the light, and I am a Beard Convert. I love the beard!

  • Oooh what a cool shot, very rad!

  • kitten

    To Cat–#83:
    Yes! Someone’s got to say it. I thought if my husband grew a beard it would grow out softer than the sharp 5 o’clock shadow he usually had. Turns out the beard & moustache is just as sharp, but now it has more reach on it. Visually it is cute, but physically, a turn-off.

    I wish WAXING mens’ faces would come into vogue. That would be sexy.

  • Personally, I really love the reminiscing photos. Bring ’em on!

  • Two words:

    Will Riker

  • Don’t do it Jon! Don’t touch that switch!

  • Ms. Belle

    Oooh…scratchy man.

  • jesus, help the guy, he has a light switch coming out of his HEAD

  • Have you just revealed to us how to turn the DJ on? Enjoyed the walk down memory lane!

  • honestyrain: man jammies? Holy crap, that cracked me up.

  • I think Jon is an extremely handsome man. However, in this shot he reminds me alot of Norm Abrams. Sorry, Jon.

  • Norm Abrams sans safety goggles.

  • Norm Abrams is my hero. Jon is too.

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