Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Hand, yummy

  • Amy

    Of course it’s yummy! It’s sweet potato punkin’ goodness!

    I don’t care if it’s pink or not, I just love that kind of print on baby clothes!
    And gotta love that fly-away hair!

  • I wish I could get my hair to do that. Tres chic!

  • Forget the hair, those itty bitty ears are killing me!! I want to make myself a Leta-ear sandwich on rye. Yum!

  • kim

    once she’s about 11 years old she’s really going to appreciate all the hair- and eating-parts-of-her-body-comments, i’m sure. but man, she’s just so cute..

  • My husband just started singing a song ABOUT me, saying “I love you, Buffalo Wings, Buffalo Wings, Buffalo Wings..” (we do this kind of thing, you see)
    Yet he doesn’t really read this blog… about timing!

    This does NOT bode well for me, should I ever chance to meet Heather one day…

  • Mmmmm, haaaannnnndddd.
    She must be getting more teeth in. She has that look. Whenever my daughter chews on her hands like that, it’s usually a good sign that we’re in for a rough couple of days.

  • Emily in Chicago

    Dude! Who is this “long hair?”

  • carolina

    she is the cutest thing!!!!!!!! i love the hair! (and yes I love exclamation marks? points? marks? you know what I mean)

  • JP

    Awww…the cuteness that is Leta.

    Why do children feel the need to rip out their tonsils at such an early age??? I honestly don’t think my youngest is left with much resembling tonsils.

  • B is for Betta let me Be Bootlicous God.

  • Day to Day, January 19, 2005 · Can blogging about your work get you canned? NPR’s Eric Weiner reports on people who have been fired from their jobs because they maintain Web logs about their work. The firings raise questions about the rights of bloggers.

  • living in the world of no babysitter

    my kid’s father tried to get them to call me “mimmsie-sicle”. That didn’t go over too well.

  • weiner

  • H in Chicago

    I can’t launch the dog park photos! Is is just my computer?

  • His name Is (aka Mrs. S) – I was hoping I wasn’t the only one immature enough to giggle about that. Teehee

  • Katherine

    Damn, the injustice of it all. I can’t launch dog park either.

  • RazDreams

    Line 21, Char 7, Invalid Argument. 🙁

  • it’s on! – I totally pictured your voice being higher than that! I love NPR, and was behind in my readings, and just happend upon the show-cool beans – rock on Heather!

  • Houston, we have a problem – CAN’T … LAUNCH … DOG … PARK


    That’s the link for the dog park. How about that – I actually posted something after reading for months!

  • e

    just heard you on Day to Day – you sounded great…I could see some audioblog entries in your future!

  • Kristin

    Dog park was absolutely wonderful! All the dogs especially that golden retriever puppy. Keep the photos coming!!

  • Katherine

    Thanks for the link, Margaux! Sorry I’m an idiot and couldn’t figure that out. Was able to launch the fun dog park pics!

    Dooce, that last photo of Leta is priceless. Her porcelain skin, chubby cheeks and deep green eyes are breathtaking.

  • the other Paula

    The dog pics were cute, but the last one with Leta was by far, THE cutest! ahhh those cheeks, the Italian in me wants to kiss and pluck on them. We Italians tend to like to do that when we see such cute and cuddly babies.

  • Your not dead inside.
    I think we all know the truth.
    He will always love you Heather.

  • abby

    error on page! error on page! can’t see dog park!

  • cimalouise

    jon’s clone? where are you in that face dooce?

  • Dog Park ROCKS!! I love the opening photo and the font you used.

  • I can’t see the dog pics either! Boohoohoo!

    Eagerly awaiting audio for the NPR story! Two more hours!

  • my computer won’t “launch” the dog park. something about an invalid character in line 7…

  • becky

    Yeah for dog park! I know we get a photo every day, but I missed the photo sets.

    Dooce (or design-savvy commenters) just use photoshop and add text to the photo for her opening shot on the launch?

  • It is obvious that your babaysitter emily needs to have her pay docked until she can learn to pay he appropriate amount of OVER attention to Chuck.

    Puppies schmuppies Chuck is the most handsome dog EVER! Comign in a close second is that Great Dane.

    Have a great day!

  • Leta is such a doll! She looks as though she is in mid bouncing on the floor movement.

    Those dog park pictures are great! I am jealous that you have a place like that near you.

  • I like the dogpark pics- especially the intro page. Very nice.

    I don’t know if you have these folks around, but have you noticed how people who have the Jesus Fish stuck to their cars drive like fucking looneys?

  • sarah

    in light of today’s post about Jon & Emily’s family history I thought you might enjoy this:

  • Email I just got from the boyfriend:

    “That dooce person was just on npr”

    Yep, it’s true. We heard it in Boston. Good work!

  • Heather, you honey-voiced vixen! You should definitely look into doing blogs-on-tape.

  • Ok, I just listened to it here in Philadelphia, and I was totally disappointed! NO LETA BABBLE! Damn this modern technology!
    Heather, you have a real Tennessee accent goin’ on, girl.
    Dog park pics, awesome.
    Gratuitous Leta photo, even better.
    Creating a cult of addicted dooce-aholics around you, priceless.

  • Horray for NPR! Now I have a voice to associate with the “inner monologue” that is Heather B Armstrong. I was so hoping to hear Leta gobogoboing in the background though.

  • LadyBug said at 07:45AM, 01.19.2005:
    Oh, man. That article is TOO funny! My favorite part:

    Another would-be juror said he had had alcohol problems and was arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover officer. “I should have known something was up,” he said. “She had all her teeth.”


    See now…I read that and thought…”edited by smart-ass journalist”

    i’m LOVING hump day extry Chuckster photos – cats, as cool as they are, just don’t do that wild abandon thing that dogs do so well.

  • Aww I need a DOG!

  • Sammi

    Heard ya on Npr, was hoping to hear Leta in the background. But still nice to finally hear your voice, you should think about doing sound sometimes, or video?

    Loved Dog Park! So cute and witty!

  • i have to say, between emily, you, jon, CHUCK, and baby leta … you mormons are good looking people, making you as a group potentially very dangerous.

  • Michael

    The NPR spot ran in the Seattle area last week for some reason. Anyone else hear it here?


  • Linz

    That baby has one cool-ass hat in those dog park photos.

  • I listened to it on the website..sooo….
    Its deuced…cuz I thought it was like doo-cheee.
    My bad.

  • BJT

    The dog park photos are awesome. Any idea of where the fluffy puppy lives so I can come and dognap him?

  • The dog park was awesome. You should have put raw meat in Emily’s pants and let the dogs maul her a tiny bit so she could realize the depths of your love for Chuck. She’s a home wrecker! =)

  • I can’t fucking believe I missed it!!! Crapolla!

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