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Family portrait

  • Aww..Very cute!

  • It’s the family unit.

  • What a beautious family!

  • Beautiful, all of you. The smile on your face is so heartwarming. 🙂

  • Is that the former Congressman in the background?

  • Is she pushing you away or reaching for your coat?

  • Hey! George and I have the same birthday! Happy Birthday to us (yesterday)!

  • Gorgeous grins! Good work, Emily (way to suck-up to Chuck’s mom).

  • Anonymous

    You do realize that the photo in “On the Way to Grandma’s” is going to spur hate mail about how she is not yet one year old and you have her carseat facing FORWARD! Tsk Tsk

    Only kidding, of course, our little girl is one year old, but not quite the required 20lbs. We have her facing forward…sshh, don’t tell anyone.

  • Amy

    That picture needs to be in the dictionary, right beside the word “Love”!!

  • jm

    Print it. Frame it ’cause that’s a lovely shot.

    (psst. Go vote for Dooce at the Bloggies when they are able to get their site back up. I think they were a bit overwhelmed today. She was nominated in 4 categories. And at least one of those prizes has to have Dooce written all over it.

  • I cant believe you are smiling. Doocalina you are so beautiful as you play with the cutest child in the Universe (and not to mention the unearth happiness your man is glowing :}) BUT WHERE’S THE DOG!?

    chuckles… THEY had a pic without you << traitors!

  • Southern Fried Girl

    Love the pics where Dooce is smiling. How cute Leta looks. Love it.

  • 01234

    Is that a Lunar Landing Vehicle in the background? Over on the left up the hill? Why do Heather and Leta’s hair look alike? What is the dog in the background thinking? Who is Joey Spampinato?

  • so cute! You’re smiling too! But where’s chuck!?

  • Lisa

    Great photo! I just came back from a short vacation trip and had to get my Dooce fix.

    In the elevator of my hotel in Las Vegas, I heard a young girl, probably about age 13, tell her father that she would never get married in Las Vegas because she had begun dreaming about her Temple wedding on the beach in Hawaii. He said he didn’t think there were satellite Temples beachside in HI. She said, oh yes, she’d been doing the research.

    I found this conversation almost entirely odd. But maybe I missed something as I was trying too intently to notice whether she was wearing Temple garments. Couldn’t see any Temple pantylines and then I figured I shouldn’t be staring at a 13 yr. old girl anyway. Manners!

  • Love it. And Leta isn’t screaming!

  • Happiness all around.

  • Awwwww. Too sweet! You should get one of those snugli carry thingies for Chuck, too. I bet he’d LOVE IT.

  • Lovely, lovely family picture. You look so happy there, Dooce.

  • If given the chance to taste human flesh,(WTF American Idol?) I think I would pass…Tempting however it is.

  • for a second there I thought Chuck took the photo

    Heather, you look absolutely stunning in this pic – definately one for the wall.

    Happy Birthday George.

  • YEAH its a good day when we see Black Beard the Ass Pirate!

  • GO George its your birthday…we are going to party like its your birthday! Who needs a birthday Hummer? GEORGE GEORGE!

  • Regarding the carseat comment from Anonymous: I hate it that people assume that age, not size, is what should govern when a child switches car seat positions or moves up to a booster or whatever. It is size that is the determining factor in car seat safety, not the number of months or years they’ve been on the planet. And besides, I’m sure Heather and Jon have done all the proper research to insure that Leta is safe in the car.

  • First she stole the heart of your dog and now she’s taking great photos. Look out – Emily’s trying to steal your family.

  • Torrie

    You should frame it.

  • Hope that one was taken hi-res because it really deserves to be printed and framed. This is one of those shots that Leta can look at when she’s 50 and have a smile over — FANTASTIC! Bravo to Emily.

    Also: Love John’s hat.

  • Kimi

    Where’s Chuck?

  • Laurie

    Very nice.

    And Chuck is the one taking the photograph. 🙂

  • I love this photo, one of my favorites for sure! Heather and Jon look so happy and you can just tell Leta is thinking: “Mom come a little bit closer, I just want to grab that thing out of your pocket…”

  • you look so happy.

  • Cristin

    beautiful picture, Heather. Absolutely frameworthy.

  • Such a sweet family!

    Leta is going to be so punk rock!

  • sweetness 🙂

    p.s. as eagle-eyed, fellow-typepadder Scott pointed out early on, the former congressman IS in the picture. 😉

  • karen

    Picture perfect!!!


  • Yet another Blog award. Questions : What does she win? If it isn’t a new Honda or a big watch does it matter? Why are there 20 different blog awards? Does anyone actually even “care” about those things? Like is it just some schmuck in his basement making up shit? How do I get nominated. Heh.

  • What a beautiful family!

  • Those cheeks! Gobble, gobble, gobble…

  • so cute!

  • Aw, how pretty. Her little right hand looks so dainty and aristocratic somehow.

  • Rachel

    Very cute picture!

    Rear facing before a year or 20lbs is unsafe and against the law in most states. About the person that said shhh don’t tell because her child is rear facing before 20lbs. The reason for the 20lbs is becasue a child less than that could fly out of the car seat in a crash and would be killed. Since 9 out of 10 car seats are not installed correctly, there is a good chance yours is not, I hope for your sake you do not crash, I could never live with the guilt of killing my child.

  • Jme

    Go Emm! 🙂
    Dooce, love your hair and the lovey look you’re giving Leta, whom I see couldn’t care less that a photo was being taken (AGAIN!) of her. And Jon could make quite a good jolly ol’ St. Nick.. 🙂

  • awww, what a pretty family. but what’s with chuck’s obvious snubbing of the family picture in the background? he’s all “hmmpph, you just go stand over there and take your dumbass ‘family’ picture, you baby-lovers. i shall not grace you with my presence.”

    love your hair color, btw.

  • victoria

    And no pics of Chuck’s pee-pee?

  • Some children are more than 20 lbs and less than a year old. They don’t FIT in a rear facing seat. I have NEVER once heard of a 17 lb child flrying from it’s carseat while strapped in. *eye roll*

  • Stacy

    Rachel, I could totally be confused, but isn’t a child supposed to be rear facing before 1 yr/ 20lbs? Thataway they don’t fly out the windshield? So isn’t your comment bass ackwards?

  • JP

    I love that your hair color matches Leta’s…

    Someone else who dies their hair to make strangers believe that their children really do belong to them…I personally know four other people who do this. Including myself.

  • the other Paula

    What a nice looking family. Is that Chuck in the background?
    Sorry if someone already mentioned it or answered that question, I havent had time to read the comments.

  • bb

    I love how she’s looking at you like, what the hell are you giving me that expression for?
    SO cute

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