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Just a few hours before our lives changed forever

  • A wonderful Happy Birthday to Leta, and congratulations again to Mom & Dad, and thanks from the Internet, for allowing us in to your lives. Hugs to Chuck, because he is still the older sibling, no matter what. 😉

  • Clearly

    Happy Birthday Leta!

    You are a very lucky girl to have such wonderful parents who love you so much.


  • Joana

    Happy Birthday, beautiful Leta!

    Happy Birthday to you too, mommy!

    Have a great day!


  • Holy shit, Dooce. I’m sitting at my desk, bawling. That was such a beautiful, beautiful letter. And the pictures….stunning. Damn near took my breath away.
    You are such a terrific mom. Congrats again on making it through your first year of parenthood.

    God bless,

  • Gia

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LETA! And happy birth day Heather!

  • note to self: read those damn newsletters at home, not at work. they always choke me up there at the end. *sniff*

    oh, right and:

    * happy birthday to leta!

    (look at me with the mad comment formatting – bolds and asterisks and all. i’m cool).

    or dorky; you know, whatever.

  • Happy Birthday darling Leta! You are so lucky to have parents who love you so fully and unconditionally.

    Dooce, your letter to Leta brought tears to my eyes. I am sitting here at my desk with big tears rolling down my face. My husband and I are trying to conceive and parts of your letter were very familiar. What a wonderful family you have. Thank you for sharing them with us, most of whom you have never met but all of whom you’ve made a lasting impression on.

  • Kendra in T-Bay

    I only happened across your webpage about two weeks ago, and now I check it on a daily basis (usually more than 50 times a day).

    The letter to your daughter is one of the most moving things I’ve ever read. Now I want to have kids!!

    A very happy birthday to you Leta. I wish you and your parents every happiness.

  • Janie

    Happy birthday, Leta! And congratulations (for always), Jon and Heather.

    Your monthly updates are always lovely, but this one honestly brought tears to my eyes. You’ve definitely inspired me to keep the same faithful record (maybe not on a blog!) for my future children.

  • Another one in tears over here. What a beautiful letter and oh my god those pictures are breath-taking. Seriously. And you know what? She really is starting to look more and more like you, Heather.
    Thank you for sharing with us, and congratulations on the past year, for facing your fears and having the courage and strength to ask for help when you needed it. It does take courage to ask for help.
    Happy Birthday to the little Froggie…I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day!

  • Happy Birthday Leta! Stop growing up so fast, it makes momma and daddy’s heads spin!
    Heather you looked great!

  • Cathi

    The newsletter is beautiful Heather.

  • Happy 1st Birthday Leta Armstrong!
    You are the cutest freakin baby and your mom is a nut!

  • Andrea in Canada

    LETA IS 1! Happy Happy Birthday sweetheart!

    What a great lookin’ pregnant woman in that photo! 🙂

  • mama-in-awe

    leta looks stunning. gerber baby cute.
    you are catching on, dooce. there’s something to be said about seeing the Creator in your child. He does exist. ask Him to reveal Himself to you and He will. Leta deserves that.

  • Little Leta–Happiest of birthdays to you! Heather and Jon–watching your journey through this year has both made me more eager to have my own child, and )hopefully) a little more prepared for that journey. Thank you for sharing this first year of your daughter’s life.

  • Rebecca

    Happy Birthday Leta.

  • red

    for the record, the monthly newsletter had me in tears today.

  • beachgal

    Wow. I was gonna comment about how I have that same perverted jack-in-the-box book, but yipes, that just really doesn’t matter now.

    I knew your monthly newsletter was going to be moving this time, but I wasn’t expected to be flat out bawling from it. I am so happy for you, for getting your health back, for your wonderful daughter, husband and dog.

    Happy Birthday Miss Leta and much love to your mama and dada and dog from South Carolina.

  • Maybe you’ll learn to not eat so much at this years super bowl party : )

  • Jeez…make me cry, why dontcha? Love your baby much? 😉

    Seriously…happy birthday, Leta. And many more to come.

  • Jules! That is so very beautiful!

  • your* letter – sorry!


    But Dooce, I can’t believe you actually shaved your legs! Way to go. I think I resembled a sasquatch by the time I gave birth since leg shaving was a little too aerobic for me at that point.

  • ricki

    it must be so kewl to be you

  • Southern Fried Girl

    Happy Birthday Leta!!!! I feel so honored to have been able to watch you grow up. Just so you know, your mom is so hysterical – sometimes she gets me through tough days. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Leta Bo Beta!

    Heather – you’re letter to Leta today was beautiful…I loved every word.

    Great job Armstrongs! Keep on lovin’ each other!
    Love Karen

  • wow, you look so calm!

    another happy birthday leta!

  • I just finished reading the letter to Leta. I’m totally tearing up now. How beautiful!

  • Rob

    Happy Birthday Leta!!

  • Happy Birthday, Leta!

  • If I were organized, I would have sent a Flavia card and this is what it would have said:

    “You are a warm and wondrous gift to the world, for you are made of lullabies and love, and so many wishes come true. You came into this life riding on the wings of hope. You are filled with stardust and moonlight, innocence and belief, and with the promise of tomorrow. May you always be surrounded by listening hearts and nurturing hands. May you know the glory of unconditional kindness and gentle teachings. May your dreams touch the sky, and may you always know how very much you are loved. ”

    Flavia Weeden,

    Happy Birthday Leta!


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All the joy of today, I send your way.

  • I can just imagine what you’re thinking while staring at the monitor …

    “Why, OH WHY, are they using PC’s instead of Macs? What kind of barbaric medical facility is this?”

    Happy Birthday, Leta, and congrats to the entire Armstrong family. (Chuck included, since he is my dog’s hero.)

  • Happy One Year to a little woman who has rocked the world of many, many people.
    You have great things ahead of you, little one. And wonderful people to guide you through it all.
    Congratulations, Heather and Jon!

  • Happy Birthday Leta!!!

  • NOT ONLY is today leta’s birthday but it is my 1 year anniversary of reading this site. have a great day, guys.

  • Ica

    Happy Birthday Leta!

  • Kathleen

    Although I’m not a regluar poster, I am a daily reader. So I would be remiss not to wish a very happy birthday to Leta. Thanks for bringing me a million smiles throughout the last year. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday to you precious Leta! You are such a special little soul, born into such a wonderful, loving family.

    Thank you so much, Heather, for sharing your family with us. It is a must for me to catch my daily dose of Dooce in the mornings. Your writing and your pictures (and sometimes the comments section you provide) make me smile and laugh in spite of myself.

    May today be the first of many, many happy days to come for all of you. That includes, Chuckles, of course.

  • Kristin

    Happy Birthday Leta!

  • Cindy

    Happy Birthday, Leta! xoxoxo

  • Happy Birthday Leta!

    Congratulations on making it through the first year, Heather & Jon.

  • red

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little frog!!

  • nicola

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday little leta
    Happy Birthday to yoooooou!!!

    Wow I cant believe she is one already!!! thats amazing!!
    I dont normally comment but I just had to today!!! Ive been reading for so long!!!

    Thats a really great pic there heather!! boy i wish i looked so relaxed on my shots at the hospital!! our son is almost 2 now.. feels like yesterday he came into our lives

    may leta always be blessed with good luck, happiness and health and i wish her the best for the future!!

  • Happy Birthday Leta!!

  • EveryoneknowsitsWENDY


  • Happy Birthday Leta! Congrats Mom and Dad on one year!!!

  • Katrina

    Happy Birthday Leta!

  • Cheryl

    To Leta,
    The most popular baby on the internet,

    You have spent one year with the coolest parents I know.

    Congrats Jon and Heather– can you believe that you have been parents for 1 whole year?

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