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  • *floored by Amanda B’s last comment*

    wookie … bebe?


    Scroll down for a pic of the Wookie and wife and kid

  • Catchin’ up —

    Girl.A, I *am* proud of you for not running with the ”felt the Mad Dog upon your lips“ thing, proud but puzzled. I would’ve expected you to jump on that like a priest on a hot altar boy.
    I kinda thought it tied in with the whole lipstick thing from earlier.

  • Shiz- thank god i’m not the only human alive who hates football.

    Nooo I don’t know from experience, but remember that creepy 70’s Star Wars Christmas special? Chewbacca- had a baby.

  • FISH:

    Not Wookie-Wang???

  • Squish

    Reading that again…Although we should never underestimate the power of Christ is our lives,Jenny wasn’t actually dead when she did the trick.

  • Squish

    I used to do that same trick with my late dog, Jenny. She seemed to enjoy it, but my creepy know-it-all brother-in-law used to say it was a cruel trick. I guess its un-Christlike of me to say he’s creepy. Biblical love is so difficult.

  • Fish, what other “anglin” can that gym do? To umm, hornwork its way into your jobs around the household, that is.

  • Ooops, sorry, forgot the estrogen content of your average dooceling.

    Shiz, that play gym not only changes diapers, it also gives baths and scrubs the spit-up out of the carpet.The fuckin thing has been anglin for my job since the day it entered this house.

    On the subject of Chewbacca’s Thang:



  • Click ^.

  • That still isn’t reason enough. Those ads annoy the hell outta me.

    Now I’m a cranky beeoytch. FISH, what did you do? I was all happy when we were discussing Wookie penises.

  • Henryk_DTG051100KFEB05

    As the poor canine thinks to himself…..”who the hell put their butter pattie on my nose??!!”

  • Goodness…Chuck is so handsome!

  • Henryk_DTG051KFEB05

    Now lets see how long he can sit in that position without moving.

  • Or maybe Chewie is just *nanoencephalic*.

  • er, yeah, so, the Super Bowl!

  • Can I just say that the Super Bowl sucks? And that football sucks? And by “sucks” I mean, “sucks hard.” Also? It blows.

  • Grow it long, Fish?

  • From what I hear, Chewy usually shaves down there, but they had him grow it long for the movies cause Lucas was going for a PG rating.

  • Ok, now you’ve done it. All the things you have done to Chuck over the years and I’ve never complained but this is it. This is torture. I’m calling the SPCA.

    And for those of you who may read this and don’t know me, *I’m kidding.*

  • It sounds like *someone* knows this from experience.

  • If that’s true, Amanda – Wookies must be grow-ers instead of show-ers.

  • Wookies have genitals???

  • You bet cher ass they do. Boy Howdy.

  • Girl A. wins with comment #326 with Fishy at a very close 2nd with comment #325 in today’s episode of, “Oh My GOD we are goobers.”

    Sadly, Amanda is disqualified for mentioning Wookie genitalia.

  • Bucky, are you proud of me? I avoided embellishing your “mad dog to the lips” comment even tho that innocent bystander said Chuck was yummy soon after.

  • Lando’s ego is suddenly crushed when Chewy pulls out his crossbow…

  • Lando: “That white boy’s saber can’t hold a CANDLE to my BLASTER.”

  • Hmm. I used to drink me some Colt 45, and Billie Dee Williams never did show up to give me sweet sweet lovin’.


  • Ow. Splinters. Wooden … Dildo. The horror of that idea! Ugh.

  • Luuuuuuuuuuke.
    Come over to the *dark* side.

  • I wonder if Lando’s lightsaber is bigger than Luke’s?

  • Lando: “I’m ALWAYS ready and William, baby.”

  • Ah…Colt 45…Thankyou Lando!

    click name for good time

  • Amanda,
    that ad for the Colt seems to imply that you can use the Colt 45 can as a stand-in for your Billy Dee, if’n it is not feeling William.

  • Lando says: “Heeeeey, baby. Let me take you to my cloud city and I’ll show you the Return of MY Jedi”

  • Alright, I’ll admit to being slow and sometimes oblivious, but am I the last person in the world to realize that Leta was born on 02-03-04?

  • Especially not when ingesting said Poisson.

    Sacre bleu!

  • Oh, and I know I’m waaaay late on this — but I’m weeping with delight at the tourism page for Dildo, Newfoundland.

    “Dildo has changed a lot since the 1800’s”

    Well, duh. They’re not *wooden* anymore!

  • Bucky: splinters? EEEEP

  • No one wants to find splinters in their poisson.


  • …choking on the bones one comes across in there is bad enough.

  • Cristin

    GirlA, you truly are the answer woman!
    Guys I worked with used to talk about Mad Dog 20/20, but I have never seen it before….

  • Never felt the Mad Dog upon your lips? Aaaaah, my sweet, blurry teenage years.

  • Boone’s was the shitty wine of choice at the UW when I was there.

    Actually, the REAL choice was Colt 45, but we weren’t talkin 40’s, were we?

    Girl.A, I’d mind-meld with you any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  • ” felt the Mad Dog upon your lips ”
    Bucky, you wicked, wicked igniter inciter. Will I resist? We shall see, we shall see.

    While I experiment with my underused superego here’s a line from the epinions review of Night Train:
    ” I finished my bottle of wine and felt a kinship to the long ago split up Guns N Roses. They had inspired me to try Night Train, as Aerosmith had inspired me to try Mad Dog. “

  • Here’s a review of

    A touch of underclass
    Cheap wine an alternative, proletariat potable

    And one from epinions:

  • The pic reminds me of the stuffed dog that belongs to Turk on “Scrubs”. Great shot!

  • oops those were reviews of Night Train

    Spurious Plum – nice name. And I am in tune with the wavelengths of the universe. I do receive many messages via the T1 line, a.k.a. tequila.

    What can I say tho. Might not want me as a mind-meld partner.

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