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Friends with clean hair

  • I love pictures of you smiling! You usually look so serious…

  • alyssa

    You two need to sign a contract with Crest.

  • Who are you looking at? What’s so funny?

  • Very nice to see you and a Friend sharing a laugh. There is not enough of either things in the world.

  • I love girlfriend pics! Those smiles are the real deal, man!

  • Em

    Y’all are super cute and MY WHAT PRETTY HAIR YOU HAVE!

  • everone together now! awwwwww

  • I know why hers says Be Fri and yours says st ends. You look like you have lots of fun together!

  • You two are so lucky to have each other, and she WALKED it over to you? Damn!

  • Look, she’s smiling 😀

  • You are both so adorable.

    My best friend (since I was 10 years old) and I are drunk in every photo we’ve taken as adults; I’m not sure where that ranks on the awe-som-eter.

  • Shiny, happy people 🙂

  • Awwww! This is a great picture.

    Hey, can we dedicate comments today to the praise of girlfriends? My friend Nina rocks so hard. The other night she came over, took me to dinner then offered to FILL UP MY CAR for me because my husband is really cute about not wanting me to pump gas and stuff while I’m pregnant and all. And! She never, ever judges me for my (always) dirty hair and she never gloats over the fact that her baby is so much cuter than mine even though it’s pretty obvious that he is.

    On the drive home I taught my toddler to say “Nina, you are a GODDESS.”

    To goddesses!

  • So, what I wanna know is did you both have the right side of your hair tucked behind your ear (and the left side out) when you first met up for the night? or did you just do this for the camera….
    either way, it is a great shot of the two of you. And yeah, it makes me miss having a friend living nearby.

  • Are you *sure* you guys aren’t stoned? ‘Cause you always have those hand-me-the-Doritos grins in your pictures together.

  • oh, how i wish i were able to have a healthy friend-relationship with women. i’m almost 30 and i have no idea what it’s like to have a close girl friend.

    you’re lucky, heather 🙂

  • Twins!

  • If my teeth were that white, I’d try out for the Osmonds.


  • Jess again

    Note to self: beware that Google AutoFill thingy.

  • Now that’s a good, shiny haired friend! 🙂

  • Gretchen

    Great picture of great friends!

  • J. Canuck

    That is a lot of commitment!

  • band

    Le bon temps roule!

  • caryn

    cute. that is some commitment!

  • hahaha It’s smashing cute
    You both have wonderful smiles…. and u know…. clean hairs

  • Long time reader, just about first time commenter … blah, blah, blah. I’ve just never been so near to first before and I had to say something.

    You have a wonderful smile.

  • mcf

    Clean hair AND matching outfits!

  • Jessica Holden Sherwood

    Happy belated birthday to Leta, and to Dooce & DJ Blurb. It gets better from here, yeah yeah I know, you’ve heard it a thousand times.

    Oh, and nice picture — I wish I had such a good buddy near my house. Glad you do.

    Ditto Carolynne, except in the time I was typing I went from third to eighth (or more). Boo hoo.

  • kinda weirded out

    never been this close to first… so i just felt the need to say something… although in the time it has taken me to write this, probably 42 more people have commented… oh well. nice picture of good friends!
    keep on doocing!

  • Kellie

    You two wash up nice.

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