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Little Lady

  • Vanessa

    You’ve given birth to the most photogenic person on Earth.

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does a weird static electricity preventive dance. I feel like I belong now.

  • Sarah

    Darling picture! You should get her used to wearing barrettes so she won’t pull them out all the time. I loved it when my daughter was little and wore her hair up. She’s now almost 4 and is very tomboy-ish… she looks so sweet with her hair up because it’s totally not who she is. She hates princesses and adores robots. When she lets me do her hair, I just love it.

  • Melissa

    Already, there’s a lot going on behind those eyes. You can see it.

  • She’s really starting to look like a little kid now. (vs. baby) Except for those amazing smoochy cheeks. kisskisskiss

    Love todays post. You crack me up.

  • Leta is without a doubt going to be aknockout as she gets older. I know a lot of people say she looks like Jon but I think she’s looking more and more like Heather as she gets older. Great pic!

  • I HATE getting shocked so, so, so much. Whenever I come to a metal doorknob, I have to either pull my sleeve down over my hand and open the door with my sleeve, or if I’m wearing short sleeves I bump my hip against the door handle to discharge the static before I’ll touch it with my hand. I don’t even think about it but every so often someone will say Um, what the fuck was THAT?

    How they can just confidently walk up and grab the handle and accept their chances of being shocked is beyond me.

    I actually stopped shopping at one grocery store because the shopping carts shocked me every few minutes. Don’t the people who design those stores know about basic behavioral conditioning?

  • I always enjoy your posts but,
    ‘shocking revelations’ had me laughing out loud. THANKS.

  • yes I’m blonde

    As always, she is adorable!

    Just had to relate part of my date last night:

    Him(guitar player in jazz band): I don’t pick up women while I’m playing, I’m too constipated.

    Me: You said you’re too constipated?! *thinks* must tell Dooce!

    Him: No, no, I said CONCENTRATED!

    We decided that would be a good line for a song. That and “There’s a fine line between a g-string and a thong”. Don’t ask….

  • I can’t believe that I made it with so few comments posted…

    Another cute picture of leta burrita made from a dorita… I was to serbert those cheeks!

  • lady in red!

  • Hey Heather,
    In your post about being shocked at the grocery store…were you by any chance at Super Target? If so, that happens to me in all Super Targets. It’s very strange. The good news is, that our Super Target has recently done something to help. On some of the carts, at the front of the metal rack down at the bottom, they’ve installed a simple black rubber strip that drags along the floor as you walk. It keeps you grounded and prevents the electric shocks of death. So now everytime we go to S.T. I have to pick out a cart with the black rubber strip.

    Maybe your store has something similar?

  • That is so funny. When I put my kid sin those know the ones where two kids can sit next to each other facing the cart…then the baby goes into the front of the cart, whenever i use those I can shock the kids.


    So I just randomly shock theirs head or necks or whatever. So much fun. They DO however behave.

  • she is more than precious! i love that photo 🙂

  • poopydrawers

    boy, you have a personality like the pope. you just don’t stop

  • Little Lady in red is dancing with me…cheek to chubby cheek.

  • Toronto Mom

    I can on agree, for 1 year olds, it’s all about the sliced bread (with butter).
    Lovely eyes.

  • Look at those peepers

  • Oh my God she is so pretty… pretty BABy walking down the stree la la

  • SEK

    awww what a cutie pie.

  • Random

    Heather, I finally watched “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” the other night and found myself thinking, “wow, Kate Winslett truly looks like Heather Armstrong…hmm.” That’s when you know you’ve got a problem. This pic of Leta looks more like you…and therefore, Kate.

  • Look at how cute her hair is getting. I can’t imagine ANYONE mistaking her for a boy!

  • What a great picture on a dreary Sunday day (here). I have to go hug my dog now!

  • Little Leta is friggin adorable. I know the NYT thinks you’re self-absorbed for posting all these adorable pictures, but we’re obviously all dooce-absorbed too. So keep ’em coming!

  • Cannot escape the tractor beam that is Leta’s gaze.

    Resistance is futile.
    Must. . .be. . .assimilated.

  • Just beautiful! Happy belated birthday, Leta and keep going, Dooce & DJ Blurb. Y’all rock!

  • Man, I went from one to 30 before I could even type.

  • Mmmmm. Sliced bread.

  • Adrienne

    Look at those big eyes!! She’s too cute!

  • terimo

    I’m with Leta. Sliced bread with lots of butter. Yummy.

  • I love her hair too. She has such striking coloring. Everytime I get a bit anxious about motherhood being a reality in my life I remember the cuteness of Leta and other babies I know.

  • Yeah, Leta’s onto a good thing. Sliced bread with butter is where it’s at. I went indulgent-birthday-food shopping for myself, and realized what I really really wanted was realy good bread and really good butter. I know. Pretty out there, huh? Slow down, Lulu.

  • RazDreams

    p.s. at first, i thought jon had gone and done shaved his beard right off, but then i realized this is a shot of LETA, not jon, and then i saw the title, so it was confirmed that this isn’t, in fact, a picture of jon after all, even though it really does look like a picture of jon.

  • I love her shaggy hair.

  • Amy

    She’s got good taste. Sliced bread is awesome!
    Very cute pic 🙂

  • RazDreams

    God made babies so darned cute and snuggly and edible so we wouldn’t try to return them during the Screaming All The Time With The Screaming A Lot of Screaming and the Lack Of Sleep With The Nighttime Awakeness And Feedings And Diaper Changes. If they didn’t have marshmallow cheeks and legs, then we’d be sure to send them back to their Maker.

  • Still hard to believe it’s been a whole year – though in many ways it feels like a hundred years!

    Oh, and red is definately a good colour on Leta, better tan namby-pamby pastel pink.

  • Trisha

    What a great in the moment shot! Beth did a nice job and so did Leta.

  • Melissa

    Im picturing short choppy bangs.. but maybe thats just the old hairdresser hag in me….gorgeous!

  • Linda

    She is such a cutie with beautiful eyes!

  • Leta really does look a fair bit like GEORGE!, you know. She’s beautiful. 🙂

  • Goose

    Sliced bread is SO overrated.

  • e

    there’s nothing cuter than baby eyes and baby cheeks and, well, baby EVERYTHING!!

  • You have a wonderful daughter.

    You guys are obviously wonderful parents.

    Congratulations on a great life and great writing. 🙂

  • Wow, her eyes are so huge! Cute snap.

  • She is just so grown up looking. Age 1 suits her well.

  • Ada

    She really has your mouth, eh?

    What a sweet photo.

  • Sasha

    She’s so adorable!

  • Aw too cute. 🙂

  • pretty eyes

  • Em

    Sweet little baby!

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