An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

As you can see here clearly she inherited THE FOREHEAD

  • Ali


  • Dani

    And more proof that you do indeed sometimes dress Leta in pink…she’s beautiful.

  • sweet!

  • Super Leta! Up, up, & away!

  • Awww….too cute! I have boys, so there are no pig tails 🙁 She’s so darn cute!!

  • Of all of your Leta pictures, this has got to be the cutest!

  • I have one word for that picture:


  • dv

    she can fly!

  • Tabatha

    Oh my! Now I now why people do that! WOW!

    Leta is so cute I am positive she will make “the forehead” a great thing!

  • Veronica


  • High foreheads are a sign of intelligence. At least, that’s what my mother told me.

    What a pretty little girl.

  • Jamie

    Great pic!

  • Am I really first comment??? What a cool picture!!!

  • RachelLV

    great pic! first?

  • Creepy Susie

    Leta in the sky with pigtails!!

  • Dammit!

  • Joana


    Beautiful Leta!!

  • Tabatha


  • cute!

  • Susie


  • Bucky Four-Eyes: Maybe not, if we have a large supply of chocolate on hand.

  • Another Heather

    Way to go Leta! Cute pics today. I can’t wait until my 3 month old son gets to be mobile.

  • ShyFromNyc

    GO LETA GO!!!

  • Oh dude – you’re screwed.

    not really 😉

  • ok dooce, now you need to start selling posters–and this one needs to be the first. i would so pay for that poster hanging in my living room.

  • Bruno


  • Heather, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hehehehehe! Heeheeheeheehee!

    Sorry. What I meant to say was, congratulations!!!!

    Seriously, we all know your daughter is dropdead cute (just look at that pic up there) and we all know she’s smart as the dickens, and now we all know she’s a-movin’ and a-groovin’. Keep it up, Leta, you da girl. And your mom’s da verb.

  • poiuy

    I can’t stop myself from asking what is the big deal whether you people are FIRST in the comments, and why do they all have to start with that??? it kind of spoils it.

  • becaru

    Birthday, pigtails, crawling! I’m burning my eyes just watching you, Leta!

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    I am such a dork. I was so excited reading about Leta’s crawling accomplishment that I didn’t even notice the picture of her crawling! She looks so BIG! Look at her go! Before long, Chuck will be saying “Go, Leta, Go!”

  • LadyBug, do we need a tiny defibrillator for your heart?

  • Mari

    It’s so cool that we get to share this moment with you! Time to baby proof. 🙂

  • Cristin

    GO LETA GO! WOOT!!!!

  • MyChelle

    AND I am post 207 which is also the number of my parking space in the outer rings of Saturn (the office is on Mars, so it’s a ways away!)

  • Oh, dooce! Oh, Leta! How sweet and lovely and oh-so-very exciting! My heart just skipped three beats for you both!

  • kate in ohio

    Is it too weird that I am crying tears of happiness????


  • Dooce – Prepare for dirty-top-of-foot, which is much easier to clean than dirty-top-of-sock, but still pretty gross.

  • dooce, my question is this: Did you call Jon at work, and did he rush home to witness the phenomenon for himself?

  • MyChelle

    GReat picture of a crawl in motion on the main page. FIRST TO NOTICE IT!@!! 😉

  • 205 uh uh 205 uh uh 205 uh uh

  • Nicole

    It is no coincidence that she is surpassing Go Dog Go for Are you There God? It’s Me Margaret.

  • Joy

    she’s crawling! I’m gonna wept now!

  • YEA!! The child moves! Life as you know it will begin to crumble and create something new. Congratulations on this magnificent milestone.

  • Woo-hoo! Go Leta! Now the real fun begins!

  • el

    The crawling begins!
    Well…goodbye Heather. It was fun while it lasted. I hope you pick up writing again in a few years when Leta starts Kindergarten.
    Hee heeee!

  • GO LETA GO!!! 🙂

  • Dang! How do I get a Dooce mailbox like that?! Cool! Dang? Dang? Are you there? Pick up… I know you’re there…

  • Fantastic picture!!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Your life, as you knew it, is now over.

    You will spend the next four years bent over chasing her around. Everywhere you go. After that you can straighten up again.

  • magdala

    Am I the only person who thinks that the thumbnail was chosen specifically for it’s pretty pink resemblance to other pretty pink parts? Perhaps I am just obsessed.

    At any rate the munchkin is preciossssss.

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