An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

As you can see here clearly she inherited THE FOREHEAD

  • Oh yippy for Leta!!! Good job girlfriend!

    and I love todays photo!!

  • Maeby

    i have a big forehead…but i think i have ADD. But Leta’s adorable, so there is hope for her yet!

  • Hello,

    You have reached the Dooce mail box of Dang Cold.. I am currently unavailable with limited access to but your message is important. I will respond as soon as possible and I look forward to speaking with you upon my return.

    Thanks and make it a great day!


  • cupcake

    Little Leta, you so cute…

  • That has got to be one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen. I love it!!

  • ashik

    Dang Cold’s authority is impressive and speaks of a large forehead gene.
    You are biologically desirable, fer sur.

  • Annejelynn

    Go Leta! Go Letaaahh! Go Leta!

  • Annejelynn

    With that top and centered pigtail, she reminds me of a, um, what are they called? ahhh…a Teletubby!

  • Let the fun of a mobile baby begin!

  • ohhh She’s moblie! Ha! Now the fun begins. he he he

  • Chuck, run for your life. Your sister is mobile and can now hunt you down and GRAB YOUR EARS AND TAIL. Run, Chuck, run!

    And congrats on the little mobile one, Heather and Jon. The place *is* babyproofed, right?

  • Libraryhill

    Wow, Dang Cold. How does it feel to be an even number? Inquiring minds…

  • heather m

    thank God for bangs, eh?

    love the photo, altho i’ve seen too many instances where holding baby up ends up in a frightening case of projectile vomit on one’s face…

  • Libraryhill

    You go, Gordon! Congrats! 😛

  • What a great picture. Thank for the morning smile

  • cat

    It’s called a FIVEHEAD, sillies.
    Embrace it. She’s a beauty.

  • GREAT background.

    and i think i want that onesie. it looks sooooooft.

  • beachgal

    erm, beachgall? wtf? I need a nap.

  • Oh my freakin gawd! That is such a cute picture! I am so jealous that you can put her hair in a ponytail!!!!!

  • What a wonderful picture. That one needs to be blown up and put in a walkway or in her room.


  • Fish & Matt in Longdon

    I was thinking more the crouching tiger, hidden leta concept myself.

  • MyChelle

    sorry part-timer aka Carol – I get it now! the intro to the movie version of Garp with the baby floating in the sky and Beatles on the soundtrack. Sorry I cranked on ya.

  • Poor LadyBug. We’ve all got new hankies for you when that one gets snot-filled.

  • Longdon?? Geez

  • Hey Akira, I found you an eighth samurai for your little film project…

  • Dooce – Is it that my daughter’s hair is uncooperative? I can’t get her hair into ponytails without almost thoroughly wetting it down first. Pretty much every picture I take of her with pigtails, you can tell her hair is all wet, and then it’s an absolute FRIGHT when she pulls out the elastic (which she loves to do in public). What gives?

  • *sniff*
    Thank you, Bucky Four-Eyes.
    And chocolate, too? Yes?

  • Andrea in Canada

    Leta! How completely adorably cute that picture is! Love the pigtails too. WE LOVE LETA!

    DANG COLD…LOL at your comment about testing the emergency doocecast system!

    Did everyone have a good valentine’s day? We sure did. Wine, crab, music and more. 😉 My mother in law took the kids from 4 till 8pm and we had 4hrs to ourselves in our own house! wow! That’s a FIRST in a long long time!

  • Cristin

    Closet Metro said at 08:02AM, 02.15.2005:
    If high foreheads are a sign of intelligence, I must be getting smarter every day.
    Amanda B. said at 08:05AM, 02.15.2005:
    Holy Crap she’s cute. Ow ow ow ow ow ow.
    bwah hah hah

    She is unbelievaly adorable. Make that one into postcards for the fambly.

    p.s., I also have THE FOREHEAD. I have never had the guts to grow the bangs in.

  • “I believe I can fly…”

  • This make a fantastic desktop background.

  • Andrea in Canada

    My 4yr old says: “OHHHHH LETA, she’s silly isn’t she! She looks like a pink teletubby!”

  • Squish

    Wow! Is that really the sky? What a surreal looking photograph.

    I love it. Leta reminds me of Cindy Lou Who, from the Grinch that stole Christmas. Very cute.

  • U.B.

    I myself have a five-head (more skin acreage than a forehead).

    *MOVING?!* Can’t WAIT to see the pix of mobile Leta.

    A happy valentine indeed!

  • Someday, she is going to kick your ass for that hair-do. And rightly so.

  • A MOVING LETA!!!! WOO! We can’t wait for updates!!!!

  • Marie

    Dang Cold–it’s slow for me too!

    I KNOW that I would’ve had the first comment if it weren’t for the technical difficulties!

    (yeah, that’s it!)

  • I have GOT to put my babies hair up like that!!! That is way too funny!!!!!

    Love her sweater, too!

  • Moving how?? Forwards? Backwards? Cruising? How cool! Go Leta Go!

  • YAY! Go go go go go go Leta!

  • GMM

    She’s looking more like a little girl than a baby! So precious.

  • Moving about the room today. . .
    Stealing the car tomorrow.

    You lucky, lucky parents. 😉

  • Ryan

    YIPPPEEEEE! Let the games begin. Go ! Leta! Go!

  • great photo, as always. 🙂
    congrats to leta on discovering auto-mobility !

  • i love little girls with the Water Spout hair’do.

  • beachgal

    Yay LETA!! Go Leta Go!!!! What’s next, potty training?!?! (kidding)

  • Mobile Leta???

    Woooo Hooooo; oh happy day!!!!!

  • yes I’m blonde

    Go, Leta, Go!!! Ah, the fun has just begun, Heather!

  • this is an absolutely gorgeous shot! perfect blue sky, white puffy clouds, beautiful child. what did you have your D70 set at and what lens were you using? this is a technically great shot! excellent!

  • mg2

    go, baby, go! All aboard the L-train!

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