An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

The dude with the glasses ripped it on the slopes

  • wow. top ten i think. didn’t even realize that mattered to me.

  • AMEN to NO MORE high cost of formula, yes, whole milk rocks!

  • jac

    I like snow. That’s because it’s summer where I am. I like OTHER people having snow.

  • Sarah

    Oooooo I’m jealous. We’re slugging through humid summer days here in Australia.

  • kitten

    can’t believe I care, but first?

  • Hmmm…fresh powder. Second?

  • Rob from London

    Just because I’m (hopefully) in the top 10. I’m a HUGE fan of Dooce, and read it religiously every day, just like the rest of you. It’s snowing here today too!

  • diippi

    You bet ! or as we call it here in india ‘paapi pet’ i.e evil stomach … hehe

  • ::chuckle:: I don’t think it’s evil, diippi … just a little *too* happy. But thanks for your concern.

  • Then, of course, actual work cropped up to keep me busy and away from the fabulous world of commenting on for over an hour. Ah, the things we have to put up with for money.

  • Hey, there diippi! Yeah, was hoping the late-night (for me) crew would be around to help keep me awake!

  • Sounds like blog budding behavior!

  • diippi

    hi Peter..
    seems you were waiting for me 😉 (read on your blog)

  • Mama

    Wait, there’s no Santa Claus????

  • It’s snowing in Oxford, yay!

  • Leon

    Sorry, a quick note;


    Because as you know up until now Leta has been using her eyelashes to maim helpless kittens and key expensive sports cars

    ….genius Dooce, really good funny times

    Thanks again and keep it up

  • No hard feelings Jason. I, too, am one sarcastic bastard.

  • No hard feelings saralynnmo? I was just joshin with ya, it was too obvious to resist. I was born in Tulsa, now in Luxembourg. Enjoy Oxford.

  • Mama


    As we prepare for the final episode of “Project Runway”, could you please offer your take on why this show is so great?

    And who do you think will win?


  • Hey…I almost want to go snowboarding now. Very funny post.

    A little link for Jon…hee hee hee

  • Cool. even if it’s not snowing here, i get to see pictures of snow 🙂

  • There is no snow in Washington this year. All of us up here are jealous.

  • fuck you are a fantastic writer.

  • Leon

    I hope you get Leta reading soon. You’re going to need all the reviewing help you can get if your comment sections continue to explode like they have over the last couple of months.

    I mean the way your blog begets smaller and often unrelated blogs within blogs within blogs. The comment sections reproduce faster than rabbits.

    Dooce – The Biggest and Baddest Blog Banyan Tree on the Internet

  • Whoop, whoop! Welcome to your newest addiction. I’m only sorry because it means you’ll update less when it’s snowing…

  • bean

    for those interested in the great soy debate, here’s a good article:

    mothering. not just for moms. a great mag.

    as for the boarding? i tooootally get that feeling of finally getting down that hill. sore face. sore ass. elbows broken. all that and a smile. must board again soon.

  • Oh, man … where’s my late-night dooce crew? Help, help! We’re bored here at work!

  • Forget Mandas shirt, did you see the rock on her hand. MMHMM

  • Chloe, If ass photos are wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  • She said no comments? When?

  • in every way try to please HIM…

    wow cool. I tried skiing once but then I decided that skiing is not a sport that a totally non-athletic girl from the south should attempt to take up at the age of 36.

    Glad you caught the buzz. Especially if you’re gonna live out west.

    Me, I just hung out in the lodge drinking hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps.

  • How wrong is it that I want to be one of the many that now floods dooce’s inbox with ass photos? It would be clothed. I promise.

    Amanda B.– you so funny! And I like the pockets on your jeans. And the cuffs on your shirt.

    Dude in the picture is cold– look at how red he is! I went skiing once when I was, like, 12. The highlight was the ski lodge’s hot cocoa.

  • Mrs.Strizzay, are you rhyming?

  • Girl.A – You remind me. Dude painted a wall at my office, then put a sign up that read, “No Tuche! Wet paint!!”

  • Wax on, whack off.

  • Michelle Brady

    Oh, the snowboarding entry!

    I totally imagined myself telling some snotty little 5-year-olds there is no Santa Claus so SUCK IT, and I laughed out loud more times than I know how to count. Wow. Just an awesome entry.

  • Renae

    Okay, so I promised myself I wouldn’t ever comment in your picture entry about your written entry, because well, you said NO COMMENTS. But, um…you just made me want to snowboard even though I am fucking TERRIFIED of it, because I KNOW I would die.
    Rock on!

  • macaroon

  • …and I quote the aforementioned maroon:

    “Well, I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of your site. But after today I dont think I can visit again. I appreciate your bluntness but the booger thing was way for than I can handle. Thanks for the laughs.”

  • Dr Fever,
    I would reply to your reader:
    ” Touche. “

  • pantaloon

  • Girl A…keep your dirty little hands to yourself young lady!!!

  • Dr. J – Booger talk offended her more than the language?

    Maybe she had some traumatic event in her life involving boogers, like an older brother who would pick them and make her eat them.

    I’m just saying.

  • Do you think she was being facetious?

  • That’s the funny part, Cathi. She doesn’t mind the language and the puke and the poop and the whole, undigested cranberries in my daughter’s diapers, but the boogers are over the line. What a maroon.

  • Strizz- You can send your pic to and she’ll get it. She’s still working out the bugs on the how and whens, they are throwing ideas around over at

    I’m pretty sure this week is full, but if you send your pic to her, she’ll let you know when it will be posted.

    Otherwise we are posting like everyone did last week on our personal web sites too, but on Thursday.

  • Speaking of getting ripped, a new but regular visitor to my site wrote me today to say that she wouldn’t be visiting anymore because I talked about boogers today.

  • Dr. Johnny – I will stop visiting your site if you stop talking about boogers.

    You can’t please everybody.

  • Dr. J —

    Booger talk is a stepping stone on the path to moral decay, son.
    First comes the boogers, then the poop worms its way in, and pretty soon it’s all Diva Cups and blumpkins.

    It’s slipperier than Courtney Love’s vaginal ski slope.

  • If I stop talking about boogers, what else is there to discuss? Snot is my life.

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