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  • Kate

    I need to have a talk with God.
    NOT only can you write perfectly but you are also a photoshop goddess?
    This is so not fair.
    Does anyone have God’s cell phone number?

  • I saw that same moon. I love living on a planet with other people who see the same moon even though they live miles away. So neat, Earth.

  • today’s comments are booooooooring! What, are we gonna sit around, yapping about the pictures all day, or is someone going to start talking about porn? Do I have to be the first?

    “Come on guys, let’s go watch some gay porn and get our hate back.” -Derek Blank

  • Henrykm

    Bugger, another Monday begins!!!! 🙁

  • squish

    Anna, I’ve been a member of 3 different denominations. In case your priest is wrong, I’m covering all my bases. =)

  • jen

    my moment of zen. thank you.

  • Pretty mountains! ^_^ I only wish that our mountains got snow. Appalachians suck.

  • That is very lovely. I want some mountains. 🙁

  • squish + ern, i went to church!

    the priest pointed out how wrong it is to assume that people who don’t share your exact denomination are going to hell, because no matter who is concerned, we’re all children of the same Creator.

    i’m greek orthodox, and it’s a fairly strict, old-skool church, so it was awesome to hear our cantankerous priest sound so loving.

    now, to tie it all up with a bow, when i see pictures like today’s, i.e. wide, expansive, haunting shots of the sky, i always think about how someone loving’s up there amid all the majesty. thanks dooce. perfect timing. 🙂

  • MamaPajama

    We have gone an entire week with NO PICTURES OF LETA. This must be corrected immediately. The scenery is goreous, Chuck is the DOG but I need a Leta fix and soon.

  • Gorgeaus gorgeaus gorgeaus!

  • Jax

    It’s a gorgeous picture Heather.

    I appreciate that you actually take the time to take the picture so that the beauty can be shared. It makes me feel a wee bit selfish that I don’t do the same when I come across an awe inspiring moment.

  • I love the blue! I especially like it right where the sky touches the mountains, where it’s all cloudy, and then the mountains are snowy.

    Very pretty.

  • What is with all the sky shots! They arent cool I want to see funny stuff like chucks balls.

  • Wow, it’s so quiet in here today! Maybe the lovely sky is, like, calmin’ people down and shit? Who knows. All I know is TOP 100! Woot!

  • Ern said “off-hand”

  • Bodnoirbabe

    “The sky is the color of blue you’ve never even seen in the eyes of your lover…..”

  • squish

    78 comments on a Sunday morning?OMG! Why aren’t you people in church? =) Everyone’s Jewish, right? I thought so.

    Dooce, I thought that was a UFO.

  • Ern

    Actually, I WAS in church today. But the pastor made an off-hand reference to A1 sauce, and it was ALL I COULD DO not to laugh hysterically! Just had to share that. Thanks, Dooce!

  • a mom with grown up kids

    I tell you, Heather.
    I think I am going into Leta withdrawal!
    Where are all the pictures of those irresistable cheeks?

  • Great colors in this photo, did you use any special photoshop effects?

  • That does look like the colour of the Ocean. Nice.

  • Karen


  • Michelle Brady

    Oh man… that’s effing gorgeous. I always love your pictures!

  • Ooo. I wanna swim in water the color of that sky.

  • southern fried girl

    Such beautiful pictures two days in a row. Good job, Heather. 🙂

  • I am breathing the fresh air through my computer monitor…ahhhh!

  • Em

    The moon has been so pretty lately. Last night it came up, so big and orange behind my house – I thought “what IS that?”

    Anyway, LOVELY photo as usual.

  • I love it when the moon can be seen during daylight.

  • thanks niffer. if you don’t mind a little sea sickness (ok a LOT of sea sickness) it’s sooooooo worth the trip.

    it’s still raining in ushuaia. dammit, i wish my parka didn’t smell like penguin shit.

  • it looks cold!

    but congrats on managing a photo where the wires don’t wreck the view. Mine usually look like my lens had hair across it or something.

  • Our nights have been cold and clear here for a couple weeks and each night the moon rises right over the Cascades it’s this jaundiced color from all the pollution. A cool look, but sad for us air breathers, you know?

  • WOW stunning photo. It looks beautifully quiet and clean there…

  • OregonKim

    Wow, my first impression was that it looks very cold there.

    My second was “I wonder if Chuck wears a coat,” you know like those little yapper dogs do.

    Hey give me a break, I just woke up, LOL. Good shot as always
    sister Dooce.

  • Niffer I want to go to Brazil.

  • perfectly winter. . .makes me feel cold and awestruck at the same time.
    Love your site (it’s how I start every morning online). . .

  • nika


  • believe it or not, that’s almost exactly the view i see every time i leave my apartment. different mountains, but almost exactly the same view. isn’t it beautiful? i’ve been living in my apartment for a year, and i still haven’t gotten bored with the view.

  • Beautiful. But you, Heather, need to get more sleep. It’s Sunday for crying out loud.

  • Hey, thanks Lauren! Really glad you liked. 🙂

  • Fore!

  • Beautiful sky, beautiful shot. Makes me wish I were out west again. Thanks!

  • AndiMAC

    WOW, I made it before comment 600 today! Great pic girl. I love seeing the snow topped mountains.

  • Yeah, I am liking the more reasonable pace of the commenting this weekend.

    And my kids like it too. They see more of me when I am not obsessed with staring at the computer and trying to follow wacky conversation threads.

    Happy Sunday, all!

  • The colors in that picture are amazing! I see the moon and the moon sees me…..

  • No wonder there’s so much religion in Utah. That beauty is inpiring.


  • Reminds me of the color of my toilet bowl cleaner…..

    Which, incidentally, is a colour I really do enjoy.

  • I’m laughing, CanadianAmy! I had the same thought ..

    This morning I have enjoyed Dooce’s photos, Jimbo’s and Caroline’s. Thanks everyone!

  • What a beautiful blue!

  • first time commenter!!

    very lovely.

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