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The Master and his little Grasshopper

  • Kerry from the T.O

    Awesome pic, makes me wish I had gone skiing this yeah!

    Leta is growing up so fast…her new pics are adorable and I have to say, she is starting to look more like a little girl than a baby!

  • there is nothing i would like better than to be skiing out west with my husband. you two look great.

  • TexaRican


    Sorostitutes? LOL, you just made me snarf my coffee!

  • Cheryl

    WOW! WOW! WOW! What a beautiful picture of you guys… now that’s a picture Leta can put up in her college dorm room and be like, “Yes, my parents are the coolest EVER.”

  • ap

    Heather – I don’t have kids, don’t want kids, but I read your (essentially a) love letter to Leta and I actually cried. That was absolutely lovely.

  • Oh, dude was gay waaaay before my ta ta ambushed him. Dude used to wear plastic bouffant wigs in kindergarten and in about 2nd grade, wanted to play a game where I was the burglar and he was the lonely housewife. In 2nd fucking grade! So, I don’t think we can blame my evil bosom for this one.

    Spoon — my high school heaving bosom was spectacular. I just wasn’t smart enough at the time to use it to my advantage. Never knew the power of cleavage until years later!

  • Look at you two on top of the world up there!

  • Mo

    awww….you look cute as a snow bunny!

    (and that beard really is authoritative!)

  • Am I the only one who cares that you took “the camera” up a hill and let someone else use it? What if something had happened???

  • I can never keep it straight what day is what. I know Thursdays are self-portrait day, but which day is Ta-Tas day?
    In any case, I’ve finally broken down and posted my own ta-tas on my blog. Just so you can see why a one-piece couldn’t contain me.

  • Such a happy picture of a happy couple, but after all these skiing pics, I feel like you guys must be realy cold – would you like some hot chocolate?

  • B4E – That picture is scandalous.

  • Yes B4E, very sexy baby you are.

  • You guys are just too cute together. And thanks for the adorable Leta pics. I’ve been missing those.

  • Very nice pic, wonderful newsletter. Love to the Armstrongs!

  • You guys are too cute!

    Where are the pictures of the Frog Princess?

    I’m having withdrawls!

  • and which is which???

  • Now that’s one for my wallet.

  • That is the most adorable picture ever.

  • What was the joke? Wonderful Dooce is smiling :)))

  • I’m Heather B. Armstrong.

    This is my mountain.

  • I’m now wondering. . .
    On “Kung Fu” did Master and Grasshopper ever convene the procedure?

    “You have chosen *wisely* Grasshopper.”

  • Pixie

    Aww, color-coordinated!

  • wn

    oohh…ahh…check the mountains the background. Looks like heaven to me!

    Cute picture!

  • Loque

    This place is great for task evasion.

  • What a great picture of the two of you! Jon looking all confident and Heather looking like she’s not sure about this whole snowboarding thing, but both smiling, in love and having fun.

    If I may quote here, “Doesn’t this just make your heart sing?”

  • Susie

    Oh, Bucky. You had to go there. OK, then what did “SNATCH the pebble from my hand” mean?

  • Seriously – it looks like you propped Leta up on a stool, strapped a Halloween beard on her, capped it off wtih a ski cap and some goggles, and snapped. I come from a family where all the babies look like us, so it’s a marvel to see how much a baby can actually look like the baby daddy.

  • You two look really happy.

    Although you kinda look like your sore. lol

  • Kristen said at 05:08AM, 03.03.2005:
    It almost looks like his lift-tag on his jacket is a microphone & he is interviewing you.
    Yeah, I have a vivid imagination.
    Wow, I just hope he doesn’t ask her if she was fired for her blog, and if she thought that was fair and what she’s doing now…

  • Steal the snowboard from my feet and you will be a true master.

  • Awesome picture. You guys look so happy together.

    Although, with the goggles on the head, there’s more of a FLY vibe than a grasshopper vibe, really.

  • You gave up the secret about little girls’ tendency to do the humpty dance on the carpet? How. could. you?

  • melanie (#66): um, check out the main page today ( there’s, like, four pix of leta. it’s nice to see this lovely photo of heather and jon on here.

  • That picture is awesome, Heather. Jon looks as though he is about to burst from excitement from the sheer joy of standing next to such a beautiful woman, and you just look, well, relaxed! And so happy! Snowboarding does wonders for the soul.

    And Leta, precious Leta! What can I say? Her pictures and your beautiful words about your baby just made my morning. I know we have all been bitching and moaning for pictures of the frog, so this was definitely an overdose! I don’t know if I can take that much cuteness in one shot! She has really become a beautiful little lady, and she’s starting to look more and more like her mama! (Although you can’t deny that her daddy is Scrumptious Bearded!)

    Thanks Heather!

  • Circus Kelli (post 80) – At least he’s been to the site before.

  • Pai Mei

    Was this before or after you taught her the five fingered exploding heart technique, Blurbo-sahn?

  • Ok enough with the cute snow bunny/winter crap! I want to see pictures of the baby or the dog!

  • (does *no one* read the main page here anymore? i know reporters avoid the site, but the daily photo commenters too?)

  • red

    you guys are cute together….i want to know how tall you are.

  • Why do people seem to be disregarding the main page? There are like five pictures of the frog baby there. I know the comments section is great, but I never miss the main page!

  • I believe she is 5’11”, Red. Like me! Tall chicks rock!

  • That is definitely a picture for the mantle.

    Great picture!

  • becaru

    You two sure are a cute couple. Thx for the new pix of Leta, Dooce. I was in SUCH withdrawal. My husband keeps saying, “But you don’t actually KNOW these people!”
    What does he know?

  • Heather B. Armstrong…

    Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes on a regular basis. Despite popular opinion, that is a very good thing.

  • Chris From Ohio #80 — Good point. 🙂

  • Doh — make that #86, Chris. Sorry. My eyeballs aren’t quite working properly yet this morning. I think one of them is still sleeping.

  • LETA!! You are even more beautiful at a year and one-twelfth than you’ve ever been before. And your mommy and daddy look so happy. And tomorrow is Chuck Friday. Life is good!

  • That my dear is a beautiful picture and the place you were at is very scenic. Wish I was there.

  • Heather,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful newsletter with us. Leta is such a cute and lucky girl!

    Today’s picture of you and Jon truly shows your love for each other – it jumps out of the screen how much you are in love!

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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