An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • Henryk_

    Who the poor bugger thats got to go and get the plunger and unclog it all??!!

  • Henryk_

    ok, ok, don’t all volunteer all at once!

  • Harry

    the silence was deafening. Almost 11:30 Sun….time to rest the head!

  • I don’t mean to be judgemental here, but there’s only *one* activity I can think of that causes that amount of hair to grow from one’s palms.

    For shame, Jon. Better check your eyesight while you’re at it.

  • R

    Holy Chewbacka!

  • Ewww…

  • p-hawk

    As a bald man, I must protest this bold display of casualness toward hair. Hair is a resource that must be protected, not flung aside like a condom wrapper.

  • haha, p-hawk!

    everyone loves a baldy. 😉

  • k (a pseudonym to protect the innocent)

    tangent jump:
    just read on another blog *”ten things I’ve done that you probably havent”* – I thought it would make a great topic for this gang.

    Here are mine:

    1- fallen UP a flight of stairs without spilling my drink.
    2- drove 25 hours listening to the entire Ring cycle and didnt kill anyone
    3- lost my virginity to identical twins (one gentleman had an appendectomy scar, otherwise, IDENTICAL)
    4- played out a real-life version of COPS in San Diego when my cop roommate (dressed in leather pants, no shoes and no shirt) stops the car in the middle of the street, grabs a gun and gives me the handcuffs as we run down the street after some criminal he knew. (side note – we were on our way home from the bar where he was just voted “Gay Man of the Year” – I was the only woman in there)
    5- I’ve sat in Placido Domingos kitchen chatting with his wife as she cooks a group of 6 of us dinner.
    6- I have lived in every state of the US except for 5 of them.
    7- once I traveled to Virginia to work for 3 months and on a night off, went to see a show. At the bar, 5 of us women were waiting for drinks and idly chatting – in the ensuing conversation we figured out that we all had slept with the same man.
    8- Drove 17 hours with a singer and only played The Smiths and Morrissey for the entire trip – we sang along to every song, harmonizing in 3rds and 5ths.
    9- have lived 40+ years without ever hearing the words “you are pretty/beautiful”
    10- have changed a car tire in high heels.

  • k:
    First, just because it’s about damned time, and because even if it’s not true right this moment, it has been true at some point, and will be again: You are beautiful.

    Now, I may not really want to know the answer to this but how is #3 possible? I mean, the actual event of the “loss” can only happen once, unless . . .

  • Im picturing a bald Jon as the new,caucasion Isaac Hayes.

    Jon Armstrong: LDS’s White Moses of Soul.

  • Whooooah! I hope he hasn’t lost ALL his geek powers after this!

  • Jon looked better clean-shaven, no question.

  • k

    susie – do you REALLY want the details? and just so we stay somewhat on topic for the pic – does this mean Jon shaved his beard too?

  • Maybe not, k; I’m a leetl skirred.

  • Was that formerly a gerbil?

  • if that is heathers hair, why is there a male looking hand playing with it? I think it is not her hair.
    we just have to wait and see.

  • Looks like Sasquatch trimmed his pubes in your bathroom.

  • Samson, shorn

    Will the next picture be of Dooce gluing it back on?

    I wonder if wine had something to do with this..

  • DJF, let me be the first to say .. eeeewwww!


  • MamaPajama

    I hope that’s Jon’s hair or beard. I don’t think Heather cuts her own hair.

  • Poor Chuck. You went and shaved off all his hair didn’t you? I can’t wait to hear what Mouse has to say about this.

    Virry min.

  • cmj

    That *has* to be the beard, doesn’t it? No, after looking again it doesn’t appear to be the right texture for facial hair. I hope we get to see the “after” photo soon. Oh, the suspense…the suspense!

  • dänika

    Halt! Is that Moveable Type hair I spy?

  • A poem:

    Men always have the beautiful hair. And it’s not fair.

    (Give me a break – I just woke up.)

  • Wow, did Jon shave his melon? Sweet.

  • LeChico

    SPRING’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!
    welcome back clean shaven jon!

  • You could make a nice hairpiece for the Chuckster with that; Mouse would be so jelis.

  • That much hair in a sink freaks me out. Get out the Swiffer.

  • Jon,

    My dad scared the beejesus out of me once when I was kid. I was a latch key kid and one day when I got home, some dude was laying on the floor watching tv in is skiveys. Turns out it was my dad. He had a full beard for 2 years and one day decided to cut it off and get a hair cut. He had parked his truck in the back so I had no idea that he was home. I was afraid to go in the house, because I saw him thru the window before I opened the door.

    how did leta take it???

  • Seeing all that hair makes me wanna cough. Now I feel all itchy. Damn – gotta go take a shower now.

    Thanks Dooce.


  • I have straight pubic hair. Really.

  • GK

    That’s more than beard shavings! So I guess Jon lost a bet?

  • heather-
    please dont’ post things like this again. i’m totally freaked out. all that hair makes me shudder. i don’t know why, but now i’m scared.

  • All I know is that I hope that came from his head.

  • Andrea in Canada

    Chuck (my husband, not our favorite doggie) and I are trying and trying to figure this out…too much to be a beard we thought…definitely not hair from Leta…Heather, did you go short?

  • Is Jon going for the Michael Stipe look? Ooooo, he’s going to be chilly.
    I don’t get so freaked by the long hair in the sink as I do the short little dirty-looking hairdust caked with toothpaste.

    Or that scary shitmist.

  • very funny kerry (#10)! good thing he’s an ex! torrey (#83) – tmi!

  • That is totally head hair.

    All I know is I hope he shaved off his stache and kept the beard, thats oh so St.Pattys day.

  • Stacey

    Just when Leta started gettin hair… lol

  • Maybe someones butt got shaved.

    Poor chuck

  • Em

    So is he bald with the scrumptious beard now? He must look interesting.

  • Colleen (#88), have you been in my bathroom? OK, I’m gonna go clean it now …

  • K,

    Five things I’ve done that you probably haven’t:

    1. Grew up in a third world country (till age of 17) completely biligual in English and Spanish, without hot water or air conditioning or a dishwasher or a disposal. We did have a maid, though. And cable.
    2. Experienced the joys of teargas at the tender age of 9.
    3. Smoked pot about fifteen times throughout my life. Didn’t get high once. Finally I ate it at the age of 27, and I now know what the big deal is.
    4. Defeathered, cleaned, cooked, and ate a bird my cat caught once. It seemed like a waste not to at the time. In case you’re wondering, it was too dry.
    5. Landed a plane.

    I can’t think of more than that, though I’m sure there are more. It’s just too damn early right now. Thanks, K, for the idea.

  • -n

    Could it be George!’s hair?

  • AndiMAC

    I have a great product for stopped up sinks thats especially for hair clogs. I got it at home depot I think.

  • LordGoon

    How very appealing. And just before I was about to eat lunch. Perhaps your next photograph could be of a recently spotted piece of roadkill, or a bodily excrescence or two?

  • That looks like the amount of hair we cut off Mooshu Mooshu Monkey Dog when she’s about due. But that’s not Chuck fuzz.

  • Michelle Brady

    I seem to remember one of Heather’s friends having a dog named Samson. I don’t think there’s any secret meaning behind “Samson, Shorn.” I think it just means Samson the Dog got shaved.

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