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Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz, if that ain’t love then tell me what is

  • Narcissa

    Long time reader – first time poster. He looked so cute I thought it warranted a comment.

  • Whoah! I’m flicking back and forth between the photos, and Leta looks just like her dad! Maybe you knew that.

  • Wow! Scrumptious, bearded or not.

    You are one lucky lady Dooce.

  • Wow, how wonderful!

  • He reminds me of Jason Lee…

  • Jimmie


  • Lookin’ good, Jon!

    I had my first Dooce dream last night! I showed up at your house (you lived in my town) and played with Leta and talked to you about dogs and stuff. And then one of my shelter dogs showed up and you adopted her!

  • Finally, a Leta picture!! Ooooh she looks so gorgeous in that yellow… oh wait.

  • KellyH

    Scrumptious newly shorn and shaven Jon! I knew it was his hair in the sink!

  • lisa

    That is my favorite CD (at the moment).
    God Love Loretta!

  • hannah

    and the mystery is solved. in a scrumptious way.
    and on a sidenote: i love that song!

  • um, who is Jason Lee?
    Yep – Jon is hot – does he have a brother who is single?

  • Gin Fizz sounds heavenly right now…

  • makes me want to buy a better camera. why is it that I think I’ll be a better photographer if I have Dooce’s camera? You should ask Nikon for an endorsement deal.

  • Boy do I love sloe gin fizz. I KNEW it was the beard! Lookin’ good, Jon.

  • Sloe gin fizz. . .way more fun goin’ down than it is comin’ back up at high speed.

  • *Coskel…um, yeah,I guess it’s one of those resemblances that only happen in your mind because once you actually see a picture, it kind of goes away…anywho:

  • loop

    Love == Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by removal of the patient from the influences under which incurred the disorder.

    If you feel in ‘Love’ then you need ‘Help’

    If its not ‘Love’ then its ‘Lust’

  • GK


  • I guess this means he’ll have to tickle your thighs manually from now on.

  • you mum

    He looks a bit retarded.
    Yup dribble on the hand.

  • bin

    I need Leta pictures!!! PLEASE

  • TexaRican

    Aha! Mystery solved.

    Morning all!

  • A man’s hands say it all, and Jon has nice hands. And he’s frickin’ adorable to boot!

  • southern fried girl

    Wow, he looks great. Love the new look. 🙂

  • jp

    There is nothing better than a spring shave, and a clean shaven face to see off in the morning!

  • Great picture!

    It reminds me of this picture of a guy I used to babysit for. He had the picture of himself, in a TUX, with the same pose Jon has except he was staring into the camera smiling.

    Kinda like “Look! It’s me and I’m wonderful!”

    And it was this BIG 8×10 with an elaborate frame, and then I noticed there was NO family picture to be found at all.

    really weird. They got divorced not too soon after that.

  • shelly

    Heather, did you guys have to evacuate yesterday?

  • observant

    Guys, that’s not beard hair in the sink, it’s hair hair. Look back about three pictures. That’s way too much hair to be that beard. Doy.

  • amy

    Jon is one handsome fella. I don’t think there is a bad pic of the man.

  • Michelle Brady

    Wow, now I feel like a jackass… “Samson the Dog”…

    Durrr, Michelle.

    He looks fabulous!

  • shelly, are you asking Heather about pooping, so early on a Monday morning?

  • i could for a sloeginfizz about now. i know it is before 9am, but uh yaaaaaaaaah.

  • Hmm…just where did I leave those crackers?

  • Just a thought on categories here… ‘How to Annoy Me’ sounds to me like a good thing to index.

    At least ‘Lee-Go’ is getting the whole discovery thing out of the way early. Fortunately for you, girls seem to ‘get over it’ loooong before boys do. For boys it’s one of the top discoveries of their lives, right up there with the TV remote control.

  • Libraryhill

    Scrumptious Beardless!!!

  • Cheryl

    Jon is one of those men who look beautiful at all times. How I wish I had one of those.

  • Laura

    the result of your AP phone interview last week, perhaps?

    (sorry for the long url)

  • dänika

    H-O-T. You’re one luuucky woman, Heather.

  • What a hottie. That makes up for that creepy hair pic for sure!

  • red

    WOW, he’s so handsome. i love the beard look, but a nice clean shaven man is always sexy.

  • You’re husband is so hot. Not as hot as Mr. Holyschmidt, but he’s hot.

    He looks great with the fresh lawn mowing.

  • Check out the Utah Hottie…well done.

  • See, again, I’m getting Kevin Spacey here. Which is not a bad thing at all.

    My DH is not allowed to shave his beard, ever. He is scary without it. And they’re not scratchy when they’ve grown out a little.

  • hola. i´m in uruguay.

    now there´s a sentence i never thought i would write.

    i just had to remove a beard too. i´m betting jon had clippers and didn´t have to use two mach 3 blades and the scissors of a leatherman.

    heh. if i was really mighty i would just have used the leatherman.

  • Don’t bogart that

    What could he be thinking about? Appleonia? When Doves Fly? 1999?

  • p-hawk

    I remember one comment about Jon ages ago which sparked a debate as to whether or not he looked like Luke from the Gilmore Girls. Well, in this shot he looks more like Jackson. Just saying.

  • The beardless wonder!! Looks nice!

  • Dooce made it to my local paper…through AP, but still! click on name link. They didn’t include her URL, though they did that Delta flight attendant.

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