Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

I am a Conk Honk Ronk I Sonk Tonk I A Nonk

  • Hey Dang!

    Did you ever see a llama
    Wearing pajamas?

    Down by the bay!

    I love that one. Gotta go, now!


  • Down by the bay
    Down by the bay

    Where the watermelons grow
    Where the watermolons grow

    Back to my home
    Back to my home

    I dare not go
    I dare not go

    For if I do
    For if I do

    My mother will say
    My mother will say

    Did you ever see a fly Wearing a tie?!?!?

    Down by the bay!!

    I sincerely hope barney didn’t ruin that song for me.

  • AndreaBT

    Oh yeah…honk

    (And I thought it said president too at first…maybe backlash from all the presidential bumper stickers we saw last year?)

  • Oh you can’t get to heaven
    Oh you can’t get to heaven

    In AndreaBT’s car
    In AndreaBT’s car

    Cause the goshdarn thing
    Cause the goshdarn thing

    Stops at every bar!
    Stops at every bar!

    Oh, you can’t get to heaven in AndreaBT’s car
    Cause the goshdarn thing stops at every bar!

  • AndreaBT

    I can give you a camp song…

    Oh, you can’t get to heaven
    On roller skates
    Oh, you can’t get to heaven
    On roller skates
    Oh, you can’t get to heaven on roller skates
    You’d roll right past those pearly gates
    All my sins are washed away
    I’ve been redeemed.

    And then there are the fun lyrics:

    Oh you can’t get to heaven
    In a Kleenex box
    Oh you can’t get to heaven
    In a Kleenex box
    Oh you can’t get to heaven in a Kleenex box
    God don’t allow no little snots
    All my sins have washed away
    I’ve been redeemed.

  • Sorry mrlt–one of my fav songs from when I was a kid at camp. I didn’t realize Barney had polluted it 🙁

  • What’ve I missed? CAMP SONGS!

    The cutest boy I ever saw
    Was sippin’ cider through a straw…

  • Ron


  • Hey Libraryhill –
    I agree – nice to have some folks from around here blogging too.

    I am in Edmond – went to O-State, so of course I am watching the game right now.

  • I now have an hour before I have to leave my house and haven’t taken a shower. Better go. ‘Bye, new friends.

  • You don’t know what you’re asking for, Ron!

  • Ron

    write me i am all yours!! ;)…leaving here now, will wait for e mail.

  • Ron

    i have two ears and one mouth, so i can listen twice as much as i speak…vent to me all you want.

  • Yeah, Sara, we have a chat room going on! I’ll read your blog later. I have one, too, and it’s mostly about my family and my irritating thoughts that I need to vent.
    Ron, I’ll be talking to you.

  • I loved the Aviator, but it is so long! It’s very interesting, and Cate Blanchett is fantastic.

  • Ron

    no i have not seen it, but its on my list…my kind of movie…looking forward to hearing from you at my e mail.

  • Howdy, Vanessa. How’s it going in this little chatty chatroom we have here? Makin’ friends?

  • hi, Sara

  • Ron

    i would love too, you can e mail me at and ask anything you want.
    😉 Ron

  • Will do, then, Ron. In the meantime, have you (or anyone) seen the movie Aviator? I’m going to see it in about 90 minutes. Is it any good?

  • Vanessa – I love on your blog that you mention pluralizing Kroger – I live just south of Detroit, where EVERYONE calls it “Fords” when referring to the company. As in – “I work at Fords”. I don’t actually, work for FORD MOTOR COMPANY anymore, but maybe thats why – cause I wouldn’t SAY “Fords”.

  • Okay, Ron, you should e-mail me and tell me about you, since I’m not able to look at any of your info online.

  • Ron, you’re a sweetie. And YES, Coskel, that drives me nuts. (Here in Arkansas I even hear Wal-Marts all the time and want to strangle those people!)

  • Woo-hoo! I just registered with blogger! Now I am one of you.

  • you must have me mixed up with someone else, Ron

  • Ron

    no, just you,

  • Well, thank you very much, I needed that.

  • Ron

    you dont know me but i am the most honest guy you will ever know, only say what i mean and mean what i say…;)

  • Ron

    i am sure you are and have a great smile!!!

  • awww…now I’m blushing

  • Ron

    and your smile is even prettier!!, and your sparkling eyes too

  • Honk

  • Ron

    oops sorry

  • Ron

    hi vanessa

  • Oh, man! I was just re-honking myself into the comments (was here earlier) and hadn’t read what you wrote, Ron!

  • Ron

    thats ok…hi anyway

  • but hi, to you, too, Ron

  • and I’m nice, too

  • Eeek Ron. We don’t want to go there here…

    name/age check? NOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Ron

    Honk if you want to meet a nice 51 year young, open honest guy from New Jersey

  • Dammit Dang – That’s a Barney song. Hopefully it doesn’t stay with me. Those are the worst to have stuck in my head because of Barney’s voice and the horrible singing of the kids on that show.

  • I am Bonk Onk Ronk E…how do you do E? Eonk? Donk..

  • Libraryhill

    Paul and Saralynnmo – I’m a UCO Okie. Good to know there are fellow OKC Doocelings.

  • HONK!!!

    and as for a camp song

    The other day (The other day)
    I saw a bear (I saw a bear)
    A great big bear (A great big bear)
    A way up there (A way up there)

    The other day I saw a bear
    A great big bear a way up there

    Happy Sunday. Weekends disappear in such a hurry. *sigh*

  • Becaru

    Don’t give up being a conk honk for Lent.

  • Get one baby…blogger: its free…but prone to temper tantrums.

  • Honk, honk, hippety honk.

  • ashik

    Well, not stay away, per se – the last thing the world needs are lonely lawyers!

  • jb

    I just take it in stride…if its good its good…if its bad I bitch about it!!!

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