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  • KATE

    Holy shit…I never post but today I noticed there are NO COMMENTS as of yet. That will surely change once I finish my rambling about being first so here goes! Fabulous pic.

  • It looks like her eyes are following the camera. Weird.

  • southern fried girl

    Odd picture but I am so exhausted from coming back to work after a long weekend that perhaps it is just me.

  • Chris

    I think I like the thumbnail better than the full picture.

  • LB

    Very interesting site and daily photos.

  • wow… delurking to be in the top 10! i love your writing heather… keep up the wonderful humor 🙂

  • Tracie

    Top Ten! Yay!

  • Interesting. Not a big fan of statues, though.

  • giggles

    Thank you for the pics and stories Heather!

    I loved the girls-weekend-out and of course all the Leta stories and pics!

    Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter!

  • kdog

    First time to comment and in the top 10??? Love ya dooce. Happy Easter belated!

  • Looks like the mom from Little House On The Prarie.

  • strange lady

  • Tracie

    OK, maybe not- when I typed the comment, there was only 1 showing! My, we do love us some Dooce!

  • Top 20!

  • She looks like she’s made out of clay. Frea-kay.

  • So, can you like rub her pokey cheekbone for good luck or something?

    That is her cheekbone right? Or maybe it’s a Lance Armstrong?

  • story girl

    It looks a little like Dooce.

  • Those eyes!

  • Man, I hate stupid auto fill on my computer. I keep forgetting to turn it off.

    I’m just Sherri, I don’t need to stinkin’ last name, man.

  • What, does everyone have their Easter hangover today?

  • Ana

    What a family!

  • What? Cyster in Zion?
    Just don’t point that shit at me.

  • this is a scary statue to scare mormons into staying mormons. (hee)

    remember: coffee is a sin.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    She could REALLY stand do so something a little different with her hair…and her skin is a little waxy. I’m thinking “makeover”. Bucky, you bring the Dutch Boy, I’ll get the spackle and a putty knife….

  • saidi

    whoa top 30!

  • What did one Statue say to the other statue in the dark…”HEY STAT YOU?”


  • Dazed – no spackling over the nipples this time.
    And I don’t just mean the statue.

  • I’d ask what she’s supposed to be looking at, but I’m just glad she’s not looking at me. That always creaps me out.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Dammit Bucky, I make ONE MISTAKE with some spackle, a garden rake and a goat and I hear about for the rest of my life.

  • a photo of a statue. who is the artist? i believe its a collaboration of sorts, and an interesting one considering that (I assume from previous photos) the sculptor was a Mormon, creating art to support that belief, and Heather is a recovering Mormon, and taking a photo to explore her past and how it has affected her present. a study of a Mormon artist by a former Mormon artist. the sculpture and the photo are beautiful, but i think the dialouge between the sculptor and the photographer is what makes the photo so interesting. the angle and framing of the picture and the expression on the woman’s face. the mark of the sculptor’s fingers on the woman’s flesh and the colors and shades of the photograph. these are all part of the dynamic. this is one of my favorite photos of yours heather. thanks for your website, for sharing your work and life.

  • red


  • At first I’m thinking, she’s strong with her *literally* chiseled features. And then I’m like oooo, she’s got one of those subterranean zits you can’t pop on her cheek. A gargantuan one!

  • RazDreams

    do i see a boogie in her nose?

  • Is that a picture of you, Dooce? Wa ha ha ha!

  • lucky you, mrtl. She’s looking at ME. The eyes are following me. As I go to get my breakfast of chocolate and ham.

  • that eye is a little bit creepy. great picture, though.

  • Hey Pillow Biter (aka Susie), she’s saying, “Gimme some of that ham, biznitch!” I wonder what her name is; we could look up her prison name.

  • Dooce’s is “Howard Sperm,” by the way.

  • She could use some moisturizer.
    Good morning.

  • I would be mad if I had to have that haircut for all eternity, too.

  • Piss Guzzler, what do you get when you type in Sister in Zion or some such?

  • Mornin’, Mamaramma!

  • This is going to cost me a dollar, but what the hell. “Sister Zion” is “Fist Fucker” (56).

  • L, almost OL. There she is, Sister Fist Fucker.

  • Morning…she looks just the women of her time had to be…hard and fierce. You would be too if you had to contend with 15 other wives.

  • Em

    Purty. And regal!

  • greenie, you’d be hard and fierce, too, if your “inmate” name was Sister Fist Fucker.

    And I think that this is the occasion of my first, second, and now soon to be third, use of the word “fuck” on the internet. No applause necessary.

  • Susie, you’ll drop an F-bomb thrice but won’t say “prison bitch”?

  • oh, my bad. “prison bitch” name. And in the name of pathological honesty, I have used the aforementioned word in private emails, which I guess is still “on the internet,” but this has been the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time in “public.” That is all.

  • OMG, Sister Fist Fucker! It’s rather poetic, really.

    (Susie, I’m clapping for you.)

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