An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • The Terri subject is definitely too hot to handle around here. It is a sad story.

    Looks like the hateful person/people is/are back. Let’s talk about buttholes, Muffy!

  • It is also “really mean” to say things about people that you don’t know. I have had people put down my role as a mother on here today, but I don’t really care. Because I know who I am and what I stand for. Don’t let anyone who uses the term “tard” make you feel bad. Your son is probably an amazing kid, and anyone who is ignorant enough to actually call a handicapped child a “tard” IS a tard. And anyone who will put someone down who they don’t know is a tard. Your son, or any other handicapped person, is NOT a tard. I guess it is just a poor use of words to say “tard”.


    Now we all went through withdrawal last time, right?

    I will be posting on my blog tomorrow morning about the TV experience – thanks for all the good wishes, everyone.

    And remenber – PLAYNICE – or Gumby will show up at your house and insert himself in your nether regions, serviette or NO serviette.
    (which also can mean a sanitary napkin in French)

  • I LOVE IT!!!

    # mihow said at 03:56PM, 03.31.2005:

    The Next Survivor: Comment Section at

  • and AMEN to Lawbrat earlier…

    comments are for FUN!!! n’ bein’ silly!


    I’m hung like a horse, you know.

  • okay – I’m really NOT trying to make up for all the time past, during which I missed posting comments…was (am) just on a bizarre lil’ roll here and it stops now! Hope everyone had a good day.

    Thanks again to Heather for the laughs and for sharing her life’s love/work.

  • caitlyn

    i think it’s really mean to throw around the words ‘retard’, ‘tarded’, ‘tard’, & ‘fucktard’. and i say this as the loving mother to a sweet, wonderful, loving, mentally challenged son. maybe you should think about what you’re saying. not everyone’s child is what most of you would think of as ‘perfect’.

  • Caitlyn, you are right that no one should make fun of those that are mentally challenged. My sister works with mentally challenged children and they are amazing little people. I don’t personally ever refer to those that are handicapped as “tards”, though. The word is saved for people that are simply ignorant.

    I’m sorry Girl A had to walk into another mean-fest. All I want to do is talk about fun stuff, like A1 and poop. Anyone up for some good A1 talk?

  • caitlyn

    katie, you missed the point completely.

  • sara

    missed the point & made it all about her (& her sister this time) as usual. it’s the Katie Show! didn’t you know? let’s hope she isn’t teaching that child that name-calling, especially by pointing out a disability, is ok.

  • first?

  • pinky


  • second?

  • Okay so I was third. I am still impressed with myself.

  • Freeways are sexy.

  • That picture is amazing. So three dimensional.

  • call

    love the skyline pics!

  • AH HA Spring!

  • tracie

    Great Picture! Glad to hear Leta is ok!

  • This kinda picture always makes me dizzy.

    Or maybe it was the rubbing alcohol I’ve been snorting all night.
    Get back to you on that one.

  • Those mountains get me pretty excited, too.

  • That is beautiful!

  • southern fried girl

    Wow, that is really beautiful. Be honest, how many of us were stalking the site until a new pic showed up? Come on y’all – fess up.

  • kylie

    ughhh dooce how do you take pictures like that? where are you while taking this?

  • M@

    I’m still looking for the exploding cyst or at least one of Jon with it on his glasses….


    ps – glad Leta’s okay, even if she is stubborn 😉

  • Go west, middle-aged woman.

    (doesn’t quite work, does it?)

  • mmm…pretty…
    will soothe my nerves, and yes, im nervous. i just read back over dooce’s comments after being on ABC, and granted, PBS isn’t that big of a deal, and probably 2 people in the world will watch, but i’m dying over here, and I don’t leave to go to the taping for 3 hours.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    I can stop mid-stream and I’m a guy. Granted, it feels like a hot poker, but it can be done. Bucky, don’t forget to stop snorting the rubbing alcohol before you go to work – that isn’t professional. That’s why God invented Liquid Paper (you know, God’s son was a Monkee)

  • I agree, SFG. I was stalking. But come on, how often do I get to be one of the first to post?

  • I’d love to go west! I’ve never wanted to go west as much since I started reading your blog. The skies are lovely out there.

  • And don’t you feel special SFG? You were the last to post for the last photo.

  • coskel, BREATHE. You’ll be fantastic. You love what you do. That energy will come across. Guaranteed.

  • Awesome! I like the clouds just sort of hanging out right there in the front of the picture.

    I thought everyone should know that I have an official Mormon name now:

    Shambertine Crille Miracles Precious One

  • Deenzadrine

    Hm…I think I’d like to do bagel exercises WHILE doing kegel exercises…gotta keep your strength up! 😉

  • And why is your husband just now figuring out that women can stop peeing mid-stream? Something’s got to compensate for your constipation, doesn’t it?

  • Pretty picture!
    I once got carded at Wal-Mart buying White-Out…so, apparently Bucky, you should switch from that rubbing alcohol!

  • Wow coskel, that’s wonderful. Good luck!

  • DDJ

    The skies are lovely – when they’re not overcast, like they are 300 days out of the year.

  • i totally cannot stop peeing midstream. then again, i haven’t done bagel exercises.

  • That’s so beautiful… I spent about a month in Utah, in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, and I couldn’t get over how obscenely beautiful it is. I’m very jealous of you living there.

  • Alisha

    I sure wish that it would warm up. I’m ready for some nice weather

  • Mmmmm bagel excercises.

    Lovely picture. I love skyline shots!

  • Debi

    Happy to hear Leta is doing fine. You are all in our thoughts!

  • Eating bagels while doing kegels is fun. And everyone thinks that smile is because the bagel tastes so good.

  • awe fresh and crispy.

  • I wonder who Kegel was? You know it was probably some perverted German guy who came up with that exercise. It probably thrilled him to think that women would be flexing their vaginal muscles in his honor.

  • Nothing like PA

  • perception

    emerald city?

  • Wow! gorgeous view!

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