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  • Licious!

  • southern fried girl

    KBBAW – I am totally excited that mine was the last post for yesterday. What does that say about my life?

    I am very ready for it to not be so damn humid down here in the Big Easy. I am dying and my hair is a frizz ball.

  • A breath of fresh photo.

    Good luck coskel!

  • i love city skylines.

  • Critstina

    TOP 50!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t feel bad, SFG. I was the last post a little while back and you wouldn’t believe how psyched I was. It does seem rather pathetic, and perhaps it is. But I get really bored sometimes.

  • The clouds look like they’re running away.

  • Katie, I second that emotion. Sometimes my position in the comments can just bring me outta my funk.

  • I just got back from going west and I tore my knee all to hell while out there. Damn snowskiing. Stupid Oregon.

    Great picture and I’m so so glad that Leta is alright!!!

  • Ah, the mountains. We just don’t have the majestic views here in Kansas. Thanks for sharing.

  • minxlj

    Ooh nice views! I take it that’s SLC?

  • That photo just seems dark and ominous to me. Like it speaks of impending doom.

    Of course, I’m PMSing and awaiting my own Impending Doom, so maybe it’s just me…

  • Great pic, Heather! You’re right, Katie, it does look very 3-D.

    Morning, all. Woohoo! It’s a warm spring morning here in Indiana (though yesterday was even NICER…had to break out the short sleeves FINALLY!!)

    I love days that I can keep the back door open!

  • Wow! only 53 comments!

  • Heidi, Kansas can be majestic, just a different kind. You’ve just got…a really big sky 🙂

  • Break a leg, Coskel!

    White out? I can just paint on a fake moustache and stay ripped all day. Thanks for the tip, you guys.

  • Muffy

    Beautiful shot. Makes me glad that in 48 DAYS we’ll be heading out to a warm, dry climate for 14 fun filled days. With my mother. But thats okay. Then we’ll be married and having SEX in her guest bedroom. Is it appropriate to audibly moan when you’re legally a couple within earshot of the woman who gave birth to you?

  • Looks rather heavenly. Great shot.

  • Congrats, Muffy. Have fun doin’ it with your new hubby with your mom in the next room. Heh heh heh.

  • Muffy

    Ladybug,I must be PMS’ing too. I was driving to work this morning, you know, right past the RANCHWAGON, and Billy Joel’s “Downeaster Alexa” came on the radio. I started to cry. Damn hormones. ER better not be too sappy tonight. Im out of tissues (But NOT toilet paper – Thank God, because, you know, we had corn last night).

  • I love the clouds.
    and you’re right Fever, freeways are sexy.

    The freways in LA have really small lanes so you are right up next to the person you’re stuck in traffic with.
    I had one guy reach into the car and wipe some cheez-it residue off my face.
    I love LA!

  • Amanda

    nice picture… wish it was a nice day here. i think it’s going to rain! 🙁

    bagel exercises makes me laugh 🙂

  • Amanda

    haha muffy about the corn 😀

  • STOP talking about the Ranchwagon, puh-lease! You know it is my favorite. And for anyone who has never been to Northeast PA, you MUST visit the Ranchwagon (I believe it is in Dallas, PA). BEST DAMN HODDOGS EVER!!!!!

  • Em

    One of my favorite Liz Phair songs! Also, something so happy about puffy clouds.

    Happy to hear all is well with little Leta.

  • southern fried girl

    For those of you who have not heard, Terry Schiavo died a little bit ago.

  • Heather, your pictures make me wanna eat the clouds. I imagine they’d taste like vanilla-marshmallow. And wouldn’t they be gorgeous in a cup o’ cocoa?


  • I’m glad to hear that Leta is fine and especially impressed that you have managed to maintain the control you acquired from your bagel exercises. Er, uh, kegel exercises. In yoga, it is called your Mula Banda. Just FYI.

  • God Bless Terrie Schiavo.

  • Ahhh, am I last to post? Anyway, you must have a nice UV-Filter on that lens to shoot your cam into that sun! Nice shooting Dooce!

  • Emily

    I have been a visitor for a month or so, but this is the first time I have left a comment. First of all, I am extremely thrilled to know that Leta is OK. I have 3 kids and have been through similar experiences. Second, that picture is absolutely gorgeous! You have a great eye, girl!

  • Muffy

    Okay, here’s a totally unrelated question, but being that the shot is of SLC, and Mormons can be discussed, I need to know what “temple garments” are. I’m losing sleep on this. Not really, but I’m definately curious. I’ve heard it mentioned a few times, and i HAVE TO KNOW! Fill me in. Is it like a secret thing, like the masons or something? tell me tell me tell me

  • that looks so yummy!

    I wanna go!

  • I’d rather not got west.. you see I have take I-44 WEST to work.. I’d rather head EAST to home. Blah Blah Blah. Not about me right?

    Nice picture tho. How are those bagel exercises coming along!! LMAO!

  • I’ll stay here where the mortgage costs are low.

  • i’m so calling photoshop. where is the brown-green haze above the city, huh? where?

  • Totally out of turn here, but I had a smiliar line for the sorority girls in college: “Go south, young lady.”

  • bucky, pass the whiteout sister.

  • AndreaBT, I’m sorry but I believe that slogan is already taken by Montana. Please help Kansas find a new slogan. Thank you. 😉

  • Dr. Johnny Fever – did that line work??

  • No.

  • Amanda

    lol @ dr. fever

  • Muffy, it is always appropriate to moan-especially if the woman who gave you life is within ear shot – She’ll feel she has completed the circle!

    I am sad but relieved for Terri Schaivo.

    And SLC has never looked more appealing – great job Dooce – and am happy for Leta!!

  • Kenny, I know, I did think of that, but I was just trying to look at Kansas optimistically. How about…The State that is Only Horizon??

  • I am relieved that she is at peace, but I hope her husband gets what he deserves. And I pray for her family. Those poor people.

  • AndreaBT, not sure that one will draw the tourists… Wish I could help ya, but I’ve never been there.

    Too bad Dr. Fever.

  • Muffy

    Being that this IS, where poop talk can “flow” freely, I just gotta share this with everyone…
    Im an AA for a solo practicioner CPA. My desk is right next to the bathroom. And EVERYDAY, this man goes in there, New York Post in hand, and proceeds to make some of the most obnoxious noises on the planet. Now my fiancee has IBS (or “Uncle Bill” as he has been called – allows for use in conversation, especially while we were engagement ring shopping “Um, honey, I gotta call Uncle Bill”), so I’ve heard it all, but for the love of Mike (who is Mike, anyway?), does this man KNOW that I can hear EVERYTHING that’s going on in there??? I mean,he’s my boss and all, doesn’t anyone else find that a little bizarre??? Dooce,this man eats a lot of fruit. And he craps a LOT. I know how you are about advice, but obviously, it’s working for him. Okay. I’m better now. I got that off my chest.

  • KBBAW, re: Schiavo’s husband getting what he deserves: amen.

  • KBBAW and AndreaBT — What is it that her husband deserves? I’m just curious here.

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