An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Chuck doing his best impersonation of Marilyn Monroe

  • Blast you, woman! You’ve gone and done it again! Every time you write one of these monthly newsletters you make a full grown, bear with furniture, mid 40’s curmudgeon get all watery faced and snivelling. You’ve gone and made us all fall in love with that kid again and I’m not sure what the price is just yet but you’ll be made to pay it.

    OOh! I know! Chuck!! Lick her face!!! Big, wet, slobbery kisses for Mommy!

  • Chuck’s beauty mark makes me wanna get all bestial and ruff.

  • Those fuzzy ears make me weak. I just want to chew on them…

  • erin

    Hooray! A Chuck picture! And comments! Pop-Tarts for everyone! 🙂

  • minxlj

    Chuck is the cutest dog EVER. Bless his little paws!

  • 56?

  • MichaelTLH

    It’s not Friday already, is it?

  • hiiidihooo

    yes chuck is cute but my kitty muffie is cuter.

    muffer puffer!

  • Elle Wiz

    Chuck looks so serene. BTW, love love love the new background & masthead!

  • That is one beautiful dog.

  • Where can I find me a Chuck?

    That dog is unbearably adorable!

  • Is it friday? did the time change get me that screwed up. if so. im going home.

  • minxlj

    LOL, everyone’s getting confused; we’ve all come to set our calendars by ‘Chuck Friday’ and now it’s Tuesday? Huh?? 😀

  • What a babe! How do you keep the girls away from him?

    Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful letter to Leta with us. You brought tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to write letters to my own little one.

  • The picture of Chuck with Maggie made me all melty.
    I, like all of us, have always been a chuck fan, but didn’t realize his true wonderfulness until I saw that picture.
    Oh, Chuck. You’re such a sentimental guy.

  • Muffy

    That dog is hella-sexy!
    Good Morning Heather. Hope you’re feeling inspired.

  • Oh God!!! I didn’t know it was going to be a Chuck photo….you totally made Harlow swoon. She totally went all doe-y eyed. This can only mean that Chuck must be gay, because we are Harlow’s only male rolemodels. Kind of like how Grace on Will and Grace always falls for the gay guy.

  • marie

    lovely, lovely letter heather! leta will treasure those so much! and the picture of her and jon at the piano is PRICELESS!!
    thanks for sharing your life with us on the internets!

  • Jackie

    Beautiful letter. And when she put her nose on your cheek…well I am now crying at my desk.
    Thank you so much to you and Jon for sharing this precious gift with all of us.

  • just think of what kennedy would think – i’m sure he’d be impressed,i mean chuck is a natural blonde AND a former congressman.

    Leta photos are brilliant this month. i am just tweaking my page so i can get pics of my little man up.

  • Today, Chuck reminds me of the dog in the “Master Bedroom” painting by Andrew Wyeth.

  • Chuck is great,
    Chuck is good,
    Let us thank him
    for ou… oh, no, that’s not right…

    Well, Chuck is great and good.

  • Yeah, the daddy and precious froglet at the piano made me swoon just a little, you know, in a totally tough and cynical way.
    It would be even more perfect if I knew they were playing a duet of _Muskrat Love_

  • I love that picture. He looks so…thoughtful.

    And Bucky, it’s waaaay too early to be getting all “bestial and ruff.” Let’s wait until at least 10-ish, shall we?

  • Chuck looks so deep in thought. And he must have the silkiest fur ever. Chuck is definitely hot.

  • Oh.My.God.
    Can I please have a child of my own to press her nose on my face and smile? That is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Very sexy…a la Ralph Lauren. Where are his sailboat and knickers?

  • Cujo?…

  • DM

    Wow. Top 100. I may swoon. This never happens.

    Bucky, my dad used to sing Muskrat Love and I’m an Okie from Muskogie to me when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories.

    Love the picture of Chuck. And the monthly newsletter made me teary. I am thinking that my sister might like your blog and may get her to start reading it (Her son just turned 16 (?) months old? I am an awful aunt). It’s not like she’ll read mine…

  • I LURVE me some Chuckles!

  • Well that post was successful in making me bawl my eyes out at 8:30 in the morning. Thanks Dooce. I love your monthly letters. That was beautiful.

  • Meekazan

    Heather, thank you for sharing the monthly Leta Letters. The pictures, your writing, the pure honest emotions….

    Gotta ask: 1st picture, is that a Produced by Dooce t-shirt?

  • AlbionJessica

    Leta is so adorable! You two are so lucky to have her. When you described how she shrugs her shoulders and says “Meh” when she isn’t interested, I felt like hugging someone. So sweet.

  • Does anyone know what that pink shirt Leta is wearing in the first picture says? It looks like it says something about product of dooce…???

  • I just have to say–your little Leta is getting more and more beautiful everyday–and more grown up looking too! When I saw the pic of Leta and her Daddy at the piano I thought “That has to be my favourite photo yet” and then I saw the next photo and I thought “No, wait–that has to be my favourite”–she was so serious and so sweet….

    I think you could make a MINT if you had a photo gallery!

  • Em

    Chuck looks so pretty! And the picture of Leta at the piano tried to RIP MY HEART OUT.

    You should do something about that.

  • Chuck always looks so neat and clean, like he’s been groomed. He’s the cutest. Wish he and my little mutt girl could play. And Leta! What a DOLL BABY. She has the prettiest skin. Her personality is great, too. I love reading this site.

  • I believe it says Product of Blurbodoocery, but I could be wrong. Dooce really needs to market those shirts.

  • DOOCE! Your new masthead totally rocks.

    No, really, I love it so much that you could make stickers and make so much money selling them. I would go broke from buying your masthead stickers. Totally.

  • heather,

    you have the most beautiful family of all the families in all the world.

    the photo of leta at the piano makes me cry. in a good way, of course. she is beautiful, just like her mom and dad.

    happy spring, armstrong family!

  • Gia

    Leta’s shirt in the first picture says “dooce”! I love it! I know that wasn’t intentional in any way, but how cool. Anyway, lovely entry. You never cease to amaze, Heather.

  • Michelle

    I love your site. Your stories make me giggle every day.

  • “Month 14” is beautiful. Thank you so much, from another Mama smitten with her own little one.

    And the new masthead is fabulous.

  • Chuck looks like my Gabby. So cute.

  • loved the photos of Leta, she looks so much more like a little person every day! 😉

  • Vaida

    I should be checking my inter-office email as soon as I get into work, but this website is my first stop. Coffee & Dooce. Cheers!

    (my first comment–YAY!)

  • Thanks for the Chuck picture and the beautiful Leta letter/pictures.

  • When do we get to see Jon teaching Chuck to play the piano? I’ll bet he’d be quite good if you clipped his nails.

  • I agree with Vaida. Dooce always seems to be the first thing to pop up on my screen. Email comes second. Then coffee!

  • Chuck, what a dog. He can definately pull off the starlet look.

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