This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Our plum tree in bloom

  • naralius

    hmm Muffy… i dont get it.. can you explain it to me

  • Good morning Berta. They’re baaack.

    Yeah, Muffy, explain. 😉

  • smokeyJoe

    oh god, the chestnut trees.

    hiiidihooo, you wouldn’t have time to see muffers snarl because she zooms off so fast. now get back to work. and what does a botanist know about the fauna anyhow?

    that is all.

  • Cheryl

    Susie— Yes the beautiful semen trees. I went to Clemson and all the bus stops and parking spots were under those trees… I definitely don’t miss them!

  • Muffy

    Its not that difficult, N, Think about it…de-flowered???

  • natalia

    I think your theory is unproven katie cos sooner or later somebody always argues with the trolls so there is no knowing what’d happen if nobody did, I am convinced they’d go away if comment after comment they were ignored.

  • hiiidihooo

    muffers has the sweetest personality. she would have to be backed in a corner to show her teeth.

    who’s back?

  • isn’t that supposed to be called a bhhhahhhhhf tree?

  • naralius

    im a proud illigal imigrant in this country and english is my second language.. im trying hard but still i dont get it

  • Berta

    Hi KBBAW…I saw that and at first, thought it was you being funny! WTF?

  • Very Purdy Picture Heather!

  • That tree has a serious case of plummer’s crack.

  • The Bradford Pears are also Jizz smelling trees.

  • Nope, not me. Your logic makes a lot of sense, Natalia. I will try it out. I have actually tried it before but they kept coming, but you are right, at some point, the retaliation does start.

  • Berta

    That’s right, Katie! I still don’t understand de-flowered???

  • She means, like, you know… to have your cherry popped. And, you know, in Utah, they are all about not popping cherries.

  • Bucky: plummer’s crack! HA!

  • naralius: Being de-flowered is a euphemism for losing one’s virginity.

  • laurellz

    WHEWT im in the top 100. lolz

  • Muffy

    Thanks for the explain, Katie. I guess it’s a little early for my rapier wit. I should just stick to poop talk and peeps and forego the double entendres (sp?)

  • smokeyJoe

    but could you get her backed into a corner?

    you’re still not working. not even at RMK.

  • naralius

    LOL i get it.

  • crazy suggestion: how ’bout we let _*dooce*_ handle the people she deems to be a problem on her public internet site, and the rest of us just comment about the picture and other fun, light-hearted topics?

    it’s a public site. All Are Welcomed. she’ll handle those comments she doesn’t like. she a big girl like that.


  • Berta

    Oh, I see. You have to excuse me, I’m a little slow and hung over this morning..hehe!

  • Ok, does anyone else thing jizz (even faintly) smells like bleach?

  • Hey y’all…

    Just wanted to share that despite my not so great eating the last two weeks, I still dropped weight. And I have PMS. I am a happy, somewhat smaller girl. 🙂

  • Like I’ll use my husbands towel and well I smell it, I am not sure if it is clean freshness or seminal discard.

  • Berta

    Exactly, like bleach!!

  • I wish it smelled like bleach. Then I wouldn’t have to wash my sheets.

  • Bucky, I have a sick kitty.

  • Raz, you made “dooce” *bold* and _italic_ simultaneously.

    You are so totally my new hero.

    How did you do that?

    *_trying it now_*

  • Nope, that didn’t work.

    _*maybe this way*_

  • hiiidihooo

    i’m working…smarter “snort*

    no muff definitely sees things a mile off. she’s no fool.

    are we trolls? if so i hardly fit the definition. you might be though 🙂

  • _*Yay for me!*_

  • Berta

    Good for you SFG! If I lived in NOLA, I’d be in big trouble!

  • Wasn’t it just snowing where you live? I don’t even have blooms on my trees yet.

  • *_?_*

  • Leta in pigtails is way cooler than the plum tree blossoms…Lets sneaking food to Chuck is cooler than all of it! Go Leta!

  • Andrea in Canada

    set this as my desktop photo and it looks so pretty! thanks heather!

    i’ve been MIA…2 weeks ago, the girl who lived with us (until about a year ago) while she was in college killed herself. She jumped off an overpass into traffic. It was a split second decision. She had history of depression and was always struggling with meds but she still kept a smile on her face and she was loved so much by all. Her mom’s heart is broken beyond belief…she was the only girl of 4 children. She was also my best friend’s sister in law. She was 19 yrs old and like family to us. thanks for listening. I’ve been having such a hard time with this. 🙁


  • _*UGH*_

  • Crystaleia

    Long time lurker.
    Beautiful pictures.They brighten my day. Thanks for sharing your creativity and laughs.

  • Berta

    How do you do that?

  • #54 Cheryl: I totally know what your talking about. I remember those trees in Georgia too.

  • Sorry Andrea, death always sucks, but even more so when it is a young person.

  • Let it bloom, let it bloom, let it bloom!

    Spring has sprungeth – woo hoo.

  • Berta

    That is so sad, Andrea….I’m sorry 🙁

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you Andrea.

  • Annabelle

    Oh Andrea, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend- that’s devastating. I’ll keep you and her in my prayers.

  • Andrea in Canada: I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I can’t imagine how hard that is to deal with, especially for her mother.

    God bless you, and your friend’s family as well.

  • long time reader…first time commenter.

    hee hee. couldn’t resist.

    Great picture!!