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  • Awwwww! Aren’t they so cute with chocolate on their faces??

  • I love that wistful baby look. Like she is tired and wondering and soaking it ALL in.

  • Is it weird that I still look like that after eating a chocolate pop tart?

  • Thank you Katie!

  • I think that she is contemplating the next pop tart actually…I know from experience that look only lasts a few moments and then they ask for another one…

  • Now THAT is the best picture I have seen in here in a long time.


  • Jo

    Vaida do u have ur blog on a setting that only lets ppl with a blogger account comment? I can’t comment because I dont have an account. Sucks.

  • Libraryhill

    Jo, I’m having the same problem with writer’s block. I can’t finish this paper today… just can’t. (Due tomorrow!)

  • Kristine – you take some great shots, too!

  • Annabelle

    Hi Vaida, I have to say that there is nothing weird about what Zeus does. It’s easier to multi-task that way, especially because in the course of washing a feisty dog you might end up with clothes soaked through anyway. Do you know how many pet owners have sex in front of their pets? The pets don’t care. Do you think the dog cares that Zeus is naked in the shower with him? Zeus’ doggie doesn’t care.

    I often combine really giving the shower a good scrubbing with bathing because it’s difficult to lean over the edge of the tub and scrub without hurting my back. So, I’m naked in the shower, with a scrub brush. Definitely bad naked. But my cat who likes to sit on the edge of the vanity and poke his head in through a gap in the shower curtain really doesn’t care.

  • Jo

    Libraryhill, WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT? I’ve managed to write 15000 words, and when it comes to a 500 word conclusion…jack s**t!! I feel your pain. And i have till Weds!

  • Jo, I don’t know. I’m a newbie. I’ll try to fix it. I just made an update. I’m losing this battle!

  • Libraryhill

    Jo, lets just eat poptarts.

  • Jo, I fixed it. Comment away.

  • Jo

    I agree that it’s really not as bad as you make out, Vaida. I mean, I personally wouldn’t take a shower with a dog, but thats just my preference. You act like he’s sexually assaulting this dog. If owner doesnt mind, and doggie definately doesnt mind, then who is anyone to judge i guess.

  • Vaida, my cats see me naked all the time. And if they didn’t dislike water so much, I’d bring them into the shower without thinking twice.

    Sorry, hon.

  • Liz

    And now it’s like she’s going into a little chocolate pop tart coma.

  • Jo

    Vaida- thanks, bless you! I guess I wont comment as ive just posted here, and I dont want to contribute to u losing the battle- lol!

  • Kalki- Awwwwwwwwwwww. Thank you.
    I had a blast with it yesterday!!

    I talked to the prof. photographer guy and he gave me a bunch of hints. It SO helped!!

    He’s got like a D70 – D100 and couple other ones. I was asking him a question and he said, “That nob right there, hit that one…”

    Shaun said “Kristine, him watching you use that camera must be like watching a person grind the gears on a ferrari!!”

    so true.

  • Libraryhill

    Yeah, you can tell she (Leta) just heaved a big sigh.

  • It still is weird to be naked with a dog. Obviously the guy isn’t assaulting the dog, but there are certain lines you shouldn’t cross in the human/doggie relationship.

    I do think it is funny that the dog likes Head and Shoulders shampoo.

  • Fine, fine. My cat sees me naked too. I guess I’m just not a fan of big, smelly dogs getting wet with me! Zeus wins (Cry, cry)

  • Jo

    Library, I dont even kno if they do pop tarts in england anymore- I havent seen them for years! dont think they were very popular. I could be wrong…

  • Liz – That is the perfect caption fo that picture!!

  • I mean, actually lathering up a dog WHILE I’m NAKED? It IS weird!

  • Andrea in Canada

    pets and cuddles to torrie’s cat…get better kittie!

    what a sweet photo! you’re lucky you can get leta to wear a bib…my toddler has ALWAYS pulled it off…invested in a good stain remover though! did she eat the whole thing? LOL she looks as though she’s just finished a pop tart all you can eat contest!

  • Marmite flies off the shelves in Englad faster than peanut butter, but POP TARTS weren’t popular? British people have a weird sense of taste.

  • Marmite flies off the shelves in Englad faster than peanut butter, but POP TARTS weren’t popular? British people have a weird sense of taste.

  • is it just me, or is anyone else craving a pop tart?

  • I don’t know why that posted twice. Weird.

  • What is Marmite?

  • Jo

    KBBAW- LOL. I can’t comment because I do like marmite, but I havent tasted a pop tart since I was about 7. I dont think i was very keen on them tho, although I’d never say no to a chocolate one. KInda considering eating something chocolatey right now…oh the joys of writersblock and procrastination!

  • I miss commenting on here. Apparently I’ve missed out on some doocexcitement. What’s up with all the haters?

  • ishouldbeworking

    verrrrrry cute! she’s learning at an early age, like all girls should that chocolate can fix just about anything!

  • Jo

    Vaida, dont get us started on marmite again!! LOL. I have a post somewhere on my blog that has a great link to the uses of marmite, which includes rubbin it in ur nipples to get babies to feed.

  • That’s one of my favorite Leta pictures. She just looks so sweet and cuddly.

    Melanie S.

  • Muffy

    Ovaries, screaming, no….have to…fit…into…wedding gown in five weeks…must not get impregnated due to adorable frog princess photo….

  • Jo
  • *Bow chica bow ow*

  • I knew they were lil’ baby lips! I knew it!

  • Actually the lil baby lips look kind of suggestive, especially after that pickle post…

  • santa cruz carolina

    great shot…makes me want a pop tart…and a nap!

  • Can you imagine what it would be like if all people ate like kids… with no regard for whether or not the food ended up all over their face or in their hair or whatever?

    Leta gets prettier every day. 🙂

  • Annabelle

    Vaida, anyway….

    I just wanted to tell you that yesterday, at my uncle’s wedding, I was standing outside with my husband and my brothers and their girlfriends (we are all in our early or mid-twenties except for the hubby so we still all laugh at silly things), and a bee flew by and started buzzing around one girl’s head, and she sort of jumped and waved it away and everybody then watched this giant, fat, black and gold bumble bee stroll back up into the ether, and I said, “Fuck Bees. I’ll punch every bee in the face.” Everybody looked at me blankly for a second, and then I repeated it, “Fuck Bees. I’ll punch every bee in the face.” They all burst out laughing. It was a fun scene and I wished I could’ve taken credit for the line.

  • Ada

    Christ, is this after the sugar rush?

    My child would be bouncing off the walls. In fact, there would be no way in hell you could take a still photo after feeding him chocolate anything.

  • Kind of Heidi Klum-esque.

  • Jo

    Caroline: nooooooo!! dont go there.

  • Annabelle, that is GREAT!
    Oh, you just made me laugh out loud. I wish I could have been there! “Yeah, we’ll punch ’em in the face!”

    By the way…where can I get some of this Marmite stuff? I want to try it!

  • Oops, Jo, didn’t mean it that way! I meant all pouty…

    …slinks away…

  • Jo

    Ooohh Caroline….

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