An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Too tired to continue crawling

  • Henryk_

    ok…the bed really is calling for me!
    night allll!

  • Annabelle

    Does swiffer really get a floor clean? I mean, I feel like my cheapo-linoleum floor really needs a good scrub once in a while. Please inform, KBBAW.

  • Holy shit, I go copy a few things and there are 50+ comments already. Happy Hump Day y’all. 🙂

  • Allisoun

    Nite Henryk.

  • Ouch… ovaries… hurting… must… have… baby…

    And KBBAW – please don’t feel like a slob, you should see my floors. With my long haired dog, long haired cat, and long haired self, I could sweep daily and my wood floors STILL look like carpet. Heather’s are abnormally clean, I firmly believe that!

  • Henryk_

    Nothing cuter? Esp when they are quietly sleeping!

  • fish! and a new post to boot! what a lovely morning. 🙂

  • Henryk_

    Just like I am about to do. Ciao!

  • And I was last! Hahaha

    Ashik, I’m not an official sinophile. I lived in China for three years, so I love most things Chinese. I’m not an expert on China, just a lover!

  • And I’m off to have a shower now…

  • why is the google adsense for homocon?

    i see nothing related in the caption or picture! Why!

  • Annabelle

    No Susannah, I totally disagree. I only actually mop my hardwood floors about twice a month- I pretty much just sweep or vacuum them and they look that clean AND I have two cats. The appearance of clean, however, especially with hardwood, can be deceptive.

    My kitchen floor, however, MUST mop thrice weekly otherwise I feel filthy all over.

  • Allisoun

    Me too Annabelle. I love the anti-bac WetJet juice… it’s just an easier form of mopping with pinesol.

  • Umm…y’all? Did I miss the design memo that told us that random numbers placed on the wall near a clock are now THE happening design trend? ‘Cause if I did, someone needs to ‘splain that one to me ’cause I just don’t get it.

  • Allisoun

    Oh, and smells SOOOO good too!

  • Funny how it looks like just another day on the floor to her, but if one of us was laying like that right now, we would be thinking, I need to get up off the floor, I really do. Oh god, I need to clean, look at the dust bunnies under the furniture. If I get up I won’t see them anymore. Out of sight, out of mind. Is that a fork? oh geez…there’s a fork under the couch.

  • ashik

    Andrea, I’m dumb. For some odd reason my mind did a thing where it read Sinophile and thought Cinemaphile… thus the “favorites” question. 🙂

  • naralius

    am I the only one jumping arround with the news that Britney is having a Baby.

  • God, I know how she feels. Cute!

  • dooce, don’t flog me, but i muchmuch prefer jessica simpson’s boobs to britney’s boobs. i’m just sayin…

  • That is such a sweet picture.

    And your kitchen is immaculate.

    Clean kitchen, lovely Leta, happy Heather…all is right in the Blurbodoocery.

  • Anabelle – you are one lucky girl then. I swept my floors last night, as I usually do every night, and this morning there were little tumbleweeds of animal hair rolling down my foyer. And I love the wet-jet but for it to not be kind of gross, you have to keep the hair up off the floor long enough to use the wet-jet. Its a never-ending battle those damn floors.

  • Leta is too cute, and seemingly oblivious of Daddy on the floor in front of her. My kids are such hams, that the minute I plopped down on the floor camera in hand, the posing would begin. So much for candid photography.

  • Annabelle

    What if I’m infertile and I don’t start trying until I’m 30?!?!? Oh god, what would I do? I’ll have to adopt a chinese baby.

    I can’t have a baby. I won’t have health insurance after september.

  • Muffy

    Kids NEED to roll around on a dirty floor. It aids in building their immunity. People who keep their house freaky clean aren’t doing their kids any favors. Although, maggots on the floor and 10 hounddogs running through the house probably would be overdoing it.
    Which reminds me, I haven’t seen any “house of horrors” on the news lately. I always feel better about my housekeeping skills when I see someone who has Christmas decorations in the bathtub.

  • Annabelle

    That sounded bad- I would LOVE to adopt a chinese baby, just after I’ve had a few of my own. I really think I want to do that- I’ve always just felt “called” to it.

  • Annabelle

    Muffy, you are a sensible broad. I like you.

  • smee

    greenthumb, i totally agree. such sadness that we can’t just hang on the floor more often, calmly chewing on our carrot.

    i think i’ll try that later.
    after i mop.

  • Annabelle, Swiffer is good for keeping floors clean, but I still give my floor a good scrub now and again. Swiffer isn’t going to get out that built-in grime, but it is great for in-between cleanings.

  • Muffy

    Thanks Annabelle. Glad you stuck around. And I talked to my matron-of-honor-who-got-me-drunk-the-night-you know the story, who is also a “car girl”and knows her stuff. Perfectly normal to need to get the clutch line bled (i don’t know if that is right, all I know, is that there is air somewhere in the workings of my clutch). So now I feel better.I’m actually doing some work between comments. I even fixed the paper shredder! I’m so proud of myself, I think I’ll have a smoke.

  • A question in the back …

    What are the numbers on the wall about? Are they just for interesting graphic art or do they represent something?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Muffy

    Oooh. I am regressing back to yesterday’s comments, but I just typed a word that has two meanings. “Butternut”. Say it a few times. Butternut. Butt or nut.
    I had TOO much coffee. Think I’ll go upstairs and kill wasps.

  • greenie, you tickled me. (With your comment, I mean.)

    dooce, I must take this personally. I think my mother-in-law paid you to post this, to shame me into cleaning my kitchen better. It worked.

    Precious little carrot-eater.

  • I had the same question, Christy. Maybe it’s their phone number, or something. At first I thought maybe it was 1 through 10 to teach Leta her numbers, but there are two 2’s. Unless that is the new Utah math.

  • *RazDreams* (#57): Fish? Where?

  • I too am wondering about the numbers next to the clock.

    Leta is so cute! I love when babies just stop where they are and flop down.


    I like carrots, too.

  • Muffy:

    Let me give you a topic. Buttanuts. Are they butta’ or nuts? (circa 1990 Coffee Klatch Lady on SNL). Mike Myers was so funny in those days.

  • Punch them wasps in the face, Muffy.

  • Ana

    I wish I could do that without people thinking I’m crazy.

  • Muffy

    SHIT! A sheet of labels just got stuck in my laser printer!
    I am SO going home tonight to “talk to phil”. And play old sega genesis games. And clean my floor.

  • (ladybug: see #43. an awesome blogger chic.)

  • Top 100! Hey….that’s an accomplishment for some of us…

    In this picture Leta looks so much like a little girl now – a real live KID, not just a cute mushy baby! But a REALLY CUTE kid!

  • I have to know.. does she eat the full carrot or does she chew on it then spit little, orange, mushy stuff all over the floor.. Oh that’s just my daughter.. Gotcha!!

    Good shot hubby of Dooce!

  • man, she looks how I feel this morning…you and me both, leta! I eat on the floor, too!!! 🙂

  • Muffy, do you credit your immunity built up from a childhood of laying face down in the floor for your ability to bounce back after a weekend where you (for whatever reason) end up face down on the floor? Because that is an awesome rationale for … something.

  • her hair color matches the kitchen!

  • Jack


  • Agent 99

    Did i type fast enuf, agent 86?

  • god, i feel like that today, too. only leta looks more comfortable in those clothes. i hate dressing up for work.

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