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Too tired to continue crawling

  • Dooce – Britney open up comments? Are you suggesting she knows how to read?

  • Leta, human swiffer.

  • Oh groan… I just clicked on Homocon. Curiosity rewarded with a large erp. It spouts the same beligerant crap as any other right wing nut blogger. And if he really is gay, I’ll eat my shorts.

  • I’ve been to parties where there were adults in much the same position come first light the following day. Of course, carrots were rarely the cause…

  • #103 bethy-mae: whose gay? the rock?

  • I’ve never seen anyone’s kitchen floor – under their cabinets – so freakin clean in my entire life! And I’ve looked!!




  • Who doesn’t lay down with their carrots. HA!

  • Muffy

    Nilby: I have no allergies and we certainly didn’t live in a germ free house (dog and two cats at any given time). I rarely get sick and have great immunity. I played in the mud too.
    My problems this weekend stemmed from a severely weakened tolerance to alcohol, due to the fact that I GREW UP and realized, “Hey, Hangovers Suck It!” But yea, Leta was the equivalent of me in the bathroom of the “Family Affair” with relatives I haven’t seen in years waiting for me in the banquet room. I only WISH i could have been able to even EAT a carrot. Leta’s definately ahead of me on that one. GO LETA!

  • Ha Ha Ha the Rock? You wish.
    I think I heard that somewhere. Please verify?

  • Michelle Brady

    Oh my goodness, I can’t begin to explain how adorable she is. I absolutely love this photo.

  • Torrie,

    How do you do that? I am blog clueless because I would so love to do that – as a reminder to myself to read up on y’all if anything. 🙂

  • If the Rock is gay, I will curl up and die. I will still lick him though.

  • Awesome, thanks Torrie. I will check that out tonight. I love reading up on you all. You keep me laughing.

  • LeafGirl77 aka Kendra in T-Bay

    Henryk_ …I’ll get you. Comment 38 was a little harsh.. don’t you think?

    I would have responded earlier, but I was conducting interviews…oh god. Who do I get to work with for 9 hours a day this summer?? … and live with even…

  • I heard he ‘came out’ on The Ellen Degeneres Show…

  • Ah, RazDreams (#92), I thought you meant the Other Fish. As in SymbioticFishes.

  • The Rock is SO not gay. He is married with a kid. If he is gay, I just might have to curl up into a ball and cry. Can you imagine a guy named The Rock being gay. Then again… Rock Hudson was.

  • Greenie, he is married.
    (not that that has stopped anyone before)

  • ahhhhh – s’te was vaywee tyurd

  • Awwwww.

    What’s up Doc?? Too tuckered out to tell us.

  • Muffy

    MICHAEL BRADY (Something “Reed”) from The Brady Bunch was also a pillow biter. He died of AIDS I believe. So you can never really tell. Personally, if he IS gay, then maybe my fiancee will stop watching wrestling in my presence. I swear I lose brain cells.
    ALthough the Eugene skits do kind of crack me up. THe Forrest Gump bit was hilarious.

  • Greenthumb,

    Are you still talking about The Rock? Please say no. Oh my.

  • red

    you should let us see the whole series — you’re holding out on us!! 🙂

  • Katie, I can’t imagine a guy named The Rock NOT being gay.

  • moe

    Longtime lurker but I feel the need to share…

    If you enjoy the train wreck that is Britney and her wardrobe (as I do) go here:

    Y’all, I am not comment literate, I have no idea how to make that a live link.

  • Sara

    Aaaaaah! Too frickin’ cute! She looks like she has no. More. Energy.


    The ROCK? GAY?

  • You all wonder how the kitchen floor is so clean… a little Pledge on that outfit would do wonders. You can’t see the front of it in the picture, can you?…

    I hate the Swiffer Wet (where the moistened pads look like something a hemmorhoid sufferer would use). Their new ad slogan should be: “You’ll Wish You Just Used a Mop”

  • Thanks for the site link Moe. Very funny.

  • this all started when I asked if bethy-mae was talking about The Rock. I don’t know these things for fact…take a deep breath ladies, uncurl and stop ‘rock-ing’ back and forth.

  • Muffy

    Dave M. LMAO.


    I’m no lady. I’m just curious.

  • Muffy

    Greenthumb is right. All you ladies can chill. Rumor control, Rumor control!
    Oh, and by the way, Britney is really a lesbian. Kevin/Keith (I don’tkeep up on her husband(s) names) is just her beard. HA!

  • LeafGirl77

    You know… I have a problem with these disposable cleaning implements. I know they’re handy, but…I just can’t do it!

  • Allisoun

    Dave, you’re right – those “pads” on the swiffer are nasty. Then again, thats why they’re disposable.

  • Greenie you started a riot. I was actually talking about that blog ad right below Leta’s picture. I wouldn’t look if I were you at least not this close to lunch.

  • Dave,

    I agree – those pads are gross but they sure do come in handy with one messy dog and two furball cats. Not to mention the dirt that is just tracked in from outside.

  • Heather! Is she eating directly off the floor?

    A. Those floors do look clean enough to eat off of.

    B. In order to keep the floors clean you need to keep Leta off of them, or teach her how to use the swiffer.

  • too funny bethy-mae…what a storm we caused.

  • Mrs. Rock

    Oh. I’ll cancel that meeting with my attorney.

  • I have to say I have wasted more time reading this site in past month. But not wasted in a bad sense. Dooce’s writing and the interesting comments make my tummy hurt. My son is in love with Leta pics. Guess he has a thing for younger girls 😛 (He’s almost 3) Thank You Dooce and Dooce community,

  • Pokey, we know you’re no lady. But you actually sounded *excited* about the Rock’s questionable status there for a minute. Somethin’ you wanna share?

  • Does anyone else have a problem seeing the pictures on Self Portrait Day ( I just see empty boxes with red x’s)? Or, is it just me?
    I’ve refreshed. It’s not working.

  • Moe – that was a great site.

    Raz – I agree. Jessica’s boobs are way better. I wish I had just a fraction of that frontage.

    Leta’s parents – you have such a cute kid.


    I don’t discriminate.

    It would be wrong to deprive half the population of THIS.

  • Oh man, now I can’t shake the image of Pokey doing the Rock, while Toxic plays in the background.

  • Wow….she really is too cute words, and I wish I could get away with doing that in my kitchen.

  • god your pictures give me baby fever.

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