Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Two very cute and very worth it Tax Deductions

  • cujo

    Top 50… At least I tried!

  • How cute is that hair?!

  • From the look of awe Leta has, I would love to know what’s on the counter. 😉

  • How are you deducting Chuck? I’ve got 4 furry dependents that could get me some money back!

  • Chuck is looking more like you every day.

  • I am in my 40s, but that wasn’t me, Susie. That’s someone else, Susie. Hi, 45th Susie.

    You can’t deduct that dog! Can you?

    Bookmobile in these parts is now called “READ ROVER.” It used to come to my daughter’s little preschool/kindergarten, which didn’t have its own library. The books are still rolling along, though.

  • How cute – we got a Chuck and Leta Friday. Happy Friday everyone!!!

  • Can you deduct Chuck?

  • When you say “Dooce is into anal sex” I just wanna know one thing:

    Who’s pitchin’ and who’s catchin’?

  • I remember the bookmobile VIVIDLY! It was awesome! But there was a very mean old man that scared me that worked on board. So I still have a fear of overdue books !

  • Chuck looks very handsome. He needs a smoking jacket and a long cigarette.

  • Chuck smokes? Did you deduct his cigarettes?

  • That’s not a cigarette holder – Chuck’s just happy to see us.


    Think they’ll let me deduct THIS?

  • Pokey, you ever think about circumcision? ‘Cause that thing makes me think of a pumpkin in a turtleneck.

  • Yeah Friday! I’m thinkin’ Chuck is not deductible. Unless he has a social security number, and gets dressed in some cute clothes, Dooce and Blurb can say he’s their oldest ‘son’. That just might work 🙂

  • Great idea: Make “Dooce is into anal sex” your next masthead (is that the correct term?).


    I thought about it years ago, Bucky. But me being a celebrity and all, docs didn’t want to go there. If I lost any function, there would be a big scandal. Plus, they don’t have any surgical instruments THIS big.

  • Alicia

    Aww..Chuck looks so protective. I’m sure they love each other very much!

    TOP 80!!!

  • I’ve seen a picture of Chuck wearing a shirt, so I’m sure he’s deductible. They should name all the tax software/products after him: Chuck’s Deductible ! TurboChuck! H&R Chuck! Chuckson Hewitt!
    Hey, at least if you get audited, you can just put Leta in multi-pigtails to distract even the harshest CPA. She’s so flippin’ cute!
    happy friday, dooceketeers!

  • ….

    how does dooce keep her house so clean with pets and rugrats living with her?

  • Pokey…come on over and let Aunt Bucky take care of that with a chainsaw.


    Oh no, you don’t. I’ve seen “Michigan Chainsaw Surgery.” I’m outta here.

  • Emily

    Cut pic of the kids! How funny that you didn’t know the joys of the Bookmobile! I grew up in Frankfort, Illinois and the bookmobile was always putting around town. It was way bigger than an ice cream truck and had a giant “book worm” painted on the side! How come in utero babies and a cat don’t count as tax deductions? Damn.

  • kim

    i can’t believe how BIG she (they) is (are) already. seems like yesterday that you posted about the amazing elastic belly and how your milkshake was the best ‘n all. amazing. and SO CUTE.

  • Gooooooood Morning!!
    I just thought I would scroll down here and see if they are still talking about anal sex. Sigh.

  • erin

    Double-doocetastic! My Friday is off to a good start! Thank you!!!! 🙂

  • You can count pets as tax deductions? Or is it just dogs? Well if that is a case we need to file an ammended form and see if we can get a little bit more back.

    Happy Friday!

  • Oh little Leta Dooceling! How I wish I could put pigtails in my daughter’s hair.

    Chuck has such soft features for a pooch. It’s almost like he was drawn in the picture like a cartoon.

  • I’m impressed that you got a picture of both of them standing still, I’m still trying to accomplish that with my daughter and either one of my cats.
    Leta is BEAUTIFUL, and Chuck looks so snuggly.

  • How do you keep the place so clean?

  • Cindy

    i love chuck’s ears! 81st! woohoo!

  • Cindy


  • Waitwaitwaitwait…how the hell do you get deductions for CHUCK? If that’s the case I’ve got some write-offs I missed!

  • Theresa

    My Aunt used to drive our bookmobile here in town. Then a few years ago the community quit using it as much, so the director of the public library decided to make our bookmobile into a CyberMobile. It went all over the place and had 8 computers with internet access for the community to use. No one used it, so now the bookmobile sits all alone in the garage in the back parking lot of the library. My Aunt went to another department and I hired in here at the library two years ago. Occasionally they talk about what to do with the huge-ass van/bus/semi that was the Bookmobile, but haven’t done anything with it yet.

  • Nice photo. I didn’t know dogs counted as tax deductions. Our should count as two.

  • Anyone notice that Chuck looks like a different dog in every picture? I guess it depends on the angle of the shot.

  • Just so you know…
    You’ve all had several days without my potty mouth here. For those who find me grossly offensive (yeah, I mean you, Squirl), I hope you’ve enjoyed your break. 😉
    Me and my potty mouth missed you guys.
    So, I’m back at the tea party with my pants around my ankles and a dirty, filthy song in my heart.

    And a rolling pin for Nilbo.

  • Leta gets sweeter, prettier and more delectably adorable with each passing day. Chuck’s eyes could melt satan. There’s much beauty crawling around the Blurbodoocery. 🙂

  • Morning everyone, Happy Chuck (and Leta) Friday!!

    I am also very curious about this whole possibility of deducting a dog…Dooce, you are you just yanking our collective chain?

  • Bucky, pull up your pants, hon. We’ll let you know when it’s time for that.

    I love to drive and I love to loan books. Why didn’t my guidance counselor tell me I’d be perfectly suited to the job of Bookmobile driver? A wasted life…

  • The cute meter broke on this photo.

  • I wish we could claim pets as dependents.

  • Happy Tax Day! Haha I’m still a dependant. Nah nah nah!
    Darn, I wish I was that photogenic.

  • Lauri

    Oh! That ponytail!

  • so cute!

  • Smark!

    yeah!!! top 100… er.. or something.

    So, what is up with the anal sex this morning?

  • I love the way leta is oblivious to the camera, but chuck is totally playing to it.

  • yeah, i was lookin’ for some hot anal sex chat, too.


    heather, you and i are the same age. how can you not remember the bookmobile? i loved the bookmobile so much because they had pac-man coloring books you could buy for a buck.


    oh yeah, great picture!

  • The IRS

    Mrs. Armstrong, Hardwood floors are NOT tax deductions.

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