Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Two very cute and very worth it Tax Deductions

  • Bookmobile, yeah, we used to have one! Only ours came around just twice a year…but instead of a library on wheels, we got to pick out a book to KEEP every time, woohoo!

  • ta tema

    Put a link to you:
    have fun

  • Sara

    FIRST! time commenting here. Chuck is damn hott! If only I were a dog…

  • We still have a bookmobile. Its in the parking lot of a local grocery store every wednesday evening. My kids love it! They ride their bikes up there and come home with books.

  • Leta and Chuck, both squeezeable as ever. I’m seriously considering wearing my hair like that now.

  • so you have only comments under the photos, not under texts? Or I didn’t understand well?

  • Heather…I’m only 30, but I too remember the book mobile coming through the neighborhood every Tuesday night. In fact, the highlight of that experience was scoring a copy of “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” and sneaking it home so my mother wouldn’t find it. That SO WOULD NOT have happened if one of my folks had taken me into town to the library.

  • I swear this is true… when I was a kid, and people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up… I said I wanted to drive the bookmobile.

    RIF – Reading is fundemental!

    (sigh) I am such a gumby loser.

  • Dude. Chuck Friday with a side order of Leta is SUPERAWESOME.

    So is the religion of ROCK. I am so going to pray to the rock Gods today and listen to The Who.

  • I love today’s photo! I love the chunk under Leta’s neck, and the way Chuck is staring intently at the camera as if to say “Get this creature out of my shot.”

    I know Chuckles is very human in many ways, but a tax deduction? That rocks. I want to find out how to pull that one off.

  • I love how Chuck is posing for the camera and it looks like Leta is longing for the treat. So cute!

    You can deduct your dog???? Damn.

  • So adorable! I think the cuteness center in my brain just had a stroke.

    The bookmobile is alive and well in Pittsburgh:

    I never would’ve known, if I didn’t have a librarian for a husband…

  • Keisha

    Growing up in Connecticut we also had the Bookmobile and the kids actually used it.

  • I’ve never heard of the Bookmobile, but I love the idea! How can something that brings books to your house be anything but great?

  • buick

    You can make tax deductions on dogs!?!?

    And I *just* mailed my return too. shoot.

  • Woohoo! Bucky’s back! And has a rolling pin for me! And Dooce is into anal sex! And I can’t stop exclaiming!

  • Such cuties in your photo today!

    Leta looks so adorable and seems to be growing as fast as a fertilized weed.

    Happy Friday to all!

    PS: When I was younger I truly believed that the bookmobile was equal to manna sent from heaven. It traveled to our rural town and I could peruse the shelves and check out as many books that could fit in the basket hung between the handlebars of my banana seated bike.
    Thanks for your post – it’s made me think back to such a fun time in my life.

  • Jess in Nashville

    I just had to share my Dooce dream from last night: my boyfriend and I were at Dooce’s house (we showed up uninvited). Dooce offered us a drink and opened up her fridge–and it was filled with about 12 big, black lobsters, and one turtle. I remember thinking, “maybe that’s what Leta likes to eat.” It was strange.

  • Surely I have something better to do than hang out here with you lick spittles?

  • I lived in a small town and one time the bookmobile came down the street and parked at the very same time as – and not far away from – an ice cream vendor.

    I went for the Bookmobile.

    Now you know why I used to get beat up a lot as a kid.

  • naralius

    Good Morning, Happy Chuck-Leta-Tax-anal sex friday!!!!

  • lalara, you’re right. Comments are just under the photo of the day.

    Heather, I’m thinking Jon must be feeling so vindicated when he learns of all these “We LOVE the Bookmobile” comments. More extreme tickling for YOU, missy.

  • masie, Bucky will tell you I lick many, many odd and wonderful things. But never spittle. That’s gross.

  • Bucky IS an odd and wonderful thing. So true, Nilbo.

  • Susie, Nilbo, I’ll lick spittle with y’all anytime.

  • Dooce is into anal sex!!! That first comment cracked me up. Anytime you want to get anyone’s attention today, just shout that.

    Hurray! It’s Chuck/Tax/Up-the-bum Friday!!!

  • Say, 9-ish? But let’s choose something else to lick.

  • Chuck Friday’s are twice as nice when Leta’s in the picture.

  • naralius

    masie, why???? why????


    And, Dooce is into anal sex.

  • Dooce is into anal sex. But … what about Matt Damon?

    And I will suspend my no-spittle-licking policy (Sec. 4, sub. 3a) to lick Bucky’s spittle. Or, you know, anything else …



  • Nilbo, I’m only into anal with your mom.

    Yeah, that’s Jr. High School humor. What of it?

  • *Dang Cold streaks across the rumpus room in celebration of Spring, Chuck Friday and anal sex*

    Hazaa Everyone!!!


    Ahem. Matt Damon, aren’t you forgetting our time together?

  • Can we discuss anal sex AFTER my morning coffee?

  • Matt … my mom called, and she said “Anal with Matt? Well, I guess so. Not like I’t be painful.”

    Never go toe-to-toe with me on Junior High School humour. Arrested adolescence is my only redeeming quality.

  • DANG! You go away forEVER and then you come back STREAKING? Yay, Dang!!!!


    (Dooce is into anal sex).

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Isn’t there some way we could work the bookmobile and anal sex into the same story? Bucky? Susie?

  • OK, so, Vaida wants anal sex after her morning coffee. Line forms to the left, folks.

  • Darth Vaida, is it a coffee ENEMA?

  • Does coffee remind you of anal sex, or something?

    BRB – gonna go grab a cup of coffe.

  • Dooce likes runny oatmeal!

  • Kbbaw … just make sure it isn’t an extra large.

  • e

    They are both just too cute for words!

    My husband thinks we should name our first born, “Deduction” 😛


    I’ve got your EXTRA LARGE.

  • To the left, Pokey. To the left. And try not to spill Vaida’s coffee.

  • Nah, Nilbo, it’s a tall one. I like mine tall.

  • Henryk_

    What is all this preoccupation with anal sex? I think I’ll get me some coffee!

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