An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • minxlj

    Yay Dooce! Yay GEORGE!

  • Muffy

    OMG, Heather, you DO look a LOT like Carrie-Anne Moss…I just watched Memento over the weekend…All i could think of…ITS HEATHER! I hope you take that as a compliment.
    BTW…Anyone out there actually KNOW how to figure out the special features on that DVD? I needed a xanax after trying to fiddle with it!

  • Ginger

    Yes indeed, everyone is happy when it’s a good hair day….even Dooce is about to smile! I can just barely see the hint of the smile in the way your holding your lips.

  • Brian from LI

    Comments…. ahhh… something to do at work… other than… work.

    And top 100 no less.
    ‘Tis a good day.

    *Good Day powered by*

  • Nice pic, also loved the pic at the sushi place, chuck and the little one.

    Hair is lookin’ good!

  • Was it khaki day in your house?

  • Love the hair!


    I’m sorry if we used up too much bandwidth.

  • Comments….COMMENTS!


    This is just beautiful, man.

    Heather, you look great in that pic, as always.
    Thanks for reopening comments.

    Okay, everyone, let’s play nice today, mmkay?

  • This picture is so light and airy, right down to the color of the lily. I laughed when Dale questioned whether it was khaki day – the entire picture has a soft, cream color to it.

    And holy crap, Muffy, Heather totally DOES look like Carrie Ann Moss.

  • You don’t happen to have a twin in Ann Arbor, MI do you? It’s a little unerving every time I see her.

  • beth

    I have two related anecdotes. First, my dog kirby did the same thing with a popsicle, and we spent a week searching the yard for the poopsicle (just to make sure it came out, and we never did find it). Second, another dog, Gunner, ate an entire dead deer midsection and the rib bones had to be manually removed by the vet using gloved fingers. I’ll let you figure that one out.

    On that note, have a wonderful day!

  • Katie

    Funny how comments opens again when you have a pic of yourself up. Need to inflate your ego a bit more by having everyone compliment you?

  • Heather’s got hair! (said in the same way as “baby’s got back!)

  • Muffy

    I agree about opening comments…cuz that whole threading of comments on the google dooce comment thingie…nightmares…nightmares…
    Now I can go home and say, “Honey, Dooce opened comments!” (honey rolls eyes)


    Katie (72), I can HELP you.
    With THIS.

  • People have been complimenting Heather not just on the picture of herself, but on the pictures from the past week of Chuck and Leta. And I think it quite fitting that Heather put a photo of herself the day that she reopens comments. Remember, Heather is the one who controls the comments section and the entire website.

    Heather is hot!

  • RazDreams

    _…moving right along…_

  • Pokey, bad horsie! Put that thing away before someone trips over it.

    Meet me in the stables…

  • And that Katie (72) is not me. I like Heather and her pictures of herself.

  • Click the link to see my “through the looking glass” photo. I love this sort of thing. I like your hair too.

  • Your hair is looking great!

  • Heather, you are quite simply one of the most beautiful women around.

  • your hair looks beautiful, heather 🙂

    but why is jon hiding behind it?

  • pretty hair. Sorry bout the dog.

  • When a man lurks behind a woman like that, it can only mean he’s waitin’ for his chance to grab tits and/or ass. And if he can do it just as she snaps the picture? Bonus!

    I know, I have one of those men creatures at home.

  • comments… she still loves us! Wow … check out that hair. VA VA VA Voom!

  • By the way, you are looking healthy.

  • I really love this picture. Heather looks so pretty, and I love how Jon’s face is obscured, making it appear as though he is checking out Heather’s ass.

    And I also must say this – I have missed comments so much. The pictures of Leta were breathtaking, and Chuckles looked so regal in red when he was representin’ the West Coast. And I am SO jonesing for sushi right now!

    Thanks Heather!

  • Love the hair!

  • Great picture!

  • Holly

    I’ve spent my entire life trying to get my eyebrows as even as yours.
    And I’m also wondering how many people asked their partners if they’d pick up their poop from the bathtub. I asked mine and he said yes. So I’m guessing he’s a keeper.

  • I like the intermittent comments thang – leaves me guessing.

    Heather – your hair is ubersexy and Leta is looking cuter than ever in the latest pics.

  • Me


  • Pretty curls! Wherever did you find the time? ARGH! When I have free time, I’m doing stupid stuff, like working and dishes and sleeping. You do know that Thursday is funny duds day? I may have to find some time for that one.

  • Pretty hair, but why aren’t you smiling in any of your pictures?

  • You could play a pretty good villain.

  • amelia

    Yeah, my cat is the indoor/outdoor variety. One warm summer night I was enjoying a good sleep with the window open. I was startled awake around 2 a.m. by the wild screams of a cat fight right outside said open window. I looked out to see my Reggie in a ferocious fight with a tabby cat almost twice Reggie’s size. I ran out to save Reggie, only realizing I was naked when the neighbor’s light turned on to see what the hell was making all that *&^%(@! noise at this ungodly hour. The light and my scream at being discovered naked by the neighbor scared that big tabby away.

  • this pic was likely taken friday night before sushi date night when leta was at the Avon World Sales Leaders house.

    and i’m diggin’ how the photo’s colors go with the colors of her website.

  • Ahhh .. and the world is back on its axis.

    I’m going to abuse the comments for one second, to tell everyone that they MUST read this:

    Go, have a peek. You’ll thank me. And – more to the point – you’ll thank Susie, who actually wrote it.

  • at first glance, i thought heather had put up a picture of madonna. madonna’s hot. heather’s hot.

  • AliK

    Love the hair, Dooce! You’re such a saucy mama.

  • Dooce, don’t you know that it takes at least 2 weeks to break a habit…next time hold off a little longer, I was only to the point that I was assuming comments were closed instead of hoping they were open. Damn you for opening up again. My pain at their closure was just beginning to heal.

    Morning everyone!

  • Of course when I look at this picture I wish I could see more of the D70.

  • Word Greenie. WORD.

  • Sassy do!

  • Petra from Hungary

    This is the first time I write, I’ve been reading this site just for a few weeks, and thanks for the every-day happy-mood it causes!!!

    Photo: I think there’s a little smile in the corner of your mouth (and a bigger in the eyes) :-))

  • Meg

    You sexy thing! Great arty photo — you look like you’re thinking about something really intense, like your next poop or something (I look like that, though nowhere near as sexy, when I need to go)

  • OK, after abusing the comments, let me use them as they were intended and say I LOVED the image of Chuck wandering around, looking for the perfect blade of grass to anoint …

    … and, gotta say, I love the image of Bucky in hot pink assless chaps. But that’s another story.

  • Neat photo, Lisa. Sort of looks like the opposite of Heather’s photo, with the guy in the front and you in the back. Interesting composition.

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