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  • I dig those shades 😉

  • Mike Beziat

    OK OK, he’s a cute dude. Happy?

    /totally not a pillow biter

  • I want to know what precisely was “terrifably hard.”

  • Looks like I either got a late start or y’all are just super early today. Anyway, good morning and what a cool picture. Very handsome hubby!!!

  • texas girl

    does everyone know eachother here?

  • Indeed, he is a cutie pants. Where the hell we’re ya’ll?

  • What? In his McHale’s Navy days, the man was HOT!

    Fine, fine. Don Rickles it is …

  • like the shades.

    the dome seems so out of place.

  • Nilbo, I’ll be Don Rickles if you be Phyllis Diller.

    Now THAT is some red-hot mattress mambo.

  • Katherine

    Top 100! 😉

  • tx grl

    i’ll tell you whats wrong with N kidman. she’s going through this extremely tight ponytail phase and her hair is the exact color of her face

  • Holly

    Jonathan is SO much better when it’s spelled without the “h”. All the cool Jonathans have no “h” — like Jon Stewart and Jonathan Swift and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. But then my theory sort of falls apart when we get to Jon Bon Jovi and …uh….Jon Knight from NKOTB?
    Perhaps this warrants further research.

  • Jon – HOT
    Nicole Kidman – Sooooo NOT

    Although, just saw “The Interpreter” and now I think Sean Penn is actually HOT.
    Also, the other day someone mentioned Heather looks like Carrie Ann Moss. Nah – I think Heather looks like Natascha McElhone.

    By the way….

    Heather – HOT (and no, I’m not gay!)

  • Are The Wiggles also among your favorite Aussies?

  • Muffy

    Holly, I think you meant Jonathon Rhys Davies..i think. I may be the one needing research.
    I loved it when he said in IJ and the Lost Ark…”Indie! I’m so pleased you’re not dead!”….
    I crack up every time.

  • Thank you, Bucky, for firmly planting the image of Don Rickles and Phyllis Diller making the beast with two backs in everybody’s head. Please pass the bleach.

  • Holly

    No, no, I definitely meant Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He was hot-but-mean George Osborne in Vanity Fair. Rrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Mary

    Wow, both are you are hotties. Is that a government building and behind it a church of some kind?
    Great picture Heather. ^_^

  • so much better without the beard (if you ask me..) — spring-trim?

  • Muffy

    Holly, the scary thing is, most people on this board probably think do DID mean Rhys-Davies…
    They know about MY fascination with William H. Macy. Not as bad as Don Rickles, but still, just as weird. But Ellen Barken can’t join our menage a trois anymore. She’s out of the club.

  • Muffy

    Actually, that dome looks pretty nipple-rific (twiddles nipple at desk. Noones looking anyway)

  • For an examination of how Nicole Kidman has gone from stunning redhead to alien check this out:

  • It looks like the building in the background has a bunch of O’s on top of it. Like it’s peeking its head up and saying, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

  • The Lady Is Rotten

    Wait. You’ve got to be KIDDING me. There’s a DOOCE forum? Wow. Bee-jeezus. That’s quite a little entourage you’ve got going on there, Dooce/Heather. Very cute. Do they fan you with feathers when you’re hot?

    And – oh yeah, sexy husband and pretty pointy toppy-thing in the background!

    By the way, first time poster….But I LOVE your blog.

  • Mari

    If I’m not mistaken, the dome you see in the pic is the top of the Greek Orthodox Church. The hideous low-lying bldg behind Jon replaced these lovely little homes that used to house railroad workers. Wayne Court was quite a cool little street with a community of gay men and transvestites. The Greek Orthodox Church elected to tear the homes down down, despite protests from historic preservationists, and built the monstrosity that you see hehind Jon.

  • Holly

    And the building in the foreground is just standing there saying ” I.. I… I…”

    Damn solipsistic building.

  • another salt lake heather

    The buildings behind Jon are the Hellenic Cultural Center and the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

  • “The Lady is Rotten” – yep, there’s an unofficial Dooce Forum, for Doocelings to congregate without hogging the bandwidth here!
    We also have a ‘Present for Dooce’ project underway…see

  • Muffy


  • RazDreams

    i bet you had a _lot_ of fun on Date Night with that hottie of a hubbie. 😉

  • Muffy, I loved Ellen B. in “Sea of Love”. But yer right, now she looks witchy poo.

  • My sons name is Jonathan.
    Not that it matters at allll.

  • I’m still trying to figure out what Jon is so puzzled/frustrated/impatient about. (I can’t quite pinpoint _which_ emotion it is.)

  • I think he’s looking at his wallet or his camera, taking pictures of exactly the same things D just did. Mine does that, too.



  • LadyBug, that’s the “You told WHO about my underwear?” face on Jon.

  • Looks kind of like the party of five guy right now. Cute Jon.

  • Or, No, it’s not.

    Made ya look.

  • There’s gotta be a good six-inch height difference between those two.

    I saw Katie Holmes once, she came to my college to visit her fucktard boyfriend, Chris Klein, who also went to my college.

    How cool am I? Not very? Oh, well.

  • I’m trying to listen for the article of Heather on ABC Radio National – I’ve listened to the first hour and now am thirty minutues into the second hour but haven’t heard it. Can anyone pinpoint the timeframe for me? Thanks.

  • Giggles it’s 25 minutes into the first hour.

  • Spoony, you are SUPER cool.

  • Annabelle

    I am intrigued by the Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise thing. I too thought Chris Klein was a fucktard. I thought he wasn’t cute and he looked like he had bad breath or something. So Tom Cruise is definitely an improvement- sort of- but I swear I look at her and I just think, long legged puppy dog. The girl is a puppy dog.

  • Michelle Brady

    Love this picture. I bet the fact that you have such a handsome husband just makes your head swell up with pride every time you look at him.

  • It was even confirmed by their publicists.

  • Torrie, I’d be so lost without your celebrity updates.

    Who’s the boss?


  • tx grl

    whats the age difference btwn them im wonderin

  • torrie/anyone: do you have the link to the audio of heather’s interview? thx!


    It is almost exactly 25 minutes into the first hour.

    Time to walk the pooper…

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