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  • Cock of the morning to you all….Nice pic. I’m with Susie (on almost everything it seems)album cover material.

  • LeafGirl77

    I don’t know what it is, but the idea of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes together gives me a NO feeling.


  • Book-fucking-mobile.

  • Okay – I was listening to yesterday’s show – duh. Thanks Torrie.

  • You have a tower named Jonathan in SLC? We have one called Custom House in Beantown. Much less exciting.

    Nice warm/cool color scheme. Western light has a certain quality to it… the feel of this photo reminds me of one of many movies about LA. Not that LA has the market cornered or anything. Too bad they don’t make more movies in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, though I guess Nevada has seen a big upswing in the past few years with all the TV shows in Lost Wages.

    I miss the West.

  • hi, greenie, with me is a good place to be:)

  • Age difference between Joey from the Creek and Tom “I’m not gay – just into Scientology” Cruise is 16 years – she is 26, he is 42 I believe. Can you say mid life crisis? What exactly does she see other than the constant trips to the dentist for teeth bleaching?

  • no place I’d rather be

  • Great interview on ABC Life Matters!
    Kate was an excellent interviewer and I especially liked how she didn’t pounce on the bad things that can happen while blogging but the good things. So unusual in media!

  • My dad and stepmom are 15 years apart and they are perfect together. She’s only 10 years older than me and the best mom ever. IT CAN HAPPEN, but I highly doubt this one, but hey, I’m just sayin.

  • Torrie, how cute that you also call your dog the pooper. I have called my lump of dog love that almost from day one. What is sad is that he responds to it. Poor clueless darling.

  • How the fuck can an attractive, albiet it short, rich movie star super stud gazzilionaire have a crisis about?

    Not having accomplished his life dream? Having a fat wife nagging at him to take the trash out? The boring life that involves jet setting and having sex with super young and curvy lads/lassies.

    Poor Tom.

  • WAIT…that’s what I call my fourlegged beauty…Pooper.

    LOL!!! and I thought we were original. She also responds to that name.

  • I got up early this morning and looked at this picture and thought, ‘too blurry.’ thinking I needed to have a cup of coffee.

    Checked it again. Nope, he’s still blurry.

    Good Friday Eve everyone.

  • red

    he’s so scrumtious. you guys are such an awesome looking couple!

  • red


  • Actually, come to think of it, Chris Klein was surprisingly short as well. MUCH shorter than she is. He was kinda small and dweeby in person. She must have a thing for little people.

  • tx grl

    oh im not saying it cant (my boyfriend is 20 yrs older:0)

  • Jon is good for licking, much like Luke on The Gilmore Girls.


  • Little People are HOT

  • Muffy

    My fiancee had a midget come on to him once. He LOVES midgets, but in that he wants a mini-me to be his butler, not a drunk, scantily clad she-dwarf dry humping his leg at the bar. Now that’s “not hot” (TM- Patent pending)

  • Muffy: Thanks for the laugh.

    Anything ‘anti-Paris’ is “A Good Thing”

  • Hey Susie, first Rosie on your blog, now “Donald Trump” on my blog.
    The celebrities, they are everywhere.

  • I know, I ran into Michael Jackson’s scary white ass in a couple of places. Lotta sexy people have been to my place. And Nilbo, too.

    It’s celeb de-lurking day.


    Oh, no one told me.

    I’m a celebrity. THIS is more famous than Donald Trump(‘s).

  • two things: (1) i’m listening to heather right now, and she sounds so professional, but then i heard that southern twang when she said that she’d encourage leta to open her own public site eventually to “take it out on me if she WONTS TO.” it was so _*cute!*_ 🙂

    and (2) i saw rosie o’donnell on leno last night and i was SO HOPING she’d tell jay that he had booty flies.

  • i wish she ahd told leno that too – all day yesterday I would crack up to myself and say “booty flies” – I even said it on the air last night, but no one got the joke.

    Muffy – you just totally scared me – dry humping? I keep thinking of BFE’s bad dog, Snickers now with a womans face on him…

  • Muffy

    Yea, dry humping…
    He thought it was cool at first when she was just doing a little strip tease ON the bar. He’s like:

    “Okay, I’m sitting at the bar, getting drunk, and there’s a MIDGET stripping in front of me! Am i dead?”

    And I guess this midget liked him, Kim her name was, and she just started to wrestle and grind on him… He was totally freaked.

  • mental illness aside, you have a great life – at least what you let us see of it. You sound so positive most of the time. The only time I feel like writing is when I am close to giving up. Through you I learned that writing when you are happy means a lot also. Thanks.

  • I can’t leave a comment on my own fucking blog.

    I would seriously party with all you bitches.

  • Right back at ya, Torrie. Especially if you bring that adorable dog with that little face that I could eat. 🙂

  • It doesn’t sound like Heather says “terrifably”. It sounds normal! Yay for phone interviews on the radio!

    Very good interview. I really like the guy…my short-term memory isn’t the best…can’t remember his name.

    Ah well.

  • naralius

    what is Jon looking at in that pic? he lookes a little disturbed, as if he had lost his car keys or something

  • LeafGirl77

    I also liked the interview. Forgot to listen for the “terrifably” though.

    Oh well.

  • Heather, congratulations on getting the dooce on the barby.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the comments section, here’s the link to the Aussie interview:

    Again, bravo to you, Heather. You are always a joy.

  • Awwww Thanks Torrie!! It sucks that you cant comment on YOUR OWN BLOG!


  • Flanella Washington

    I want to thank Susie and Torrie for welcoming me to your web site last night. I will enjoy conversating with you when I have more time. I stay very very busy but I will try to find the time to converse on this blog. Marcus say hello to everbody.

    Flanella Jo

  • Oh, Torrie, I forgot to say thank you for putting up the link! Thank you!

  • More linky goodness:

    And may I say Poop!?


    I met a nice lady here last night named Flanella Jo.

    I think she could be THE ONE.

  • Susie, your comment section is ON FIRE today!

  • RazDreams

    randomly, i enjoy reading the 69th comment of the day to see if it can be related in any way to the actual act…and today’s does! we should *all* get, um, nice spring trims before commencing… _heehee!_

  • Back off donkey dick, she’s mine!

    Why you always gots to be frontin’?

  • RAZ! (#142)

    That cracked me up.
    Spring trim, indeed.

  • Heather! Finally an interview with people WHO HAVE READ YOUR BLOG!



    Torrie, last night you said we could share.

    Well, you didn’t say we couldn’t.

    Flanella is a LADY, Torrie. With class, and manners and all.

    I think I want to marry her.

  • Oooh he looks like a Mr. Smith from the Matrix!

  • Jo

    Jon’s SO getting a blow job.

  • I am boycotting Susie’s site until she publicly acknowledges that I am, in fact, sexy.

  • Pokey, you’re right.

    I have a problem with sharing.

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