An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Who’s ready for more drunk blogging? ARE YOU READY? YEAH? YEAH!

I was on the phone with my sister tonight outside in the front yard waiting for Jon to call and say that he was on his way home. He has had to work late recently BECAUSE! OF ALL THOSE THINGS WE CAN’T TALK ABOUT HERE!…

August 29, 2005

Leave me my tonles!

I thought my mother had thrown out my red Mead spiral notebook from second grade, but when my father moved here a couple weeks ago and dropped off all my boxes from childhood I found it underneath a stack of typed vocabulary lists and sentences….

Dum and Dee

Jon salvaged the hard drive, and we browsed all of our old photos last night. Here’s one from our wedding day. So innocent and so already drunk.