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Meet-up in Austin

I have received dozens of emails from people asking whether or not I can get them into my keynote conversation at SXSW on Sunday afternoon. The answer is that I couldn’t even get the Avon World Sales Leader into the panel if I wanted to, that’s how serious they are about you paying for a registration. Which is fine by her, she’ll just give all that free shampoo TO SOMEONE ELSE.

Enough people have sent me email saying that they would like to meet me and Jon while we’re in Austin that we’ve decided to arrange a very informal meet-up. We aren’t going to be in town for very long, and the only time that we really have a break in the schedule is on Monday at lunch time. Neither of us is very familiar with the city and since someone suggested that we check out Halcyon Coffeeshop we’re going to be hanging out there at about noon on Monday. Drop by and say hello, we should be there for at least a couple hours.

So, to reiterate:

Halcyon Coffeeshop
218 West 4th Street
Austin, TX
Here is a map.

Noon on Monday, March 13
Sorry, we won’t be handing out free shampoo.

  • #1 Dancer
  • Carrie Johnston

    A Blurbodooce meet-&-greet?! NO WAY! Unfortunately, Austin is not close enough to me. Have a good time down there. It’s a blast.

  • I never ever thought I would say this, but I wish I lived in Texas right now…

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Ok I think it’s safe to say that we all have a tiny crush on Heather & her fantastic life. I know I do.
    And I’m putting in my vote for a stopover in Portland, OR on the Blurbodoocery world tour. I’d pay! Just the pics of noodle abuse & Chuck are worth it.

  • Marialoo

    Heather, you’re going to have to come up with a way to generate some revenue as a result of this World Tour we’re planning for you! 😉

  • you are a brave, brave woman.

    well, okay. jon’s brave, too. but not a brave woman.

  • ktmarie

    I’m very sad that I won’t be able to make it to Austin for SXSW (even though I only live three hours away…grrr). Be sure you do some shopping on South Congress – much fun. Oh yeah, and go to Sandy’s on Barton Creek Dr. for great hamburgers and milkshakes.

  • Oh, Lordy. I was thinkin’ it might be fun to call off work on a Monday and drive up to Austin (from San Antonio) to catch a peek of you guys at Halycon since I couldn’t afford SXSW, but… goodness. It’s soundin’ like you’re gonna be bombarded with fans in a tiny place, and while it’s an ultra-cool place, I’m kinda nervous about the crowd/situation/time constraint/you and Jon. Though I’m sure y’all can bum a ride from one of the fans to somewhere a little bigger, and all will be well and good.

    In the likely event that my guilt eats me up and I don’t call off work (it’s a TEMP job and I still have guilt!), I hope y’all enjoy your short stay. I have a feeling that once you get a taste of Austin (and Texas in general) you’ll be wantin’ to come back real soon. In which case, I have the patience to wait for you. Plus I can use the extra time to needle you into making the 45-minute drive down to the River City; San Antonio is a wonderfully small big-city. Ask anyone in Austin (if their not too snooty and trying to “keep it weird”…)

    Be safe, hun. Hope to see you if I can!

  • Dooce World Tour 2006. Complete with T-shirts listing the cities on the back!
    *cough Cincinnati cough*

  • We were in Austin a few years ago for the ACL festival. I didn’t get to see much of the city, but I loved Threadgill’s (mmmm… chicken-fried chicken) and Stubbs BBQ. Have fun!

  • ashik

    Is there a reason the two of you never visit DC? It’s the nerve center of the country and all that. Y’all should come. And let me know if you need help putting anything together for it.

  • Aimee

    Hmmm…I’m in Houston…yeah, I don’t think 3 hours is too far to drive to get a glimpse of the giants from Utah. Besides, I’ve never taken my 20-month-old on a road trip. Should be fun, right? RIGHT?

  • I am gonna try to make it…wish Leta were with you because I will have my 3-yr old along. As far as a location to meet, it all depends on where you are staying and whether or not you have a rental car. Having said that, the SoCo area is really cool with lots of antique shops and restaurants. Guero’s is a great Tex-Mex place there with an outdoor area and hugs indoor space. Also, Whole Foods is awesome too.
    See you Monday!

  • Okay, I might not be able to make it to Austin and I live in Texas… I am so livid with myself.

    But, as a secondary suggestion, since everyone has been throwing out suggestions, How about instead of going to this meet-and-greet you and John and Leta just move in with me. Yep, that is the best idea and I am sure will make everyone happy.

    So to recap, blow off your fans in Austin, move in with Eddo of Postednote.

  • Oh how I wish I lived in Austin! Have fun!!

  • Since I will be bjorning my 8 month old daughter around town, looking for ways to amuse ourselves while my husband is at SXSW, we’ll be there. Although we’re mostly coming for the s’mores!

  • Halley’s Comment

    Hi Dooce and all loyal fans and SXSW’ers — I’ll be there or be square. I love the comments above about Halycon not knowing what’s about to hit them and imagine the headlines already — UTAH TORNADO CAUSES WIDE SPREAD DAMAGE IN TEXAS!

    See you there Monday. Do they make egg salad sandwichs in Texas, or only bbq?

    Blog on Moms! — Halley

  • Why not meet up for a good ‘ol fashioned Lawyer Hunt? It’s all the rage and you can indulge in idle chit chat while the hounds flush the lawyers from the undergrowth.

  • Flubberwinkle

    Dooce World Tour sounds good. Please include Athens,Greece in itinerary.

  • Yes, I second the suggestion for a world tour.

    Have fun in Austin. I think they just had a thing about Austin in Jane magazine with lots of great tips on places to go there. But I could be mistaken. It’s been known to happen.

  • Piglet

    Just who in the hell are you people anyways?

    Kidding…. Ya’ll have fun now ya hear?

  • wow, i wish i was there to say hi to you guys. and i’m sure amanda b.’s question about the humping was serious, too… have fun in TX 🙂

  • No trip to Austin is complete without a drive out to The Pier…sit on the deck over the water, eat greasy cheeseburgers and fries…drink rum. Listen to the live music over on the beach. Drink more rum. Find someone sober to drive you home. Doggies always welcomed!

  • Y

    If you need a body gaurd, um, I’m somewhat huge AND latina. I’m just saying…

  • I can hear the stampede from here – and I’m in Sydney. Oh to be able to have coffee with Dooce Blurbomat. Utah’s answer to Deuce Bigalow. Well I’m laughing over here…tragic I know.

  • Joseph Abken

    Does Halcyon know that they are about to be invaded??? LOL!!! Maybe I’m over exagerating your celeberity status a little, but still, you do draw a big online crowd.

    I’m with Amanda B. though, leg humping should be allowed, at least until chaffing sets in and then it’s someone elses turn. It’s only fair.

  • Bend, Or should be one of your stops.

  • GG

    You have got to try Trudys for Mexican food esp. their house martini and Enchilada Verde. Oh Btw, reader of 2 years, living in austin for 3 yrs and first time poster.

  • So, like, on your U.S. tour — do you think you could stop by Seattle?

  • Dooce AND S’mores?! I’m totally there!

    It’s cool you are doing this – now I don’t feel quite so bad for not shelling out the extra 200 bucks to upgrade my Film badge to a Gold.

  • samantha w.

    yay! my husband and i will try to come by… woooohoooo!

  • I’m so sad to miss it. Our crowd is headed to Austin in April 9! I really enjoyed reading marrit’s interview with you for the Austin Chronicle.

  • austincurious

    Maybe it’s good that Halycon is small – it may limit the pandemonium a little or at least keep it outside! I would be happy to come pick you up and drive elsewhere if you decide a larger location is in order though. 2nd on the Clay Pit suggestion (1601 Guadalupe)- get the Khuroos-E-Tursh and the Calamari. Moonshine (303 Red River) has a to-die-for Sunday brunch. If you OD on TexMex, Fonda San Miguel (2330 W North Loop) has great interior Mexican and another eat-til-you-explode Sunday brunch. Alamo Drafthouse (409 Colorado) is a definite Austin landmark if the weather turns bad. I think you might be legally obligated to go to Waterloo records (600 N. Lamar) or they’ll revoke your music-lover credentials and Amy’s ice cream and the Whole Foods mecca store are both right there as well. If you get tired of people gushing about how great you are, a walk around Town Lake should be a nice respite. I could continue ad nauseam – suffice it to say this is a great town. I can’t wait to read what you thought about it. I have no delusions that I’ll get close enough to hear in person!

  • constancew

    I’ll be in Houston that week for spring break, so I’m sad I won’t be able to meet up with you. I don’t know this city well enough to recommend a place for an informal meet and greet, though I will say Halcyon has some pretty delicious s’mores!

  • Nicol

    Wow! I think I might be joining. I live about 40 minutes away, but I think it’s worth it to just stare at you two!!

  • deafblind

    Heather, I’ll have to say Halcyon is not going to absorb that many people, Shady Grove is a great suggestion, you could also hit up Chuy’s, or hell just get everyone to meet up at Zilker Park down the road, there’s loaddddddsa room there 😉

    Enjoy Austin, SXSW is pretty batpoop! I’ll try and swing by if I can get out of the office – be fun to talk to you and Jon 😉

  • Britt

    Even though I wasn’t dooced, I am unemployed and have been extremely entertained by your site while looking for a job. May just have to show up.

  • Jennifer

    Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I’l be there, wherever it is, whatever my boss says. I would love to see you speak, but coffee is even better. I hope you have an awesome time in my favorite hometown!

  • rob

    Alright, if someone can give me a ballpark estimate of how many people we’re talking about, here, I’d be happy to help get a space reserved… honestly, Shady Grove, Hula Hut, Guero’s, etc. would be really difficult to get a big area reserved for a mingling group at noon, though I’d give it a shot. I could work to set something up at Whole Foods on the patio. If you mainly want a large, nice space with good drinks, 219 is right across from Halcyon, and has a really large capacity. It’s not Austiny, and it’s not usually my scene, but it’s in the neighborhood, the employees are cool and the food is good…

  • Lauren

    Yeah that place is really tiny. I think there will be a line all the way to the bridge on Congress! Whole Foods is a really really good idea (there are even free buses that run up and down 6th street). The other places listed are a little far for what you’re looking for and come on people, Shady Grove is a health hazzard!

  • Sounds like fun. I’ll be there.

  • Minxy

    i’m officially jealous of all the austin folk who’ll get to meet you on your trip. much luck and many safe wishes to you. this is my first comment here, so i also have to say you have a beautiful little girl and i wish i lived in utah cause you’d be a totally bitchin’ friend to have.

  • Risa

    Shoot — an opportunity to meet another drinking recovered Mormon? If spring break plans don’t summon me away from Austin earlier than planned, I’m all over it! I also hate to question plans, but I’ve lived in Austin for the past 5 year and I don’t think Halcyon can handle a crowd. My friends and I have trouble when we go there in a group of 6 or more and I can’t imagine what it’d be like to park and sit and mingle there, downtown, during SXSW. Actually, yes I can — CRAZY! It’d definitely be on par, if not worse than Mozart’s parking. I’m one of the many who thinks Shady Grove would be a great idea. Plenty of space, good food and drinks, SO many photo ops that you’d love and it’s definitely an Austin experience. Hope I get to meet ya and have fun on your trip!

  • Oh, now doodie. We will be on vacation at the coast that week. 4 hours away.

    I wonder if my husband would notice if I told him I was heading out to get a cup of coffee…..and was gone for 10 hours?

  • you do realize that you could sell tickets to this and pay off your mortgage, right?

  • lizzie gm

    Yippee! I DO live in Austin, suckahs! I agree with the many who’ve fretted about the size of Halcyon (though it’s a cozy spot). You might consider Mozart’s Coffeehouse, which has big deck and a lovely view of the Colorado River. Here’s a map:
    Thanks for coming our way, y’all!

  • MaryJo

    As an Austinite – I’m so excited you are coming!! Halcyon is very centrally located (downtown and on a corner) whereas Motzart’s requires a car and has parking issues…

  • Come have a coffee with me in New Zealand. Here’s an open invite to come here on your next holiday, write about New Zealand and have wonderful coffee and stories. Oh, and the pot’s not so bad either.

  • lizzie gm

    You’re right, Mary Jo. I forgot about the parking problem. Erk. Never mind…

  • If this here coffee shop place is w/in walking distance of the conference center area, that’d be great. We’re doing Austin on foot, since we’re planning on being too bewildered to drive.

    If not…well, I bought me one of them fancy-pants gold passes and am planning on attending your keynote speech, unless it conflicts with the screening of the Prairie Home Companion movie b/c The BF is a freak for that Garrison Keillor. What we do for love.

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