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Why go someplace more comfortable when he can just lie here and die?

  • Ha ha….Ruffy-Doodle does the same thing…..thunk, and a huge groan-y sigh, like Life is SOOOO hard for them, isn’t it? She loves to bask in the sunlight too.

  • awwww, bliss. what i wouldn’t give to be able to lay down (thunk) on the grass like chuck.

  • Our dog does that too, he would lay out there roasting himself for hours if we let him. Sometimes I feel like I should go out there and baste him or at least flip him over.

  • hmmmm yes. happy chuck 😀

    i have a black pug, named moxie, and sometimes she plops as well, on the hardwood floor. but she plops on her stomach, with her little leggies stuck out the back and her front paws out too. they’re like little sausages….with legs.


  • i love the smile on his face… bliss.

  • wintor

    Heh, my dog used to do that too. It’s as if they’re experiencing so much dog-joy they just have to collapse!

  • Urs

    ahhhh, the sun!

  • RS

    My friend’s dog was lying in this exact position last week when I snuck up with Dunkin’ Munchkins…and then…all hell broke loose. There’s not much cuter than a dog with powdered sugar on his head, face and lips.

  • We should all be so lucky to die with a blissed-out smile like that on our faces!

  • This reminds me of a collection of photos by Jan Von Holleben.

  • This is how I felt when I got home from work yesterday.

  • danika

    He looks like a picture from the National Geographic Society, of when there’s a famine in a country, and you see animals scattered around — and as though he went out with a vengeance…Famine, I snarl at thee!

  • HeatherK

    Some days I just want to be Chuck. What I wouldn’t give to be able to flop in the grass like that. *sigh*

  • My dog does this same thing, however he does it with a long and low groan, as if he’s had the most EXHAUSTING day…laying around, sleeping, and occasionally gnawing on a bone. All in a days work my friend.

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