An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

An accurate reenactment of what it’s like in our house during winter

  • Rocket J

    Very reminiscent of a scene from “Diary of a Mad Housewife” with Carrie Snodgrass & Richard Benjamin: “TINA! TEEN!…bring me some lemonade!”

    She brings him some lemonade.

    “Oh no — NOT this. NOT the kind from a can! The kind where you cut up the lemons and make the sugar syrup and…”

    No wonder she went mad.

  • haha men and their lack of power to cope with little colds 😛

  • Unfortunately, this starts as Little Man Cold. My five year old son has suffered from it since birth. Yet, my three year old daughter sucks it up and moves on when she’s sick.

    Fortunately, I learned early to threaten all male members of the family with a trip to the Emergency Room (with the promise of lots of shots) if they whine excessively about a lousy cold.

  • OMFG, cannot stop laughing. sitting at work RIGHT NOW finishing the quart of chicken matzo ball soup I just picked up MYSELF to rid female body of cold that has invaded it… lol, mancold… love it

  • We women are the superior species after all. you could always slip a little something to help him sleep into the soup then get some lovely quiet time : ) (or is that just for the kids?)

  • Michael


  • MAN COLD. Ha!

    Try dating the only son of a nurse. Even more pathetic, if that’s possible.

  • Brad

    This is just too funny. I’m a man, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a man cold. But maybe that’s because I’m a man, I don’t have the proper perspective on the matter. I want to forward this to everybody.

    That said, I’m kind of afraid of finding out that I do in fact suffer from the man cold. This is not at all a flattering depiction!

  • pnutsugar

    Why is it that they can tell you how they broke their leg on the football field and tried to drag themselves back up to play, but a little cold puts them in bed for a week, whining for hot tea…(can you heat this up…it doesn’t taste right, can you make some more?)and breathing like they’re in a Lamaze class, with a huge sigh thrown in every five minutes.

    Every wall-rattling sneeze is followed by “shit,” every coughing fit is followed by “Oh, God!” If it’s the flu, you can hear him puking from every room on both floors of the house. I took video of the dog stopping dead in her tracks on front of the bathroom door and not moving…just cocking her head back and forth. Who pukes like that???? I gave birth to 3 kids and never made a peep…’cause I was raised like that.


    And now he feels a kidney stone coming on….circle the wagons. I’m outta here.

  • Terri Sinclair

    Just too good for words…….

  • Boomer

    As my grandmother always said…When men get sick, they get that “Come get me, Jesus” look on their faces.

  • Jeff

    Pfffffffffft….why can’t I have any of you as wives, who’ll take care of me then bitch on a blog in your passive-aggresive way? Geez, I get a cold and I can’t get my wife to shut up about how miserable her daily life is.

    First mistake was giving women shoes so they could walk outside the home…

  • Theresa

    Jeff… duuuude.

  • Theresa

    And Jeff, not duuuude in the good, admiring way, but in the you’re so seriously fucked when your wife sees that way.

  • Treya

    Me and my girl at the office watched this 3 times. We laughed and laughed til our boss said, “Get back to work”. Men are such babies. I LOVE THIS ONE!

  • Jeff

    Nah…she doesn’t read here. I choose my rebellions wisely ;).

  • Z

    This was hilarious.

    Although I think it doesn’t just stop at Man Cold, but extends to Man Headache, Man Backache, and Man Tummy-ache as well.

  • Yes, all sense of decency and logic go out the window when my guy gets a cold. I will end up giving him the bed and sleeping on the couch, but only if I suggest it first. Sympathy in moderation is a fine line to walk. Sometimes you just need to extricate yourself from the sniffing and the sighing all night long, even if it means adding just a little bit of fuel onto the petulant man-cold fire.

  • Briony

    And don’t ever try to fight a mancold with anything stronger than Sudafed. I gave my husband codeine when we were traveling because I thought it would make him pass out long enough for me to get a good night’s sleep at the hotel…WRONG! I wake up at 3 a.m. and he’s watching the O’Reilly Factor (wtf?) at full volume on the t.v. and chatting up my brother and sister-in-law about their latest trip to Burning Man.

    Apparently, he felt the high was just too good to waste on sleeping.

  • Katie

    Hi thought the clip was funny too, but I have to admit that reading the comments ruined it for me. I’m all for poking fun, but the bitterness I read here just makes me sad.

  • Following on from what Z. said on comment #68, this time of the year in England is also known as “Man Flu season”, and funny enough people immediately understand the expression. Ask for the whereabouts of a male friend to their partner and they’ll go “Ah, he’s not here tonight, he’s got man flu”, and no one will need further explanation.
    My other half is luckily built “like a brick sh*t house” (another enjoyable British expression), but he loves to complain about his running top rubbing on his nipples, which I suppose makes him a sufferer of, uhm, Man NippleRash?
    (My oh my, how I hate that word!)

  • What is it with men and their colds? How much more of a baby can they be? Augh! And dammit, quit coughing at 5 am when you are getting ready for work, you’re waking me up!

  • Allison

    Hiiiilarious. I’m forwarding to my mother and all of my girlfriends right now. So true. Although I can’t complain too much – my fiance gets sick like once every three years, but he still acts completely pathetic.

  • The man is ALWAYS sicker than the woman, even if the woman is in a hospital bed. The brits are spot on here.

  • erm.. I’m a little ashamed to admit that it’s the other way around in our house. I throw myself into a pile of duvets in the lounge and bitch and moan for a week, while the boy goes to work and shakes his head at me whenever I beg for more painkillers.

  • AHHH hah hah hah hah!

    So. Damn True!

  • Tara’s mom

    Nice to know that the men across the “pond” suffer from the same man colds that our homegrown guys do.

    I laughed so hard I almost had to call 911 for oxygen.


  • Pissy Passive-Aggressive

    I wouldn’t be so sure about your rebellions Jeff.

  • Anonymous

    Around last year when I had a cold, my bf came by and made me soup and sat and watched bad TV with me while I was in my Nyquil-induced coma, even though he had a big test the next day. I thought is was just the nicest thing ever…until he started bringing it up every time I wanted him to do something:
    Me: I’ve asked you a million times to put your socks in the hamper.
    Him: But I made you soup when you were sick!

    Now he’s not allowed to do anything for me when I’m sick.

    Honestly, it was Campbell’s soup. He microwaved that shit.

  • Daman

    This is so not our house. When I get “teh man-cold”, the wife knows to just leave me alone, leave me a Bushmills, or leave me the xbox and TV. Operative words = “leave me”. Whereas she needs all the babying with extra covers, water, ginger ale, DVDs, medicine, and a severe lack of children.

    Loved the video though. Nick Frost is just brilliant.

  • A man will go to war, fight and die for his country. But he won’t get a bikini wax. – Rita Rudner

  • wumples

    See everyone? She is on a documentary kick.

  • You think this is the worst part? Oh no! The worst part is when you get the cold and he treats you the way he wants to be treated when he has the cold. And the only thing you want from this shall-I-get-you-soup-pillow-book man, with your red, red eyes; scratchy, scratchy throat; and sore, sore nose is just to bloody well be left alone.

    But he means well.


  • Is there a number like that for cramps or PMS? We need one. Maybe 666? They can bring us one of those cute little bells, a pair of sweats, pain pills, chocolate, and Cosmo.

  • Oh, this made me hurt myself. I was drinking coffee when they got to the “He’s got a MAN cold” line and I think I blew it into my eardrums.

  • JMB

    Man cold. Brilliant. This is totally my father.

    Oh, while comments are open, I want to say I love the title for today’s picture of the day. Very nice.

  • I would’ve hit him in the head with that bell. just sayin’.

  • Jeff

    I just showed my wife all this, including my comments. And she popped me on the head, but she was laughing in that, “These women just don’t know how good I have it and they’d jump at the chance to have as good a husband as I have” laugh.

    Or it could be the drugs…

  • MamaLana

    A Man Cold! Hee hee hee.

  • tara

    I LOVE that show 🙂 Seriously.

  • I feel like I’ve just watched my own life flash before my eyes.
    I need a drink… 😉

  • Cassie

    Hahaha, wow. If that’s not accurate, I don’t know what is. 😉

  • SO true!!

  • Jessica

    Isn’t that the damn truth. Big babies. Geezus – we could have our arm ripped off and still manage to take care of things, they get the sniffles and my god, the world is coming to an endddddd!!!!!!

  • holy. mother. of. jesus. that is completely accurate. well, besides the fun accent. we don’t have that.

  • I married a robot, so thankfully I don’t have this problem.

  • kit

    Man Cold! HA!

    I think the best part is the guy mocking the girl for her cold at the end. Too funny. Cause, well, that’s how it is.

  • Billie

    man cold! That’s awesome. I think this is one of the real reasons men can’t be pregnant….can you imagine the whining that would go along with that? God had a better plan. 🙂

  • Joyce

    Why don’t you just let Chuck eat the Cheerios? You’re just going to throw them away anyway when you get home?

    He must be hungry. Just let him eat them. What’s it going to hurt? … Well? What’s it going to hurt? Why be so uptight and high strung? Settle down. The poor dog is not doing anything wrong. Just relax. Seriously.

  • That’s what it’s like huh? British accents and all? Sweet.

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