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Sleepless nights ahead

Hello, Internet! How I have missed the smell of your breath in the morning!

It’s been much too long since we last spoke, but just when I thought my strep throat was on its way out I came down with a sinus infection. Plus, we had guests in town, plus Leta got sick, plus a death in the family and other devastating news. It’s as if the Universe is bi-polar and isn’t taking her meds, and we all know what that means. Mr. Universe has to dodge flying produce and sleep on an air mattress in the spare bedroom.

We had a wonderful Christmas together, but night after night with the extended family can really take its toll. Leta has learned several new church hymns and we’ve spent the last few days washing her brain out with soap. I’m very excited to get back to our normal lives, and starting tomorrow I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule. I’ve got many stories to tell about Leta’s reaction to Christmas, our weekend spent with my best friend from high school, and the many thoughtful things that Jon gave to me as gifts, including one in particular that stood out from the rest.

Introducing: Dame Eleanor Ritzford-Fitzsimons Puffs. You can just call her Coco.

She’s not a hippopotamus, but she’ll do I GUESS.

  • Dame Coco! I love those grey eye-brow/lashes. So adorable.

    Sorry to hear the holidays were topsy-turvy. Thinking good [calm!] thoughts for you. And the produce-dodgers.

  • Anonymous

    I am in love. That is all 🙂

  • Holly

    She is SO cute! This is funny to me because I have a dog named Coco that looks remarkably like Chuck!

  • Julie in Virginia

    Wow! I am so happy to see you surfacing again. I missed you! What the hell is Chuck going to say about this!!!!!!!!! You couldn’t have tempted us in any better way. Welcome back and Happy New Year.


    Doing the Happy Dance :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • Mari

    At least tell us kind of dog she is! I love her wiry white eyebrows.

  • Who’s jealous? Me, that’s who!

  • Aww, what a sweetie Coco is! Best present ever.

  • Anonymous

    I am worried by the lack of Chuck photos in the Flicker stream that the Congressman was the death in the family?

  • David in KC

    Welcome back! Glad you’re better! And a puppy!

  • tinkin3

    Heather! Welcome back! So glad you made it through the holidays and can’t wait to hear how Chuck is taking to Coco.

  • smr

    glad you’re feeling better
    Coco’s a cutie..Aussie or Border Collie?
    Is Chuck okay w/ her???

    Happy New Year!

  • Stacey Berube

    Looks like an Aussie to me! Cute, smart, and NAUGHTY! Can’t wait to hear the stories…..

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing Bernese Mountain dog, and a BIG food bill!

    Chuck isn’t going to have balance Coco on his head, is he?

  • Lisa

    Our families can make us sick. It’s funny how our bodies are great borometers of how we really feel. Ah, but animals have a wonderful healing power.

    Don’t forget to watch “The Dog Whisperer” on the National Geographic channel.

  • heather,
    happy new year! it’s good to have you back – i’ve been having withdrawals.
    Coco is so beautiful. I’d take a case of strep throat any day to get that cutie in return.

  • Coco is adorable! We’d love to meet her at the dogpark, if we only lived closer.

  • Andi

    Welcome back!! My mornings were just not complete without a big hot cuppa Dooce.

    Love Chuck’s new baby momma… I cannot WAIT to see her balancing something on her nose!

    Here’s to an infection-free future at your house!

  • Wow Dame Coco is just adorable!! What a cuddly Christmas present!! 🙂

  • Awwww a new puppy nose! I can’t wait to hear all the stories! I hope the good outweighed the bad though.

  • brandy

    “Coco” Puffs!! She is adorable!

  • Renae

    Well, if it couldn’t be a hippo then this is a pretty damn good second. What does Chuck think of his fuzzy new friend? What does Leta think? Puppies are such fun. Congratulations on your new family member!

  • He is so adorable. I bet Chuck is pissed

  • Caroline

    Border Collie? Aussie?

    Speaking as a border collie adopter…oh man are you ever in for it! But it will be wonderful. And, she looks like she’s already smart enough to do your taxes.

  • Lara

    Oooh! I am SO jealous! I wanted a puppy for Christmas, but the Girl that lives at my house is allergic. I’ll have to live vicariously through all of your photos. I can’t wait to see how she looks with spaghetti on her head!

  • Coco is adorable. I can just imagine what Chuck thinks. What about Leta?

    I hope you continue to feel better!!

  • welcome to the internet Coco- you are fuzzy and adorable.

  • Oh wow, she’s ADORABLE! I love her coloring. I can only imagine what Chuck must be thinking!

    I hope everyone’s feeling better, and happy (somewhat) belated New Year!

  • Oh my! So cute, so so cute!
    Congrats on the new puppy, and Happy New Year.

    *snuggles the computer*

  • Ha! Great minds think alike. We also just got a puppy. It seemed like the right thing to do.

    I have yet to post pictures of her on my blog, but when I do, I expect the entire Internet to heave one massive, digital sigh of love.

    Much as it is doing now for your angel.


  • jesgooch

    *Worried about Chuck*

    Congrats on the super squishy puppybabyguuuuuuurl.
    I heart her already.

    My bff missed you so much she had dreams about you 🙂

    (I hope she doesn’t read this, she is totally not a stalker…)

  • She’s not beefy enough to be a Berner… my money’s in the Australian Shepherd Mix pool. Whatever she is, I got cavities just looking at her photo. SO sweet. Can’t wait to see more of her—and I’m so jealous, even though I have two of my own plus a foster. Too much sweet puppy love is never enough. Congrats on scoring an awesome present, and hope you’re feeling better.

  • Welcome back! You have been missed. Cute puppy!

  • Matt P

    So when will we start to get Daily Coco photos?

  • Oh, the traditional holiday strep throat that turns into a sinus infection. I used to get that every year before my parents bought a fake tree.

    Coco is one hundred percent adorable. When I scrolled down and saw her I was compelled to shriek, “PUPPY! OH MY GOD, PUPPY!” But, I calmed myself down before I made a scene. She’s lovely.

  • mirela

    Coco looks so at home in the pics. Lovely! How old is she? I, too, have some room in the house for Chuck if he needs a break :))
    So happy that you feel better!

  • Labs

    Coco is absolutely adorable! Congratulations, and I’m glad you are feeling better.

  • Liz

    OH. MY. GOD.

    Please submit her to RIGHT NOW!

    I am DYING to hear her adoption story/tales of her first days, etc.

  • Tara

    How is Chuck getting along with Coco?

  • *thinking of Chuck*

    May the new year grow brighter.

  • MademoiselleG

    Oooooh! Puppy!! I love puppies!!

    I have to say, I’m worried… How’s Chuck? Don’t tell us he’s the death in the family? Death in the family is a plant, okay? No one died. No dog died. Just that plant no one really cares about. :/

    Happy to know you’re feeling better! Kiss your lovelies for me! (Because it’s always good to kiss people based on some anonymous blog reader :))

  • VinnyGirl

    Please, please, please tell me Chuck is ok. I love the CocoPuff but Chuck is my first love.

    Hope you are on the mend. In case you didn’t know it, you were missed!

  • Adorable!
    Glad to see you are better and ready to post again 😉
    I have to say you did make me feel better about not posting on my blog these last few days…”it’s ok Dooce isn’t posting either” I told myself…
    Happy New Year!

  • Chuck’s about to be really jealous or really horny. Either way, sleepless nights indeed.

  • sweet jemima she is precious and soft and smooshy and adorable. hopefully the chuckster thinks so as well.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope that big sloppy enthusiastic puppy kisses help you smile in the sadness. She sure is adorable!
    Here’s to a healthier Armstrong household for 2008.

  • delic8genius

    Oh oh, can I guess? Bernese mountain dog? -ish?

    I too am dying to know what Chuck thinks about all this. He is the valedictorian of animal antics, afterall.

  • m@

    I assume that we’re going to have to start calling Chuck Charles, just to preserve royalty?

  • Chris

    There is nothing more precious than a fresh pup in the house. She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  • No, I’m sorry, you should absolutely hold out for the Hippo.

    You can send Coco to me.

  • She looks just like our tri-colour Border Collie when he was a pup. She’s very cute. And I’ll bet she’s very quick at learning………..and taming ol’ Chucky Pants. lol

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