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Newsletter: Month Forty-seven

Dear Leta, A few days ago you turned forty-seven months old. I know this newsletter is a little late this month, but that can be blamed entirely on the savage way the Christmas holiday disrupted our lives, bah humbug. The last three weeks have been…

January 8, 2008

Bibbity bobbity BACON!

The only thing that would make this clip better is if it smelled like bacon. (thanks, Elizabeth)

Skin type

The alphabet rendered with folds of skin You have to wonder, does someone just wake up one morning and go, you know what would be fun? Strapping some clothespins to my face! Because if I have to pick up a pen to write the letter…

I sort of got a hippopotamus for Christmas

Jon bought me this inanimate hippo to placate my unjustified need to snuggle with such a wild, ferocious animal. She is very life-like, and what’s even better is she doesn’t act like a real hippopotamus, meaning she doesn’t eat people. I call her Peggy and…

Wondering when she’s leaving for good

Chuck’s mood toward Coco has shifted from indifference to wait a minute, this is getting really old, please tell me you’re sending her back to the factory. She can’t help it if she thinks he’s cute and wants to nibble his arms, ALL DAY LONG.

Winter sunset

This is the view from our kitchen window, one night over the long holiday. Sometimes living here isn’t so bad.