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Off to wrangle some cattle

Our flight to Austin leaves in about two hours, and here are my plans for the next several days: 1. Drool. 2. Wipe that drool on my sleeve. This has been perhaps one of the most stressful weeks of my life, and I can’t believe…

March 6, 2008

Commemorative plate

A few years ago I took a road trip to Moab with Maggie and Heather, and then a few months ago when Maggie and Melissa were out hunting for treasure in various antique shops in Michigan they found this plate. On the back there is…


Several people pointed me toward this yesterday, and then today there was this and this, so I thought, why not? Everyone should try his at home.


I took this shot of Jon before the haircut I gave him last night, although this picture does not do the majesty of his hair justice. It would start out like this when he got out of the shower, and then by the end of…